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Harmonic Health - Singing for Seniors Overview


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Harmonic Health - Singing for Seniors Overview

  1. 1. Product Overview 2013
  2. 2. About Harmonic Health Founded 2009. Creator / Musical Director The Bay AudiologyRetirement Village Choirs’ Festival. Based on 5+ years global market research. 100% preferred in survey of participatingresidents*. 5% of all profit is donated to dementiaresearch*Ryan Village – Hamilton May 2013
  3. 3. Mission To set the standard for singing in agedcare across Australasia by providingsimple to use singing programmes whichare cost effective and empowering forvillage staff and residents To provide sector education andleadership about gerontology and singingto impact the standard of mental healthand physical wellness for seniors acrossAustralisia.
  4. 4. Designed for Seniors Tone & Pitch Simple Yet Effective Loved by Residents & Staff Premium Product, without Premium Price
  5. 5. Customers – Sample Villages Kingswood Healthcare(Dementia)
  6. 6. Benefits for Residents Lower complaints Sense of community Oxygenation of the blood supply Music is appropriate New music regularly
  7. 7. Benefits For The Village Lower complaints Consistent service amongst villages Staff professional development Increasing the benchmark forgerontology and singing practice Simple to deploy, fully managed Decrease costs for music entertainment
  8. 8. Products From $5* / Week Bi-monthly Singing for Seniors Singing for Dependent Seniors (Dementia Care) Online Staff Mentoring Implementation & site audit (one-off) Group model Discount for RVA members No long term commitments required, cancelthe service at any time. * until 1st July 2013
  9. 9. Out Of The BoxFor villages with low dependency the productcan be self managed by the residents. Staff justdeliver the package. Licensed Music Delivered to the village via mail CD (no need to download) Karaoke version Enlarged Written song sheets Refreshed every two months Song selection for residents (option)
  10. 10. Request a Free* Trial w: e: o: 07 858 3517 m: +64 21 456 420 (preferred)*6.95 P&P
  11. 11. Check out what residents say.<iframe width="560"height="315"src=""frameborder="0"allowfullscreen></iframe>