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Find out why Hometown Lenders is the best in the Mortgage Industry

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Hometown Lenders

  1. 1. Introduction About HomeTown Lenders HomeTown Lenders is a debt-free, Full Eagle lender who believes in treating all employees and customers fairly. Since our inception in March of 2000, we have grown to be one of the leading mortgage lenders in the nation. Our corporate philosophy is: “We Exist To Serve!” Our growth formula has always been to: 1) Hire the best. 2) Retain the best. 3) Remember Who got us there. Our company exists for a greater cause and that is to “Continually become more like Christ in all that we do”. Out of this thought we established a 501c3 called Mission Firefly (www.missonfirefly.org). We have been able to accomplish this by maintaining an environment where employees feel supported and appreciated. Our main goal is to help every individual reach their fullest potential, and to provide them with the best originating platform in the industry. We realize that our continued growth will be determined by our ability to adapt to changing market conditions within our industry and we understand that we must continue to maintain an environment where loan officers and branch managers can maximize their income potential. We are a family business and we operate from a shared conviction that our people’s success is our responsibility. We appreciate that there is a family behind each of our employees and that each family is our responsibility too. We take pride in being the best in the business, and being honest and fair in every facet of our operation. We enjoy the small company agility and atmosphere while we are blessed with the power of a larger company. Those we serve are our responsibility and our mission is to support them & empower them. Our people come first and foremost – Our people are HomeTown Lenders. Sincerely, ERIC TISHAW Chief Executive Officer Hometown Lenders (256) 509-1186 eric@htlenders.com
  2. 2. We’ve partnered up with the leading industry icons… Barry Habib and the MBS Highway Carl White Frank Garay & Brian Stephens Roberto Monaco Mortgage Marketing Animals …to make sure you stay on the cutting edge! HomeTown Lenders has been featured in: Two Years in a Row! We’re In The List! www.hometownbranch.com • 888-606-8066
  3. 3. “A Better Home For Your Branch” Our program was designed to be ‘BETTER’. Better people, better tools, & better products. We believe in long-term relationships with our partners and that’s what makes us better. No matter who you compare us to, see for yourself why Hometown Lenders is “BETTER!” • 24 Hour Underwrites • Our recruiters place producers in your branch! • Get paid every week • When you call, we answer! • Marketing “Maps” that will TRIPLE your business!! • Create, customize and optimize your branch’s compensation plan • Industry leading branch support headed by a DE underwriter with a loan scenario help desk We are currently looking for high-quality Originators, Branch Managers, and Regional Managers in AL, CO, FL, GA, KY, OH, SC, TN, TX, LA, NC, MS, MO & IN Visit www.hometownbranch.com to read our testimonials! We Help You Grow Your Branch and Skyrocket Your Income! CALL US TODAY AT 888-606-8066
  4. 4. Our Branches Say it Better Than We Ever Could! “I’ve been with Hometown Lenders since September 2002.  I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to be anywhere else.  The company is “big enough” to support me and my branches but “small enough” that my opinion matters.  What Hometown does best is support the “small business owner” mentality that exists within most of its entrepreneurial Branch Managers.  They even refer to us as “Partners” and it shows in everything they do.  Whenever I wanted to open a branch and hire more MLOs, they put a recruiter on it and helped me staff a brand new office from scratch.  They’ve done this over and over for five locations.  They understand what it takes to grow business.  They know how to market, they know how to recruit, and most importantly they know how to retain.  Hometown believes their most valuable asset is their people and my 10+ career here is proof of that.  Year over year, since 2002, my income has increased.  Yes, that includes 2007, 2008, and 2009.  I made more money every, single year.  