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Ge30980 runaway train


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Ge30980 runaway train

  1. 1. Matthew Eric VitalChad WillenborgGE30980: Creative Writing10 May 2012 Runaway Train The dock waters stood still as she continued to dip her feet into the water creatingripples. The slightest droplet of water slid down her feet and began to create motioned rings,eventually fading out reconvening back to a calm and motionless state. The sun began to baskher honey blonde hair, lightening each strand giving off the most iridescent highlights. Thelate summer afternoon breeze cooled her rested body. She had been running the whole day,keeping in a constant motion. She had circled the town at least a dozen times before taking abreak by the dock. Dixie lived in what she called a „little big town‟ of Westbrook Point. Quite anoxymoron, but rather than saying it was a so-called „smalltown‟ was a mere understatement.Little implied that the town itself held its parameters about twenty miles in every directionfrom the very dock where she sat. Big was in reference to the immense population thatseemed to inhabit the area. The town was a character itself, bringing in the most ecclecticpeople. Not only was the dock one of the central points of the town, the Fairchild TrainStation down the road was also noted as one of the most hustle and bustle this little big townhas ever seen since they put it in years ago. Gazing into the distance at the faint rainbow fromlast night‟s rain drizzle shown over the lighthouse in the distance. As she took in one lastmoment of her relaxed state, she sat up basking in the sun‟s warming touch. Sitting up from the dock and placing her flip flops back onto her feet, making herway to her bicycle. As she pedaled down the road she wondered why she had decided to gohome so soon. She didn‟t want to have to deal with her mother scolding her and asking where
  2. 2. Vital 2she was all day. Or even why she wasn‟t home to make dinner or even finish the chores thather mother neglected to complete during the day. She became the inevitable scapegoat for hermother‟s dilemmas. Home in this little big town for Dixie Sweet was a realization that she needed to getout. She couldn‟t wait till the day where she would be able to make it to the West Coast andlive her life without having to deal with life in Westbrook Point. A life outside of this town tocall her own was all she imagined. She just never found that smack of inspiration—more orless, the pocketful of serious change for a life choice that drastic. Arriving towards her boxed-in cottage from hell, she took note of the pale baby bluepaint chips cascading the house‟s exterior. The place was going down into shambles. Thewooden steps were two stomps from actually whittling away or possibly causing a seriousinjury upon leaving this hellhole. Welcome to the danger zone, it maybe a major shithole, butit beats having to pay rent out of pocket when trying to save up to ultimately leave this place.Opening the rusted screen back door, the hinges snapped back with an ear-cringing sound. Asshe made her way towards her room and headed back downstairs to make her mother‟sdinner. “Where have you been?” Dixie‟s cross-eyed boozed-hound of a mother slurred fromher mouth. The short tumbler glass in her left hand seemed pointless since the bottle ofwhiskey in the right was clearly her medicine of choice for today‟s ritual bashing. With herhair side-swept to her face, it looked matted and knotted. The woman needed some serioushygiene tips. The least she could do was wash away the odors of booze eradicating from herbody and actually brushed her teeth with toothpaste. It gives a brand new level to Ke$ha‟s hitsong, Tik Tok, that mentions that she brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack. No, her mothernot only did that, but swished and downed the amber whiskey like a newfound mouthwash.
  3. 3. Vital 3 With a sigh as she opened the fridge doors, she answered, “I was at the dock. I justwanted to clear my mind for a bit.” Grabbing the pot from the cabinet she began to concoctsome type of makeshift home-style dinner for her whiskey-soaked mother. In this householdDixie was the mother. She worked part-time at the local hotspot diner and attendedoverpopulated community college. And still was she able to put somewhat of a dinner on thetable. In reality, she had no choice. Life got a bit harder once her father had left a coupleyears ago, probably about the same time the train station ventured its way into the townsfolkdaily routine. Her father was a businessman, like her wanted out of this town, but unlike her,he later found out to be quite a womanizer. Paul Sweet had became raptured by the glories ofthe so-called Wall Street life and picked up a few women on the way. Cindy, Sally, Mary,Anne, and Georgina. There were probably more, but those are the ones her mother wouldretort to her as a kid. Having a mother who straight up and tells you of her own father‟s illicitaffairs was the truth that Dixie lived with. Sugarcoating the truth was a treat when it came toher mother‟s stories. Her mother and father‟s divorce was one of the town‟s top scandals fora couple weeks. The media of this little big town always needed a local celebrity of it‟stownspeople in the tabloid headlines. In a way, Dixie envied her father—he actually left thistown. Then again, he actually left his mother. Dixie‟s mother was no different. The divorce had turned her into a woman scorned,the town‟s black sheep. She was no saint either. Night after night she would go to the bars ona drunken frenzy finding a man to take home and help raise this dysfunctional family. In theend, the bars put a ban on her admittance. She then found an alternate route and the liquorstore became her safe haven. The bar patrons knew of her scandalous lifestyle and onlysympathized Dixie. It was always a surprise to find out which day‟s drink of choice wasprovided by the unemployment checks rolling in every other week.
  4. 4. Vital 4 And there it was, made-up chicken primavera. Her concoction was hopefully enoughto satisfy the thriving hunger of her drunken mother. Placing a plate in front of her mother,she watched her every move. Patricia Sweet took a shot of whiskey to her mouth and her facelet out a scowl. Thud. Like clockwork, her mother lay passed out practically onto the plate ofamateur Italian pasta right before her eyes. Dixie, taking in the moment, ran upstairs to getready for the night. This Friday night she was to meet up with Gretchen and Evan Haywood and TreyKelley. Gretchen was one of Dixie‟s best friends in Westbrook. They met on the playgroundbecause Gretchen came up to her and mentioned she liked the ribbon in her hair. Quite ajealous fashionista Gretchen was as a little girl. Always wanting the best new thing and inthat moment in the sandbox, she realized Dixie was one step ahead of her. Evan was her twinbrother who she began seeing a year ago, he was a musical prodigy. He could play the guitarso sweetly to a person‟s ears. The best part—it was all by ear. He could read notes,eventually, but Evan played notes and could recognize and distinguish each sound. And Treywas Gretchen‟s boyfriend tagging along for the ride, no random hidden talent, but did knowhow to stay still and keep quiet. The Haywood‟s were in essence the town‟s known multiplesof Westbrook Point. In all actuality, they were the only set of multiples this town knew of.How Dixie and the Haywood‟s clashed was beyond her. The Haywood twins were practicallyher self-proclaimed family once news was out about Dixie‟s parent‟s divorce. This evening back on the dock, the four walked onto the party boat. The town‟s localshad socials to promote safety. Regardless of how it sounded, like it was a semi-chaperonedrave of fun, it actually was a setting that most active townspeople attended. Even good oldfisherman, William Brickman, would come to court his town sweetheart, Annabelle Charlie.It was what Dixie needed, time to just enjoy the night and be with her friends.
  5. 5. Vital 5 The dimmed lantern lights were strung around the dock‟s wooden posts illuminatingthe picturesque nightscape. Dixie began to dance the night away forgetting about herproblems at home. The flicker of the fireflies added to the night on the water scene. Later,Gretchen and Trey had departed from the group and left together a couple hours later. Dixieand Evan stayed the whole night together as they celebrated their one-year anniversary. Dixiewas not the type of girl who relied on a month-by-month countdown of her relationship. Asthey danced to the music playing, all the couple cared about was having fun. It was a night offestivities that no one could resist once they were captivated in the party-boat atmosphere—apure ecstasy of this little big town. The warmth of the morning sun and the faint whistles of the Fairchild Train Stationsubstituted for the six o‟clock rooster screams. As Dixie and Evan awoke from under the oldwillow tree with the blanket wrapped around them, Dixie looked up to kiss Evan ever sosoftly in this morning‟s daybreak. They had left the boat party sometime after Gretchen andTrey. Headed towards the town park by the swing sets, like children, they ran around theplayground until they both seem to have exerted all the energy from their bodies. Dixie washappy to be with Evan. Waking up to him made her heartbeat with ease that she could seeherself doing for the rest of her life. As they both stood up from under the tree, he began topick bits of grass that lay in her hair. At an instance, a tear rolled down Dixie‟s cheek. Evanin quite a confused manner looked at her expression with concern. “I‟m so happy that I have you in my life. I don‟t even want to go back to that disasterhouse. It‟s just reeking of hostility and despair,” Dixie cried as she wiped of the tears fromher eyes looking up at Evan. “Can we just run away?” Evan looking at her with confidence embraces her and says, “I can see that you‟reobviously scared. The situations you deal with at home is one thing; you‟ll get through it. Justremember, you‟ve never been this loved so much by someone else—even your own parents
  6. 6. Vital 6have neglected you, rather than trying to be strong for you. You have me to lean onto ifanything. You owe it to yourself to keep moving.” They both looked up at each other and in unison retorted, “The best is yet to come.” Itwas the phrase that they used on a daily to one another. It was like they both knew each otherso well that they could finish each other‟s sentences. Folding up the blanket and tossing itinto Evan‟s truck, he walks over to open her door before he gets in. As if he was the perfectgentleman. “You know, you keep doing that, I‟m going to be expecting the whole chaufferexperience,” she sarcastically mentions. “Oh, yeah… Well, I guess that‟ll be my pleasure,” he replies back, “Hey, I gotsomething to for you tonight. Meet me on the dock by the lamppost that looks directlytowards the lighthouse around seven?” Although it may seem that his romantic persona was abit tardy considering that their anniversary was yesterday, Evan hardly did anythingcustomary; whether it is in his life or relationships. Dixie agreed with this; she was all aboutthe surprises. That was why she had such a strong feeling towards him. Always keeping heron her toes. Anything to keep her away from unwanted memories of her childhood of thepillow covering her ears trying to quiet the slurs and vicious squawks of her parents duringone of their midnight fight fests. She then nodded and pondered what he had planned. As Evan pulled up to the unkempt cottage, Dixie looked at him and smiled incontentment. “See you tonight,” she exclaimed. Turning around and headed into the houseshe sees her mother on the porch sprawled out on the outdoor chair swing with a glass ofvodka still perched from her mouth. Without any hesitation, she comments, “Way to drinkresponsibly, Mommy Dearest.”
