UAS Dubai Computer Class VR Project PPT


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A Power Point presentation of Matthew Finney's story and the reality of virtual reality

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UAS Dubai Computer Class VR Project PPT

  1. 1. Can You Make Real Money off of an Online World? By: Matthew Finney
  2. 2. Joe Shmoe woke up in the morning in his perfect house. There were instant thoughts of fast food for breakfast and so he got out of bed.
  3. 3. As he walked to the top of the stairs he was instantly clean and dressed, ready to go out into the perfect world.
  4. 4. When he got downstairs to the living room he looked at his large living room and the wall to wall windows.
  5. 5. He looked outside into the perfect world and looked at his large garden and massive swimming pool which he had many great experiences in.
  6. 6. Joe then had the reoccurring thought of Coca Cola and a great McDonald’s meal. He also realized that it was only 1 o’clock in the afternoon. An early Morning for such a lazy life.
  7. 7. Joe was unemployed like the majority of the population of his world. People lived easily but there were still governments and laws to follow.
  8. 8. Joe decided that he’d walk down the street to the local fast food market. Every so often he would get a flash of a product, but then the idea would be gone.
  9. 9. Joe walked outside and onto the sidewalk, admiring the car in his drive and the helicopter in on the Helipad next to his truck.
  10. 10. Joe continued to walk down the street with the continuous thoughts of food and other products he had seen advertised on television.
  11. 11. When Joe got to the McDonalds he ordered a full Whopper Meal with extra large size fries. He walked to the park, sat on a bench and ate his burger watching the world go by.
  12. 12. Joe belched loudly and rubbed his 6 pack looking around at the advertising boards around him. Then he Heard a voice like that of a higher being.
  13. 13. The voice was of his maid. Joe took the Virtual Reality mask off and the subliminal advertising stopped. He rubbed his eyes, his giant belly and his massive chin. He looked around the room at all the trash and the robot maid who he had programmed to wake him up for his daily e-Bay selling times. Joe sold virtual clothes and virtual pets.
  14. 14. Joe then remembered how the VR mask stimulated the addiction part of his brain and sent subliminal messages for him to buy food with real money in the virtual world. His robot could then read his thoughts, bring him his food and he would eat it in the virtual world.
  15. 15. Joe was a young man in his mid 20’s when this story took place, he’s now lying in a pine box six feet under, pushing up daisies at the age of 36. The corporations that sold him everything made over $300,000 due to the amount of items purchased by Mr. Shmoe.
  16. 16. Joe only made $500,000 in his entire life, this means that Joe spent 60% of his income on virtual Reality Products. The money he made was off of other people buying Virtual Reality products he created on his computer and sold over the Web.
  17. 17. The End, and our Future