You couldn’t ask for a better partner in the mortgage business than Hometown Lenders.” Conrad T. – Huntsville, AL “Eric, I wanted to say thank you for bringing us into the Hometown Lenders Family. We thought we were very successful before we came to Hometown and we were. However, by allowing you all to help us tweak what we were already doing, and adding a marketing campaign that is proven, we have grown our business every month since joining. We are on pace to be doing twice the business we were doing in less than 9 months after joining! Our process has been streamlined, our turn times have been great and the help we have received has been 2nd to none! There are many companies out there that promise many things…..you all have delivered! We joined you all because of your core values. We flourished because you all take the time to teach branches how to run smoother, better and more profitable. Thank you again for all you and Hometown Lenders have done for us!!!!!” Scott Moulton – Birmingham, Al “I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to finally work for a branch company that follows through on all of the promises made during recruiting! This is especially true regarding growing our business – EVERY branch company says they will help with this. However, Hometown is the first that has given us the tools to get us to the next level. Although we don’t have the largest volume we still have the same resources available to us – we can request a rush to impress a client or call the president of the company up just to ask for advice. We truly feel like we’ve found our home at Hometown. Jennifer Conley – Chillicothe, OH “Whatever level you are currently at, HomeTown Lenders will boost you to new heights. I have been with HomeTown Lenders for several years & found these points to be a must to have, when growing my business. Most of all HomeTown has delivered the plan to success. HTL will personally strengthen your market share with their professional recruiters, in hiring top quality employees. HTL will strengthen your marketing game plan or craft a plan to your specific market, to get results and they back up what they say with uncompromising RESULTS! I have felt right at home with from day one with HomeTown Lenders!” Dean Marshall – Knoxville, TN
  5. 5. Reprinted from The Niche Report magazine, August 2012 www.thenichereport.com Questions and Answers with HomeTown! (TheNicheReport) — The Niche Report asks Eric Tishaw, the Chief Executive Officer of Hometown Lenders, what it takes to be successful and grow in a time when most are closing their doors. First, tell us a little about Hometown Lenders. We started out over 12 years ago as just a small group of friends who wanted to originate loans together and have fun doing it. Over the years, our small company grew, mostly by referrals from our AE’s and other employees, and pretty soon we had branches all over our state with some really great people who are still here with us today. It didn’t take long before we grew to be the largest lender in our state and then to be one of the largest lenders in the South-East. As we grew, we invested in our company and in technology, and we also got very good at supporting all of our branches that were spread out all over the South. When we made the decision to become a retail branching operation, it was a logical growth progression as well as a natural extension of our abilities and expertise. We were able to scale our systems up to meet the requirements of operating a high number of retail branches in multiple states. During our growth, we never lost sight of the fact that we’ve always been a family-oriented business and that our people are what’s most important to us, and any of our partners will tell you that. We know what it’s like to have to generate business by beating the streets for referrals and watching marketing costs like a hawk - we work very hard to provide the best platform possible for our people to be as successful as they want to be and we make them look like champions to their customers and referral partners. How has Hometown Lenders been able to thrive in a time when most of its competitors have closed up shop? Well, we started out with a unique philosophy that wasn’t popular or shared by anyone else in the industry at the time….we were very selective about who we hired. For most companies, it was just a big volume grab, and they were hiring anyone who could bring them additional production. The problem turned out to be that a few bad apples spoiled their bunch, so in order to protect the company they had to overcompensate by implementing policies and restrictions which effectively put training wheels on the good folks. Some major companies got shut down because of the poor quality of the loans being produced by some of the bad hires they made. We took a different approach, and it paid off. I personally travelled to meet everyone we hired (or didn’t hire) in person to see if they were going to be a good fit with us, and to get a gut feeling regarding the quality of their loan production and personal character. Our position was that we would much rather have a branch doing less volume but one that fit well within our culture so that we didn’t lose sleep at night over their loans rather than to have big shops who might originate
