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How To Create a Fantasy Football Team


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NFL Fantasy Football

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How To Create a Fantasy Football Team

  1. 1. How to Create the Ultimate Fantasy Football Team:David Zagata, Matthew Gastaldi, Brian Tredup, JorgeRodarte.The objective in which our team aims to achieve is enlightening, and giving individuals abetter understanding of the whose and what’s in which goes into NFL Fantasy FootballDraft. Our goal will be achieved by us providing the necessary information to help not onlyprepare one for the fantasy draft, but also to make you more than ready to enter onethemselves, and possibly even operate a draft too! They way in which we will go aboutmaking this as easy as possible, we will be breaking down, giving you a step-by-step walk-thru on what to keep an eye out for. A lot comes into play when the NFL draft gets broughtto the table, from trade prospects, injury reports, weekly subbing and also scoutingpotential prospects to help get you those extra few points you will need to end in victory.What is the NFL Fantasy Football Draft?The draft is when you and a group of people either close friends or complete stranger’smake your own football team. You will pick your line up every week during the footballseason and you will get points based on the performance of each player. Each week you canchange your line up based on the players you drafted. At the end of the season whoever hasthe most points gained wins.Types of LeaguesThere are two types of leagues you can be in when you sing up for fantasy football. The firstkind of league you can be in is an NFL managed league. This type of league has defaultscoring and the official league settings, you can only have the same amount of players as areal NFL team, regular players starting positions, and you can see how your competitorsare doing and what their score is. When you join this type of league the owners are eligibleto win prizes based on the performance of his team. A way to secure that this league is fairand fun for all players is that the NFL manages the leagues and won’t let anyone cheat orhave an unfair advantage over everyone else and makes everyone happy. In this kind ofleague you can either have an auto pick draft where the computer drafts for you or you candraft on your own to make a better team.The second type of league there is are custom leagues. This type of league is operated byone of the players who’s is in charge of setting all the rules all the settings and the way youmake point, this position is called the League Manager. They have over 100 setting to
  2. 2. choose form the manager can customize many things like individual players, and keepers.The league manager is also in charge of advertising his league. He has to invite his friendsor other interested in joining a league so the league can get bigger and more competitive.Types of DraftsOnce you have picked your league and you are ready to draft you will have to know thereare three types of drafts.The first draft is a Live Online Draft. This type of draft is like being in a real NFL draft. Yougo round by round in an interactive environment. With this type of draft you are able to seeall the players who are still able to be drafted and you can see their stats and analysis ofhow they did previous seasons and how the experts think the player will do this year. Thistype of draft is LIVE so it will let you know which players are being drafted each timesomeone else drafts. You are able to make a list of the players you are interested in andwhen it’s your turn if the players have not been drafted you are eligible to take the one thatyou want the most. A good tool in the LIVE draft is that you are able to search for specificplayers or filter out by the position you are looking for and this way it can make your draftgo faster and easier. Once it’s your turn to draft and you have found the player you want allyou have to do is click DRAFT NOW and the player you want will be in your team. If youare not able to make it to the start of the draft or you have leave before you are done youcan select the AUTO PICK draft and it will automatically pick for you depending on thepositions you need filled.The second type of Draft is AUTO PICK. For this type of draft is operated by the NFL expertrankings or the rankings that you have picked depending on the setting you have chosen.This type of league is good for the type of people who are busy and don’t have time to sit ata computer and wit round by round until every pick has been made. This will start of thedraft and when it’s your turn to draft you will draft either the best player or the positionyou need or depending on the pre-rankings you did prior to the draft. This type if faster andmore convenient if this is the first time you use fantasy football draft.For the LIVE and AUTO PICK drafts there are two types of drafting orders. The first order iscalled “snake” this type of order starts at the beginning but when the last player drafts itstarts over again with the last player who drafted being the first one to draft in the secondround and the first person who drafted in the first round drafts last on the second round.The second type of draft is Linear. With this type of draft the setup is established in the firstround. The same order used in the first round will continue for all of the rounds of thedraft. When you are in a LIVE draft it will appear on the top of you page to see what type ofdrafting order you have.
