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Effective tech

  1. 1. S
  2. 2. WEB 1.0 & 2.0S Original state of the Internet (Web 1.0) S Static S Viewable onlyS Web 2.0 S 1999 S Capable of interacting with browsers S Collaborative
  3. 3. PROMINENT WEB 2.0 SITESS Wikipedia S Online Encyclopedia which allows users to add and edit pagesS Youtube S Video sharing site that allows users to view and upload videosS Flickr S Picture sharing site that allows users to upload pictures and comment on them
  4. 4. SLIDESHARE BACKGROUNDS Web 2.0 Slide hosting service S Capable of hosting slide showsS Launched October 4, 2006S Created by Jonathan BoutelleS Co-Founded by RashmiSinha S Current CEO
  5. 5. APPLICATIONS Extremely useful for Workplace and School SettingS Sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, TwitterS Exceptional for reviewing presentations S Can download or view S Use of comments S ZipcastS Limited in collaborating S Cannot edit a document once it is published
  6. 6. USAGES World’s largest community for sharing presentations S Over 51.6 million visitors monthly S Over 159 million page views monthly S Supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinarsS Known as the “Youtube” for Powerpoints S Allows for public upload of slideshows S Allows for comments and ratings of presentations
  7. 7. WORKPLACE USES Organizing presentationsS Meetings in different places S Zipcast S Allows transitions at own pace S Uses modem and windowS Advertising S Slideshows available to the public S Expands brand awareness S Ethos, Holland-Mark, Oracle
  8. 8. CLASSROOM USES Allows lesson plans to be reviewed through commentsS Online ClassesS Allow students access to review lessons S Use in the classroom S Use at homeS Assist students in visualizing information S Fellow teachers can access PowerPoint presentations
  9. 9. AWARDS and ACHIEVEMENTSS Voted among top ten tools for education and e-learning.S RashmiSinah named top 10 women influencers of Web 2.0S Presentation of choice used by NASA, The White House and IBM S Other websites within the top ten: youtube, wikipedia
  10. 10. Similar ToolsS Biggest competitors S Scribd.com S Document sharing website that allows the posting of documents of various formats S Issu S Allows for customized viewing of online documents S Docstoc S Aimed at the professional community for professional documents
  11. 11. RECAP
  12. 12. Pros of SlideshareS Excellent for presentations S Zipcasts allow flexibilityS Allows for feedback S Large communityS Excellent manner to advertiseS Allow students to relearn material from home
  13. 13. Cons of SlideshareS Difficult to customize S Editing cannot occur once a presentation has been published S Downloads allowedS Limited in Scope S Other sites allow for various other types of documents to be posted
  14. 14. DEMONSTRATIONS http://www.slideshare.net/
  15. 15. REFERENCESS http://techcrunch.com/2006/10/04/introducing-slideshare- power-point-youtube/S http://c4lpt.co.uk/top100tools/S http://blog.slideshare.net/2011/02/16/announcing-zipcast- changing-the-way-the-world-conducts-web-meetings/S http://darcyd.com/fragmented_future.pdf