  6. 6. questionable loans. The outcome for us was that we were able to grow at a consistent, measured pace with both big and small branches and achieve a level of success that was based on a solid foundation of top quality branches and producers. From there we were able to invest and support our branches and then let them do what they do best – close loans. by the recent barriers to entry that have been put into place, such as licensing regulations, compliance measures, and higher net worth requirements. Overall, we are very confident that the industry is heading in the right direction, and we feel that Hometown Lenders is well positioned to emerge as one of the industry’s new leaders in retail branching. We’ve noticed your company is growing at a remarkable rate – what’s your secret to success? What else is HomeTown doing that other companies are not? We strongly believe that it’s not enough to recruit good branches and then just hope they work out. We firmly believe that recruiting AND retaining is our top mission. This market is way too competitive to be good at recruiting only. If you don’t have a strong value proposition, your good people won’t stick around long, and your turnover costs will go through the roof. We are good at recruiting, but we genuinely enjoy developing and growing great branches. We developed this strategy years ago, and it has been very successful for our branches, so naturally we are very proud of that. We have been able to be a catalyst for some significant growth, and we have uncovered some amazing talent. We’ve seen some other companies trying to copy our approach recently, but we really enjoy the process and I think that is the real difference. We don’t do it because it sells well, we do it because we are good at it and we enjoy helping our branches grow. We’re helping them become champions, and they are helping grow their company to a whole new level. We have several different models for success in this industry, and we work with our branches to apply the one that makes the most sense for them. We have taken branches that were doing five loans per month and turned them into production powerhouses that close over 200 loans a month. What’s your outlook on the industry? We are very optimistic about the future and the continued turnaround of our industry. We would love to see government regulators take a step back and let the free market pick the winners and the losers. We’ve seen a few signs that they may be easing up a bit, and we are particularly encouraged Well, I don’t know that no one else is doing this, but one thing we feel very strongly about is our company-sponsored mission to help selected villages in Guatemala. Mission Firefly (www. missionfirefly.org) is a 501C that we created to fulfill what we believe is our greater calling in life. We enjoy giving back, and our people enjoy the opportunity to be a part of a great mission. Everyone in our company is welcome to go on trips with us, and it gives us a chance to break away from business now and then to focus on what’s really important in life. That’s probably not the answer you were looking for, but I think it ties in with what really sets us apart from our competitors - we believe that it’s our people that make us different. It sounds cheesy but its true – no other company has our people, and they are what makes Hometown Lenders great. Eric Tishaw is the Chief Executive Officer of HomeTown Lenders. Recognized as a leader in the mortgage industry, Mr. Tishaw was recently included in National Mortgage Professionals “Top 40 under 40” list, and he was named National Mortgage Professional of the Month. With over 12 successful years in the business, an MBA, and a lifetime of working in and around the mortgage business, Eric understands exactly what it takes to be successful in this industry. Eric Tishaw is committed to helping the Loan Originators and Mortgage Branch Managers at Hometown Lenders realize their fullest potential by utilizing and sharing the skills he has learned and the best practices he has observed throughout his career.
  7. 7. On-Boarding Process How the On-Boarding Process works with HomeTown Lenders 1. Application 2. Branch Setup 3. Walk-Through 4. Submit Loans! APPLICATION The first step is to apply for our program. You may either fill out the attached Branch Manager application and email it back to us OR you fill out the application online at www.hometownbranch. com - whichever you prefer. Once we have received your completed application, we will perform a background and credit check and check your references. Once approved, we will send you the rest of the material to fill out to complete your employment and branch setup. (Initial approval generally takes 24-48 hours) SETUP ITEMS Once your application is completely approved, you will be contacted by Chris Fiorello, our VP of Branch Operations, who will guide you through the rest of the process outlined below. Please plan to spend 20-30 minutes on the phone with Chris so that all items can be covered and all questions can be answered. Branch Licensing - First, and most important, item of business. We have to get you legal. Accounting Setup - We’ll go over the paperwork that you will need to complete and who to submit it to. Technology Access - And finally, we’ll get you setup to access all that HTL has to offer! Please note that Point and Credit access will revolve around your license approval. Everything else will be issued at this time. YOU MAY START PUTTING LOANS IN RIGHT AWAY ONCE YOUR LICENSING IS COMPLETE! Call us today.... so we can compare what you have now with what you could be getting with Hometown Lenders – (888) 606-8066 or email us at moreinfo@htlenders.com.
