Digital Winners Oslo Super Friday Briefing


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Presentation describing the 2013 Digital Winners Awards program, including tips on how to submit competitive applications. Nordic tech startups should apply today at!

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Digital Winners Oslo Super Friday Briefing

  1. 1. 1 Briefing for Oslo Startups 20.09.2013 / Helge Steen-Johnsen, Vice President, New Ventures
  2. 2. 2 The Digital Winners Awards program • Recognizing and accelerating tech entrepreneurs The Digital Winners Awards is an annual competition created by Telenor to recognize ICT innovators and entrepreneurs from the Nordic region, and to help them scale their businesses. • Last year’s winner should be familiar… Last year, Trondheim-based digital receipt startup (and StartupLab resident!) dSAFE was selected as the 2012 Digital Winner. • Corporate citizenship and business goals The Digital Winners Awards is part of our work to foster entrepreneurship, innovation and economic vitality in the Nordic region. We also have commercial drivers for the program that are aligned with entrepreneurs’ own goals, including scouting technologies and teams with potential to be partners with Telenor Group.
  3. 3. 3 Benefits for applicants, finalists and winner • Finalists will be able to demo their products for 300 top executives at the Digital Winners Conference • Finalists will connect with leaders of tech, communications, and media companies at awards dinner • All applicants have the option to receive free media exposure through the Digital Winners website 3 Commercial partnerships2 Connections1 Cash 4 Customers • The award winner will receive a 200.000 NOK cash grant (no strings attached) to grow their business • The partnerships team at Telenor Digital will work with the winner to build a commercial partnership • A partnership would leverage Telenor assets in areas like marketing, billing and identity management • All applicants will have visibility from senior Telenor management through the review process • Potential access to an established customer base of 150 million consumers and enterprises in Asia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.
  4. 4. 4 What we’re looking for • Potential reach Is the product or service likely to have a high take up rate? Does it have the potential to reach users in several markets, including those outside of the Nordic region? • Ease of use How simple and user friendly is the product, service or application? • Platform scalability Does the product or service have the potential to be used across multiple communications platforms? • Ecosystem contribution Does the product or service stimulate usage of digital channels in new, innovative ways? • Inspiration Will the product or service inspire players and customers to become digital and to use digital channels?
  5. 5. 5 Tips for highly competitive applications • Share your impact We’ve seen successful applicants from a range of stages covering many different topics. One of the things that unites them is their ability to tell a compelling story about their impact (or potential impact). Evidence helps. • Tell us how we can help Although NOK 200.000 is great, past recipients have reported that the relationship with Telenor was even more valuable than the cash grant. We’d love to hear about concrete ways that our assets – from technical capabilities to access to customers – could help accelerate your business. • Address the evaluation criteria This is probably pretty obvious, but it’s worth stating. Be sure to do your best to address the evaluation criteria described in the previous slide – our jury will be looking for them when they review your application. • Give us stuff to see and to try We want to explore your product and service as much as we can. If you have screenshots, demos or live products, its to your advantage to share them.
  6. 6. 6 How to apply • Online! Only at You can even apply here today. Please, no mail, faxes or carrier pigeons. • By 20 October 17:00 CET. We cannot make exceptions to the deadline. • Hassle free The application form is designed to take under 20 minutes to complete. • Basic questions Contact information One sentence summary Details on fit with evaluation criteria Screenshots and/or link to demo, if available
  7. 7. 7 Timeline NOW Awards application open at October 9 Meetup in Stockholm (tell your Swedish friends!) October 10 Meetup in Copenhagen (tell your Danish friends!) October 20 Awards applications due at 17:00 CET Early November Awards finalists announced on November 6 Awards finalists give live pitches to jury at Telenor Centre in Fornebu November 7 Awards winner announced at Digital Winners Conference (finalists will receive tickets)
  8. 8. 8 Questions • Talk to us now Awards staff are here to answer questions, provide advice and help you complete an application today. • Email or call us Contact Matt Guilford at or +47 469 05 788.