  3. 3. Another thing that is important in the draft is the draft format. There are two types the firstone is the standard type. In this type of draft each team has a certain amount of time todraft the player they want once they are done the next team will draft. This is the moretraditional regular NFL draft. The second type of draft format is Auction. With auction eachteam nominates a player, then when the player is nominated everyone bids on the playerwho ever has the highest bid on the player gets to keep him. The bad thing about this typeof format is that every team has a budget on how much they can spend and bid on theirplayers.The third type of draft is OFFLINE draft. With this type of draft you don’t use the toolsprovided by the NFL and each team picks every round. This type of draft is done any whereyou want with the members of your league. Once the draft is done the League Manager hasto enter the draft into the webpage by going to EDIT DRAFT RESULTS under the MANAGEtab and manually enter all the players for each team member. Once the League Managerhas entered all of the information you are able to use the regular trade, drop, and lineuponline.Online Draft StepsWhen the draft begins you will have your pick number. When it’s your turn to start draftingyour team name and logo will appear on your screen on your top left corner you will see atimer with the time you have left to make a selection of a player you wish to draft. Also youwill see on your screen the round number and the pick number that the draft is on. IF youare in AUTO PICK mode the computer will select your player, but if you are drafting in astandard league you have 90 seconds to make your choice, or if you are in an auction leagueyou have 45 seconds to make your nomination. If you don’t make a pick within yourspecified time frame a player will be picked automatically for you depending on your rosterneeds. During the time of selection you can see a player’s information card. On that cardyou can find players last season’s statistics, see his projected stats for this season, or evengo to the players NFL page. Another thing you can do during your turn to draft is search aplayer. Click on the box where it says search player by name and click on the player whenyou found the one you wanted.While you are waiting to be your draft turn you can make a draft list. Here you can selectplayers you re interested in drafting and make a list of them. If some else drafts thembefore you have a chance to it will take the player of the list and inform you that the playerhas been drafted. When you are looking for player to put on your list you can refine yoursearches by just looking up a certain position you want to fill. If you need a quarterback justsee all of the quarterbacks and it will make it easier and faster for you to make your list.
  4. 4. To keep track of the draft, which is important because you don’t want to miss your turn,you can always look at the top of the draft order and it will let you know which team iscurrently picking and what the prior team picked. If you missed a couple of draft picks youcan you can select which team you want to view and it will let you see what team hasdrafted which player so you can see who drafted the player you wanted or check thecompetition you will have during the season.Another way that a LIVE draft is more interactive is by letting you chat with the people inthe draft. On the bottom of your screen you can chat whit any person in the draft to talkabout draft picks and make the time go faster.When the draft is complete and done you will be taken to a screen where it will let you seeyour complete roster and the roster of everyone else in your league. Once you are donelooking at the roster you are ready to begin your season. You are able to trade anddrop/add players. You want to keep track of all that’s going on with your specific player’sduring the whole NFL season to see the points they have given you. You want to check oninjuries and real live trades and signings by the real NFL teams which could impact theperformance of your NFL Fantasy Football League.To have a successful Fantasy Football Team you have to follow many webpages and watcha lot of ESPN. There are many factors to having a champion team not just throwing in anyplayer for any given week. People don’t realize that it takes some effort to actually play in afantasy league, you can’t just sit around thinking the program just runs itself, not likedownloading a file where you just push download and you wait 30 minutes until it is done.No, the fantasy football world takes a lot more critical thinking then you might imagine, youhave to keep up to date on all information and the websites provided in the following pageswill help you conquer your opponents in ways you couldn’t even are inevitable in the NFL. In order to have a successful fantasy football season youmust always pay attention to injuries on a week to week basis. By paying attention to injuryupdates you will know if any of your players are probable, questionable, or doubtful for thenext game. I recommend using for all of your injury information.This site has 2 drop-down menus where you can select a Week and Team to see a full list ofinjuries including: Type of Injury, Practice Status, and Game
  5. 5. For a great fantasy football experience I recommend creating your fantasy football team At the top of the Home Page is a link to register to participate infantasy football. If you click on the video located on the Home Page you will receiveinformation that could be pivotal to having a successful fantasy football season. Forexample, one of the current videos offers advice from NFL analysts on the NFL draft. Belowthe video board you will see a list of the 10 most popular fantasy football players from lastseason. No less than 99.9% of fantasy football owners utilized each and every one of theseplayers. Below the video board you will also see a leaderboard listing the 15 mostsuccessful fantasy football owners from last season. Once the new NFL season begins, thefantasy football leaderboard will be updated on a weekly basis.Towards the bottom of the page you will find a link titled Important Dates. When you clickthis link you will find valuable information including: The Date Fantasy FootballRegistration Opens, the Date NFL Fantasy Drafts Begin, the Date the NFL Preseason Begins,the Date the NFL Regular Season Kicks Off, the Date the NFL Fantasy Drafts Close, and theDate of the Super Bowl in New York. Towards the bottom of the page you will find anotherlink titled Official Game. When you click this link you will find an interactive approach tofantasy football including: Live Scoring, Player News, and Injury Updates. Towards thebottom of the page you will find another link titled Prizes. When you click on this link youwill find a list of Grand Prizes that you could win by joining an NFL-managed Free FantasyFootball League including: Tickets to the upcoming Super Bowl, Tickets to an Internationalfootball game, or a $4,000 NFL Shop Gift Card plus a 40” HDTV. So not only do you get tohave fun playing fantasy football, but you also have a chance to win a variety of greatprizes.Towards the top of the page is a Research link. When you click on this link you will find alist organized by the number of fantasy points each NFL team allowed to each position,based on default NFL-managed scoring. This information could help you to determine whatdefense to select for your fantasy football team. You can choose from seasonal averages orreview past weekly performances to help optimize your lineup. Advanced research dataincluding targets, touches, and red zone opportunities are also available.Below the Research link is a link titled Leaderboard. When you click on this link you willsee an extended list of the top fantasy football owners from last season. As mentionedbefore, the leaderboard is updated week to week as the new fantasy football season begins.Next to the Research link is a link titled Marketplace. When you click on this link you willfind several marketing packages which appeal to the NFL fantasy football fan. There are 4links located under the Marketplace link including: Live Preseason Football, ExclusiveSports Illustrated Offer, Watch NFL Games Online, and Apparel. The Live PreseasonFootball link gives the avid fantasy football fan the opportunity to watch every NFL
  6. 6. preseason game live. The Exclusive Sports Illustrated Offer link has an offer to subscribe tothe Sports Illustrated magazine for practically nothing. The Watch NFL Games Online linkallows you to replay every NFL game in HD with NFL game rewind. The Apparel link allowsyou to customize everything for your fantasy league. You can create shirts withyour favorite team logo as well as your fantasy team name.At the very top of the Home Page are 4 links which will help to keep fantasy football ownersupdated during the NFL season including: Scores, Video, News, and Fantasy Football.One of the greatest resources for staying on top of all current events in the NFL as well asstaying one step ahead of your competitors during the fantasy football season is located The site features 5 columnists who offer their opinions regarding NFLscouting reports, opinions about the draft, and opinions regarding anything else relevant tothe NFL football season.The columnist provided by, can really help you get ahead of the competition inyour fantasy league whether its during the season or in the offseason, they will get you all of the bestinformation necessary on specific key players around the league and help you finalize and choose whoyou are going to be putting into the game and who will be sitting on the bench. Matthew Berry one ofthe top columnist for ESPN Sports Center will give the best information during the offseason by givingyou his top 200 picks for the upcoming NFL season as to who will be a great pick up and who will be abig disappointment.Now not everyone might think that this information provided by the columnists may be helpful,but then again not all of us have the same players, that’s why not all content about the NFL can be seenon TV, or all the big sports news stations like for example Sports Center and CBS Sports only give you thebig sports news on the main events happening around the league, but what about the little thingshappening behind the scenes? , Like maybe a trade between 2 championship caliber teams that SportsCenter might have missed, Matthew Berry and his team are the people who will keep you up to datewith all of that giving you access to each team, and the rumors going on about trade talks, injuryupdates or maybe stuff that has happened to a specific player. To be a key player in your fantasy leagueyou might want to think about signing up for ESPN Insider, to give you to latest on what everyone likeMel Kiper Jr. and John Gruden are saying about this years draft picks, or the stats for tomorrows gameand who they think will be a key role player in that game to help their team win. A Key note toremember is ESPN or CBS will not always be the ones keeping track of the games at the current state,
  7. 7. they will just bring you highlighted information, so that’s why having updates on your phone or socialmedia updates can help you keep track of play by play action so you never have to be left in the dark.Log onto your social media networks like Facebook, Twitter for example and either go page or follow them on Twitter if you don’t already so you can get constant updates onthe game. This way you can always know what is going and be alerted when they post something ontheir newsfeed that you might find to be valuable in your pursuit to win. You can also download theapplication on your phone if you have a smartphone so that you can make adjustments and moves whileyou’re on the go and don’t have access to a computer network. The Divisions among the NFL each havetheir own individual blogs where they talk about different talks among the teams within that division,like for example in this years NFL draft they are talking about the Vikings, or Bears taking a look at MantiTe’o as their future linebacker to help build their team around. All of this information I have nowdiscussed for just this one website should give you a great advantage over your competitors because thelittle things like this will help you win your league even if you don’t have a major star on your team youcan still win just by using these tips.There is one more website that can be used that many people may not be aware of that can giveyou good insight to a teams happenings, has all the important news on what playersare up to outside of work or the field to let you know if maybe one of your players on your roster hasgotten themselves into trouble and have to sit out a few games. You need to keep tabs on your starplayers because now they are in the public eye and now if something happens to them in a good or badway this could either hurt or benefit you, this is why this website is so great because it can help you keeptabs on your star player(s) or maybe someone else’s so that you now know that your competitorsplayer(s) are sitting out so maybe you should put all of your high scoring and high stats players so youcan gain more points. This site can also help you with the odds on betting, it gives you all the knowhow’s, do’s and don’ts to help you win a bet you make with your friends or website is a very useful, well rounded website packed full of great information foranyone interested in pro football. The website provides the most relevant news, providedfrom very credible sources by some of the top NFL experts updated daily. Also, the yahoosports gives previews and recaps of future games, what players are projected to do, as faras rush yards, and pass yards. This especially helps with the selection of who you want toput on your fantasy team, and who to stay away from. If you don’t know already, fantasy
  8. 8. football is a numbers game. If a player scores a touchdown, the person with that playeractively on their roster scores a set amount of points. If that player rushes a specifiedamount of yards, that too gets them points. So the more that player is projected to score,the more likely you would want to put him on your roster, active for the week. If you arecurious as to when your favorite team or teams play for the season and where, yahoosports gives a very detailed and accurate schedule breakdown. It will show up to daterankings of teams and where they stand amongst other teams across the league as well.The stats page is one of my favorite parts of the website. It is very detailed, always has themost accurate player ratings, and live statistical updates for the most involved football fans.Yahoo sports is very reliable for fantasy football fans, by giving a great second opinion onwho to play or who to bench. This leads nicely into injuries, and happens to be a vital partof fantasy football. If you have a player that went high in the fantasy draft, chances are if hehappens to get injured, that will impact