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#SMWKND 2015: Facebook Hacks in 45 Minutes


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A Facebook hacks for journalists presentation by Matthew Knell, VP of Social Media and Community Strategy, and Delia Paunescu, Audience Engagement Editor for Newsday and amNewYork

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#SMWKND 2015: Facebook Hacks in 45 Minutes

  1. 1. #SMWKND45 Facebook Hacks in 45 Minutes Delia Paunescu, Audience Engagement Editor for Newsday and amNewYork Matthew Knell, VP of Social Media and Community Strategy,
  2. 2. #SMWKND45 Agenda • We share our favorite Facebook hacks. (20 minutes) • You ask us questions about your hacks. (25 minutes) • You hopefully don’t call us a bunch of hacks. (Forever and ever)
  3. 3. #SMWKND45 Your questions! • Ask away and we’ll try to answer them as best we can • Hashtag them with #SMWKND45 on Twitter! GIF SOURCE:
  4. 4. #SMWKND45 About Delia @delia_pdeliapproved • A journalist, true and true. • Today’s focus: Breaking news and trending tools
  5. 5. #SMWKND45 Breaking News • You can use Facebook to convey information quickly, even without a link. • You can go back and update the post as news breaks, if your page allows for page edits. • Use language like: “BREAKING”, “JUST IN”, “UPDATE”, “DEVELOPING” • Update as soon as you can update, but no more than every half hour unless something major happens. • Demo!
  6. 6. #SMWKND45 Getting content out quickly • Get it out within the first 12 hours, or don’t bother getting it out at all. • Share evergreen stories the first day they are live, but keep track of them for reuse later. • Repost it when it’s most relevant: Save them for evening, weekend, later use. • Don’t assume your audience has seen everything on Facebook; because they really haven’t. • Just because it flopped the first time, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it again with a different angle.
  7. 7. #SMWKND45 Sourcing trends • Sure they're written like your grandmother on her first day of using Facebook, but that Trending Stories rundown can also make your clicks for the day. • The ways of finding out what's happening on social are endless (and all of these are free): • BuzzFeed Fresh - (looks bad, works good) • NYTimes Trending - (brand new) • NYTimes Vellum - (Twitter focused, but still useful) • Facebook Trends - ref=bookmark&app_id=343553122467255 (mobile link, but easy to use) • MuckRack newsroom - • New Digg -
  8. 8. #SMWKND45 What type of Facebook post should I use? • Consider the value and intent of the content - and its “curiosity” gap • Don’t give away too much; tease responsibly, but avoid link bait. • Ask yourself: “What’s the best way to tell the story?” • Don’t bury the lead in content that doesn’t help tell the story. • But, tell enough of the story to get people interested in learning more. • Excitable language is helpful - gets people motivated.
  9. 9. #SMWKND45 Photo posts • For news items that have visual appeal, consider pulling out some teaser photos into a photo post, or a multi-photo post. • Don’t post more than 4 to 5 photos; find a line between teasing and giving too much away. SEE THIS POST ON FACEBOOK
  10. 10. #SMWKND45 Photo posts • After upload, Facebook will create an album with all of the photos. • Important: Make sure each photo in the album has its own description and link - the post caption from the first photo doesn’t carry over to the rest SEE THIS POST ON FACEBOOK
  11. 11. #SMWKND45 Video posts • Facebook is investing in the growth of video on the platform, and thus is giving it a bit of preferential treatment and display. • Does the video enhance the existing story? Or is the video the story? • Consider the fact most people don’t have sound. • Cut longer clips to 15-30 seconds for social use. SEE THIS POST ON FACEBOOK
  12. 12. #SMWKND45 Status post w/link • If news is particularly shocking, use a status with a link to get people to click quickly.
  13. 13. #SMWKND45 Link posts • If you don’t have a better way of telling the story, just use a link. • Link content tends to have the best overall reach. • Use the caption to pair with the metadata Facebook pulls in. • Remember that you can edit the metadata. Customize it to fit your specific needs.
  14. 14. #SMWKND45 About Matt @matthewknell • Not a journalist, a product guy turned social media nerd • Today’s focus: Product tweaks and tools
  15. 15. #SMWKND45 The Facebook Debugger is your friend • Gives you a glimpse of exactly how your content looks when it’s shared on Facebook. • Also, clears Facebook’s cache, so if you change metadata, it will rescrape. TRY IT:
  16. 16. #SMWKND45 Get verified! • Getting verified gives you a few extra tools: • the ability to edit posts after they’ve been posted. • the option to turn on “Smart publishing” • The option to do Organic Post Targeting. • It may help your reach as well. • Fill out this form to see if you qualify.
  17. 17. #SMWKND45 Organic post targeting • Delivering content to people who are likely to want it helps performance and engagement. • Shown as much as 200% increase in CTR for us in testing. • You can target by Gender, Age, Interest, Language, Relationship Status, Location, Education • You can also add an End Date to your posts.
  18. 18. #SMWKND45 Recommended Facebook companion tools • Use SharedCount to finding social share history on your content. • SimplyMeasured has a bunch of free Facebook analysis reports. • Buffer is a great publishing tool that allows easy management of content schedules. • BuzzSumo helps you find influencers, trending topics and share counts. • Asana is a great tool for managing calendars and content tasks.
  19. 19. #SMWKND45 Things to bug your tech team about: Open Graph Tags READ THE CODE: BONUS: Most OpenGraph tags work with Pinterest Article Rich Pins too! • Specifies exactly what a user sees when your post is shared. • Allows you to customize title, description and photo for social use.
  20. 20. #SMWKND45 Things to bug your tech team about: Campaign tracking • By adding campaign tracking to your URLs, you’ll be able to tell exactly where a click is coming from. • This is helpful when measuring performance of visitors from your Facebook page. • Some social tools (most notably Buffer for Business) already have this built-in. • A great guide to how this works is available here.
  21. 21. #SMWKND45 Now, your questions • Don’t forget your handout - lots of answers there. • Ask away on hashtag #SMWKND45 or raise your hand and shout them out! PSST, GET THIS DECK AT: