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Social media monitoring and engaging influencers


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An overview of common tools and techniques for monitoring online conversations and engaging with influencers.

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Social media monitoring and engaging influencers

  3. 3. WHAT I’M COVERINGThe presentation will cover these topics:• Monitoring conversations online • Tools for listening • What to listen for • What to do with the data• Engaging influencers online • Tools for identifying and ranking influencers: • Tips for engaging influencers @matthewgain
  4. 4. TOOLS FORLISTENING Presented by @matthewgain
  5. 5. GOOGLE ALERTS @matthewgain
  6. 6. GOOGLE ALERTSWhat is it: How to use:Automates Google searches so • Go to are alerted when ever • Sign in via your GoogleGoogle finds mention on the web accountof the world you are looking • Enter keywordsfor. You can receive as email • Use Boolean search terms toor via an RSS feed. limit search eg • Select how regularly you want the reports • Select email or RSS delivery @matthewgain
  7. 7. GOOGLE ALERTS Boolean tips: • • “product manager” • Software and (engineer or architect • Helpdesk or “help desk” • NOT mom @matthewgain
  8. 8. GOOGLE ALERTSPros: Cons:• Free • Requires Boolean• Dependable understanding• Can choose preferred delivery • Unable to generate reports or method graphs• Can choose regularity of delivery @matthewgain
  9. 9. TWILERT @matthewgain
  10. 10. TWILERTWhat is it: How to use:Google Alerts equivalent for • Go to twilert.comTwitter. • Login via your Twitter account • Select timezone • Select delivery time for alert • Utilise Advanced search to optimise your search @matthewgain
  11. 11. TWILERT Regionalisation tips: • Focus on Australian only tweets by: • Putting Adelaide in the near box • 2000 Kms in the within box @matthewgain
  12. 12. TWILERTPros: Cons:• Free • Only receive report once a• Dependable (most the time) day• Can choose regularity of • Unable to generate reports or delivery graphs• Advanced search options allow you to limit the results you return @matthewgain
  13. 13. TWEETREACH @matthewgain
  14. 14. TWEETREACHWhat is it: How to use:A tool to measure the volume, • Go to tweetreach.comimpressions and unique • Enter your search termpotential audience for Twitter • Pay $20 US for a report thatconversations. covers more than the most recent 50 results • Reports are delivered within minutes @matthewgain
  15. 15. TWEETREACH Great service for measuring the level of Tweets being generated around a specific #tag. Identify top tweeters for potential additional engagement. @matthewgain
  16. 16. TWEETREACHPros: Cons:• Cheap service • It’s not free• Reports are delivered very • Limited history on how far quickly and are accurate back it can go• Identifies top tweeters to allow for additional engagement• Provides impressions and unique audience @matthewgain
  17. 17. RADIAN 6 @matthewgain
  18. 18. RADIAN 6What is it: How to use:A full service monitoring suite • Go to Radian6.comthat can monitor all your • Register for an accountsocial mentions in one place at • Set up keywordsthe same time. • Set up alerts • Generate graphs, word cloudsRadian 6 also enables proactive and influence listsengagement via Buddy Media andcan connect into CRM platforms. @matthewgain
  19. 19. RADIAN 6 Generate reports, graphs and export for professional presentations and evaluation. @matthewgain
  20. 20. RADIAN 6Pros: Cons:• Leading monitoring service on • It can be costly the market • It isn’t a silver bullet and• Enables you to monitor all arguably isn’t as bug free as your social mentions in the it should be one place and generate • Is not a small business reports solution• Can scale into a CRM and proactive engagement @matthewgain
  21. 21. WHAT TOLISTEN FOR Presented by @matthewgain
  22. 22. WHAT TO LISTEN FORBrand names:• Create keyword search terms for: • Brands • Product names • Other terms you use to describe your product and services • Remember to include common misspellings @matthewgain
  23. 23. WHAT TO LISTEN FORYour competitors:• As Sun Tzu said, keep your friends close and your enemies closer• Understanding what is being said about your competitors’ brands online can be as valuable as knowing what is said about your own brands and products @matthewgain
  24. 24. WHAT TO LISTEN FORYour industry:• Beyond product names, identify things that may represent new business opportunities for you• If you’re a builder perhaps you might want to set up an alert for conversations in your vicinity that mention DAs or mentions of the words ‘home extensions’. A timely tweet that congratulates the individual on their DA approval and informs them of your services may open up new opportunities @matthewgain
  25. 25. WHAT TODO WITH THE DATA Presented by @matthewgain
  26. 26. WHAT TO DO WITH THE DATADo this:• Change something for the better• Create value for your audience• Get involved – talk back @matthewgain
  27. 27. CLASSEXERCISE Presented by @matthewgain
  28. 28. CREATE A KEYWORD LISTCategory Search term Misspellings Competitor brands Industry search termsCompany Edelman Elderman Weber Shandwick PR Edeleman Ogilvy Public Relations Ederlman Social Media EdelmenBrand 8095 80-95 Gen Y Study Generation Y 8095s Millenials @matthewgain
  29. 29. IDENTIFYINGINFLUENCERS Presented by @matthewgain
  30. 30. KLOUT @matthewgain
  31. 31. KLOUTWhat is it: How to use:An influence measurement • Go to klout.comservice that provides a score • Sign in via your Twitterfor influencers and allows you accountto identify experts on a • To use you need to connectparticular topic. Klout Perks your Twitter/Facebook accountenables you to provide offers • Enter search terms toto specific influencers. identify potential influencers @matthewgain
  32. 32. KLOUT Any score over 50 has influence on a particular topic. @matthewgain
  33. 33. KLOUTPros: Cons:• Wide reach • No replacement for human• Arguably one of the most anlaysis – just a support recognised influence tools • Can be difficult to identify• Wide cross section of topics local influencers covered • Mixed results on Perks @matthewgain
  34. 34. TWEETLEVEL @matthewgain
  35. 35. TWEETLEVELWhat is it: How to use:An influence measurement tool • Go to tweetlevel.comthat can give a score on any • Enter either:given Tweeter allowing you to • Twitter handleidentify level of influence. • A topicAlso allows you to identifyinfluential tweeters on anygiven toppic. @matthewgain
  36. 36. TWEETLEVEL Any score over 60 has influence on a particular topic. @matthewgain
  37. 37. TWEETLEVELPros: Cons:• Free • No replacement for human• Allows you to rank tweeters anlaysis – just a support by simply having access to • Can be difficult to identify their handle local influencers• Identify topic influencers • No ability to rank multiple easily influencers at once• Can be used as a measurement tool @matthewgain
  38. 38. BLOGLEVEL Just like TweetLevel for Blogs @matthewgain
  39. 39. LISTS Just like TweetLevel for Blogs @matthewgain
  40. 40. LISTSWhat is it: How to use:People create lists for all • Go to Google and search fortypes of topics. A little terms relevant to yourGoogling may uncover a ready desired listlist of influencers already • Consider also:created for you. • Twitter Lists (listorious) @matthewgain
  41. 41. LISTSPros: Cons:• Free • May not exist• Someone has already done the • Can be difficult to confirm work for you the validity of the list• Backlinks and commenters on • May not be up to date the list may give you additional influencers• List creators can point you to towards rallying influencers @matthewgain
  42. 42. ENGAGINGINFLUENCERS Presented by @matthewgain
  43. 43. ENGAGING INFLUENCERSDo: Don’t:• Think about the value to • Send a generic Bcc email or their audience not what you worse a To line email with want multiple names• Build a relationship • Spam them• Think about mutual benefits • Approach people without• Meet face to face thoroughly understanding• Customise your approach their space and what they’re• Read/view and interact with about their stuff @matthewgain
  44. 44. I HOPE THAT WAS USEFUL THANKS Presented by @matthewgain