  8. 8. NMP MORTGAGE PROFESSIONAL OF THE MONTH Eric Tishaw, CEO HomeTown Lenders B Y D AV I D J . C O S T E R E How did HomeTown Lenders come into being? When the market turned several years ago, our company was forced to reinvent itself to survive. At that time, I began growing the company. We already had branches and a branch support platform in place. Growing our branch network was a natural extension of our abilities and expertise. Today, we have over 325 employees in branches from Florida to Colorado. ric Tishaw, CEO of HomeTown Lenders is the October 2013 National Mortgage Professional Magazine Mortgage Professional of the Month. HomeTown Lenders is a 37-branch retail lending organization based in Huntsville, Ala. HomeTown Lenders’ growth, innovative marketing and commitment to improving the conditions of the communities in which their employees live and work, as well as the world at large, makes them worthy of this selection. I recently had the chance to speak with Eric and uncover the passion behind the organization. I understand that working in the mortgage industry was your goal from your time in college. Tell me about that. They say that nobody intends to go into the mortgage business. I’m actually the exception to that rule. I grew up around the mortgage business, and was always really intrigued by it. I had some great friends growing up who were in the business. I was always really attracted to it. So my intention while in college was to go into the mortgage business when I graduated. What was so appealing about the industry? I think what appealed to me most is the constant challenge—there is never a dull day in this business! But more importantly, we help people realize their dreams of owning a home. It’s a very rewarding career. How did you first get your start in the business? After college, I went to work as a loan originator. I really liked working with borrowers and educating them so they could make a better informed decision. There is a lot of personal gratification in helping take their nervousness out of the process. I soon made the move to become a branch manager. As a manager, I loved helping my employees mature and watching them sink the winning shot. What is unique about your organization? What makes us unique is how we approach the business, how we view it and our roles in helping our partners grow. Our main philosophy revolves around three “R’s”: Recruit the best, Retain the best and Remember who got us there. With the first “R”, we are looking to Recruit the best. We are always looking for top-tier caliber people with integrity. We are very selective of who we hire. We don’t just hire anyone in order to get bigger. The second “R” is Retention. We have a strong focus on retaining the best. A lot of companies focus solely on recruiting, but we put a heavy focus on retention. We want to know what the branches’ goals are and to help them get there and help support them as they grow. We put a high priority on support, making sure when people call us that we answer the phone. That is a big part of who we are. Some companies make big promises, yet we frequently hear people say, “They promised N M P M E D I A C O R P. 1220 Wantagh Avenue • Wantagh, New York 11793-2202 516-409-5555 • Fax: 516-409-4600 • E-mail: advertise@NMPMediaCorp.com NationalMortgageProfessional.com
  9. 9. me the moon, but after I started, I never heard from them.” HomeTown Lenders has dedicated personnel and processes in place to help our branches and LOs meet their goals. We help them with marketing strategies, and we are partnered up with some of the industries icons like Frank and Brian from the National Real Estate Post, and Carl White and Scotty Hudspeth from Mortgage Marketing Animals. We do that in an effort to help our people realize their full potential and exceed their goals. The third “R” is to always Remember why we are here … we are a Christian company, and we remember that God is the reason for our success. We have been through some very difficult times that unfortunately a lot of companies didn’t make it through. We give that credit to God. This over-arching philosophy is the primary reason for our success. You have also employed a unique advertising campaign that includes comic strips. What is behind that? It is definitely unique! Frequently, when talking to branches, they would mention, “I was talking to this company, and they promised me the moon. They said they would give me recruiting support and they would answer their phone and give me all these things, but then when I on board and it was, ‘How much are you doing this month?’” I guess we heard it so much that it became comical that other companies were just promising the moon but not delivering. That’s really where the idea came from—just to make light of that fact. As far as marketing is concerned, we just wanted a campaign that really stood out and was different. We are always getting feedback from people saying they love it. They appreciate that it’s different, and they understand that we are different too. We are maybe a little bit unconventional, but I think the comics are a good window into who we are. We like to have fun, but we are serious about business. You make a special effort to participate in charitable work. Why is that? We exist for a greater purpose than just closing loans and making money. Our goal is to leave behind a legacy and to