your team greatly. So by tuning into yahoo sports,this will show immediately when and if a play gets injured and when he is projected to beback in playing condition.Underneath the “players” heading, you are given detailed roster and statistics based uponthe previous game the player had been in and also an overall, from the start of the seasonstatistical analysis of that particular player. This helps with what a player is projected to do,so if your backup quarterback for instance isn’t projected to do so well, you would want tokeep your first string starter in instead of swapping players in and out.Another one of my favorite parts of the website are the video highlights. If you happen tomiss anything from the following week, yahoo sports provides the top catches, top throws,top sacks and overall top plays, great to pass a bit of time and see how your players aredoing! Right next to that heading is a tickets dropdown menu. Here you can purchasetickets to see your favorite team as well as players. Coming from such a credible site, youknow these tickets won’t be fake or duplicates, they are guaranteed official tickets and noscamming will occur.Overall, for a very informative site, a one stop shop if you will, yahoo sports is the site youare looking for.Over the years, our partner David Zagata has gained a lot of experience and vast amounts ofknowledge with Fantasy football, today he has decided to share some of those very helpfuland beneficial tips on the subject.Tips of failure:
  9. 9. #1: Drink a lot of alcohol at your draft: Drink some beer or any type of alcoholic beveragefor that matter on draft day, and if you really want to draft a bad team I would definitelysuggest showing up to the draft meeting several hours early with a cooler full of beer orliquor in tow.#2: Don’t be prepared: Now if your drunk already and draft a bad team, that isunderstandable, but if you just draft a bad team that means you didn’t read anything onlineor in Fantasy football magazine about how to draft. I know one or two people have showedup last minute with a magazine in his/her hand that they just bought 20 minutes ago anduses the cheat sheet on the back. That’s not real drafting, that’s just a disgrace. Go home,your drunk.#3: Draft a quarterback in Round 1: Now hold up, Ain’t nobody got time for that!, if yourgoing to draft a quarterback in round 1 you just need to stop, drop what your drinking, andleave the room and go home, because taking a quarterback in the first rounds means youjust wasted a pick that you SHOULD have used for a running back or receiver, positions thatare clearly harder to fill with quality players, because all QBs are good for is calling “HIKE!”then they run into their own offensive linemen and fumble the ball like Mark Sanchez.#4: Underestimate the importance of the late rounds: After you have filled up yourstarting lineups, you tend to lose focus and stop paying close attention on who you aredrafting, you forget to record your draft picks, you are increasing your beer or liquorconsumptions tenfold or just spill your beer over your cheat sheet. Now you unfortunatelywill spend the rest of the season in mediocrity.#5: Draft all your favorite teams players: This is one of the biggest mistakes I see peoplemaking, If your team already sucks say for example the Green Bay Packers, then why areyou bothering drafting players that have no skill on this team? You should be drafting aplayer from like the Kansas City Chiefs or something if you actually wanted to see someresults.Tips for Success:#1: Prepare ahead of time: Make sure you have your big boy/big girl pants on becausethere is no goofing off when it comes to Fantasy football draft day, this could be bigger thenyou getting a huge promotion at work.#2 Pay attention to others picks, by watching other drafters you can tell what you shoulddo and not do. You can get better players than other members of your league.#3: Be careful of bye weeks, make sure you don’t draft same position players on the samebye week or else t can impact you in your performance
  10. 10. #4: Always draft the best player available. The value of a player is determined by howmuch he outscores his peers at his particular position not by how many points they score.#5 Consider trading players. If you want a better player try to trade for it. If you seesomeone is interested in a player you really want try trading to get him or for him.If you don’t know how any of this works ask someone, it never hurts to ask questions if youare unsure about something, but with us providing you with all of this great informationand tips you should have no problem winning the title in your Fantasy league. If any of thisinformation that was provided to you were still confusing you can go to andthere is a tab at the top right corner of the page that says RULES and Regulations. This tabwill provide you with the tools and information necessary to play fairly and have a simpleguideline so you can get started in reaching what we all wish to accomplish, VICTORY!