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Behavioural email webinar 28 sept 11 pdf


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Behavioural email webinar 28 sept 11 pdf

  1. 1. Understanding BehaviouralEmail and How it Can Improve your Online Business 28 September 2011 Matthew Kelleher, Commercial Director, RedEye
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda1. What is Behavioural Email?2. How does it work and how do you deploy it?3. How do you employ Behavioural Email ‘holistically’?4. What are the benefits?5. Can it provide you with competitive advantage?
  3. 3. What is Behavioural Email?Behavioural Email is the application of behavioural datato drive maximum relevancy in email marketing.• Behavioural Data• RFM and Historical Data• Engagement Data• Automation• Dynamic Content• Lifecycle Model
  4. 4. Diverging Strategies in Email
  5. 5. Email is Changing…The Power of Email• Cheap• Automated• Dynamic• Data RichTwo Strategies are Emerging• A pre-engagement ‘newsletter’ strategies• A post-engagement ‘conversion’ tool
  6. 6. How does it work and how do you deploy it?
  7. 7. OR Web ODPAnalytics B.I. Data D/base eCRM Database ESP
  8. 8. How do you employ Behavioural Email ‘holistically’?
  9. 9. Maximise customer lifetime value bytargeting behaviour Increased value with behavioural lifecycle marketing Profile Re-engagementCustomer driven Nursery offerslifetime Win backvalue Welcome X-sell Abandoned basket Traditional customer lifecycle email marketing Newsletters Time Acquire Convert Develop Retain Reactivate
  10. 10. How the combined strategies work Engagement is the first Engagement stage of any journey Drop off communications Visitors Browser programme Browsers Brand reinforcement and Info Gathering USPs Competitor Positioning Comparing Basket Abandonment Basket Abandon Purchase
  11. 11. What are the Benefits?
  12. 12. Behavioural Search Criteria Holiday specific search criteria will drive the content and trigger
  13. 13. Can it provide you withcompetitive advantage?
  14. 14. Over 100% Year on Year Increase inEmail Revenues ROI of 2,399%, 103% growth in email revenues compared to the same period 2009. Evans Cycles achieved these results through, amongst others, segmentation and life cycle marketing strategies. The email campaign plan segmented messaging and creative content based on individual preferences, engagement, online browsing and behavioural data. Email marketing content was relevant to each individual user. The results included open rates as high as 84.9% (generic ‘newsletter’ emails 16% - 25%) and click rates of 40.5% (generic emails 3.8% - 5%).
  15. 15. Gaining Competitive Advantage
  16. 16. Gaining Competitive Advantage
  17. 17. SummaryBehavioural Email:-• Is the highest relevance of any email• Provides very high return on investment• Requires: • Automation • Dynamic Content • Behavioural and Engagement Data • Customer/RFM Data• Allows for the full automation of a Lifecycle Marketing Strategy
  18. 18. ContactsAuthor: matthew.kelleher@redeye.comFor the US: RedEye: www.redeye.comFor RedEye case studies: studies/