leave the world a better place than we found it—to make real, positive, measurable impacts on other people’s lives. We created a company 501c3 organization called Mission Firefly. It’s a mission organization to serve a village in Guatemala. We have built 13 houses and seven clean water systems and have really taken the Word to several places. We are starting to do that in other countries as well. On a local level, there is a local home for boys where we sponsor events and support them with clothing, school supplies and tutoring. Most importantly, we spend time with them. That’s the key. Anybody can throw money at a problem, but it’s really important for us to develop relationships and help these young kids grow into responsible adults. Being in business, making money, closing loans and helping customers … that’s all great, but we do it to allow us to serve a greater purpose. We firmly believe our role in leading or participating in programs like this is critical and it falls in line with our beliefs. Our message is quite simply to show God’s love to others. The needs in the communities are amazing. It’s easy to sit back and say that somebody else has that covered … they don’t. There are so many opportunities to be of service, we try to fill as many as we can. What are your business goals? One of our primary goals right now is to continue our national expansion. We are actively entering new markets because we believe we have a great model, and are simply expanding that to a wider area. The next goal for us is to double our current level of production. How would you describe the mortgage professionals you are looking to add? We are looking for high quality, top tier talent. We are looking for people that do clean, compliant business. We have always viewed quality as better than quantity, sometimes turning down the large volume branches if we just don’t get a good feeling about them. One of the things I still do today is meet people in person before we hire them. I know that sounds crazy, but the reality is we want to know who we are working with. It needs to be a good fit. They are not just a number. The personal visit weighs very heavily in the branch approval process. How would you make a pitch to a prospective branch manager? There are a bunch of companies out there, and everybody offers the same basic platform. You do loans. You have products and programs and prices. It’s really all the same. What sets a great company apart in my humble opinion is its people. How willing are they to help? Do they have a genuine desire to help? We have great people who understand that our branches are our customers and do whatever it takes to exceed expectations. When prospects come through our office we often hear, “Wow, these people are great. Everybody is so great. They want to help.” That’s not by accident. We have an experienced team that enjoys helping. We have been together a long time. Everybody is on the same page about wanting to help our partners and help them grow and make sure their questions are answered. The greatest compliment we commonly hear is: “Man, this is night and day. My previous company wouldn’t even answer the phone. They’re too busy.” Our branches have a seat at the table. They have a voice. We regularly have events where we get together and discuss what’s going on. They all have my cell phone number. If they see something they don’t like or they want to discuss an idea, the line of communication is open. Some of our best ideas come from our branch managers. We want that to continue. David J. Coster is senior editor of National Mortgage Professional Magazine. He may be reached by phone at (919) 559-2171 or e-mail davidc@nmpmediacorp.com. N M P M E D I A C O R P. 1220 Wantagh Avenue • Wantagh, New York 11793-2202 516-409-5555 • Fax: 516-409-4600 • E-mail: advertise@NMPMediaCorp.com NationalMortgageProfessional.com
  10. 10. Mission Firefly exists to shine light into the darkness and to share the love of Christ with “the least of these” . Our mission is to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the poor and needy of our world. Period. As we prepare to follow God’s command to go into all the world and make disciples of all the nations, we focus on three things: spiritual discipleship, physical needs and economic stability. Our steadfast goal is to mobilize and empower various groups of believers and local churches to do the same. Our Philosophy: We will dream big, work tirelessly and persevere no matter what. We build, organize, strategize, rejuvenate, transform, train, teach, lead, facilitate, serve, inspire and assist… We are partners, friends, mentors, leaders, teachers, servants and more. Our Strategy: We will accomplish our mission by creating solutions and duplicating our efforts in the local church... and then we will simply GO. Mission Firefly seeks to help create sustainable solutions locally and around the world by focusing on five key areas of need: spiritual, physical, economic, health and education. We endeavor to duplicate these solutions by exposing other ministries and concerned individuals to the plight of those in spiritual and economic need. Our goal is to help empower and enable local churches to develop long term relationships through short term mission trips and also give practical help to those who have little or no experience in missions. Then, we will go. Won’t you join us? Visit our website: www.missionfirefly.org
  11. 11. Application
  12. 12. Welcome! Thank you for applying with HomeTown Lenders - the number one platform for the top-producing Branch Managers and Loan Originators! Here at HomeTown Lenders, we strive to provide all of our employees with a productive, challenging, and compliant working environment that encourages individual accomplishment through continuous training and support. If selected to join our team, we will give you the tools and provide you with the support that you need to help you accomplish your goals. Application Checklist Please complete this checklist to ensure the completeness of your application kit prior to submission for consideration. Application Kit: • Employment Application • Background Check Form Your submission must also include the following items: o Copy of your Drivers License o Copy of your Social Security Card o Copy of current commercial lease agreements (rent/equipment/etc) (branch managers only) o Current pay stub (loan officers and branch managers only) o Copy of your resume o Copy of all state licenses held (loan officers and branch managers only) Please send all items to: FAX - (256) 261-1984, or E-mail: chris@htlenders.com “Home Town Lenders is an Equal Opportunity Employer”
  13. 13. HomeTown Lenders, LLC Employment Application
  14. 14. BACKGROUND CHECK AUTHORIZATION AND RELEASE A background check is required for each new prospective Employee: 1. In connection with my application for employment, I understand that a consumer report or an investigative consumer report may be requested that will include information as to my character, work habits, performance, and experience, along with reasons for termination of past employment. I understand that as directed by my company policy and consistent with the job described, you may be requesting information from public and private sources about my workers compensation injuries and claims, driving record, court record, education, references and credit. Also, I am willing to submit to drug testing to detect the use of illegal drugs prior to and during employment. 2. Medical and workers compensation information will only be requested in compliance with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and/or any other applicable state laws. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I am entitled to know if employment is denied because of information obtained by my prospective employer from a consumer-reporting agency. If so, I will be notified and given the name and address of the agency or the source, which provided the information. 3. I acknowledge that a fax or photocopy shall be as valid as the original. 4. I hereby authorize, without reservation, any law enforcement agency, institution, information service bureau, school, employer, reference or Insurance Company be contacted by HOMETOWN LENDERS LLC or its agent, to furnish the information described herein. The following information is required by law enforcement agencies and other entities for positive identification purposes when checking public records. It is confidential and will not be used for any other purposes. I hereby release the employer and agents and all persons, agencies, and entities providing information on reports about me from any and all liability arising out of the requests for release of any of the above mentioned information or reports. _________________________________________________________ Print (Last, First, Middle) _________________________________________________________ Print Prior Name(s) (Last, First, Middle) __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Street Address/City/State/Zip Date of Birth _____________________ Social Security Number: ____________________________________ The following states require sex and race to obtain information: AL, FL, GA Sex: o Male o Female Race: o Asian o Black o Hispanic o White o Other Drivers License Number ______________________________ State Issuing License __________ Name as it appears on license ________________________________ Signature ______________________________ Date __________________
  15. 15. CHAMBLEE POLICE DEPARTMENT CRIMINAL HISTORY CONSENT FORM I hereby authorize ______________________________________________________________ to receive any Georgia criminal history record information pertaining to me which may be in the files of any state or local criminal justice agency in Georgia. _____________________________________________________________________________ Full Name (print) _____________________________________________________________________________ Address _____ Sex _____ Race __________________ Date of Birth _________________________ Social Security Number ___________________________________________________ Signature __________________ Date Special employment provisions (check if applicable): o Employment with mentally disabled (Purpose code ‘M’) o Employment with elder care (Purpose code ‘N’) o Employment with children (Purpose code ‘W’) One of the following must be checked: o This authorization is valid for 90/180/_____ (circle one) days from date of signature. o I, _______________________________________________ give consent to the above named to perform periodic criminal history background checks for the duration of my employment with this company. CH CLERK:__________________________________________ DATE: ______________