  7. 7. Vital 7 The night on the dock was gorgeous; the sound of the waves rocking back and forthcrashing up against the jetty then breaking off onto the sand. The sun had almost set givingoff the most mesmerizing rich purple sky. Standing there in her summertime dress, she felt sopristine awaiting her prince charming. Looking at the clock from the lamppost further away,she noticed it was fifteen after. Where was he? He couldn‟t have just forgetting about her.Her thoughts were soon cut off with the sound of a motorboat slowly easing its way towardsthe dock. “I know, I know… I‟m a couple minutes late, I just finished setting up.” Evanmentions as he offers his hand for Dixie to hop down. “Where the hell are we going? I didn‟t know you had a boat,” Dixie questioned. “I pulled a few strings. I‟m a man of many surprises my love,” he laughed as theybegan to float towards the lighthouse. The lighthouse was one of the few things along withthe dock and train station that kept its tourist‟s attraction. It was one of the oldest monumentsWestbrook Point had that they treasured. Arriving at the lighthouse‟s dock, they exited theboat and there she saw a petite table outside the lighthouse‟s entrance adorned with all thebest pastries and sweets. “Seriously, this is too surreal. This isn‟t the part of the night where you kill me andstuff my body in the lighthouse, are you?” Dixie joked. She looked around in wonderment.Tonight‟s dinner amenities was nothing that she had expected as she twirled in her summerdress all lit up with exhilarated. She was a sight to see. The interwoven stands of glitteredthreads enhanced her presence as the lantern‟s light illuminated the scene. Dixie was in thespotlight. Evan‟s gaze was hypnotized by Dixie‟s radiance. He paused to take in the moment,took a deep breath, and walked up to the spinning girl. “Every day, I realize that sometimesthere are some second chances you just need to take once they‟ve come by. Usually the „once
  8. 8. Vital 8in a lifetime‟ opportunities cross our minds and we bypass it because there‟s so much goingaround.” Standing next to Evan, she can‟t seem to keep her eyes from watering. She nodsreconfirming his statement. Taking her hand and pulling her close to her they begin to takeone step to the right. Both their eyes are locked on one another and the sounds of the wateract as their night‟s soundtrack. Swaying back and forth, Evan completes his thought, “I got you a present.” “A present. Evan, seriously, you‟ve done enough. This right here just makes me feelhappy that I haven‟t plead insanity for once in my life.” They stop in their dance and he pulls out an envelop from his pocket, handing it toDixie. As she tears through the adhesive she sees a one-way train ticket. Hesitant for a while,Dixie then looks up at Evan, “But, how?” “I sold my guitar. Take the ticket. I‟ve planned it out, my buddy in California owesme a favor and he said its fine for you to crash there until you find means of living there.” “But…” she can‟t seem to let the words out, “By myself?” “No, definitely not. Just for time being. Give me a couple weeks, I‟m picking upsome extra shifts at work and I have a bit saved up for emergencies. Plus, I figure you canfamiliarize yourself with the area. I know how much you‟ve been dying to get out of thisforsaken town and I want to push you towards that future you should have. Then I‟ll headdown and we can find a place together,” reassured Evan. His eyes were fixed on her everymove. She knew that this was completely crazy, for her to run off leaving her life behind inthis town like a cloud of dust. She realized that her dreams awaited her within the physicalreaches of the palms of her hands. “I love you, you know,” she began to sniffle, “I don‟t know how, but you‟re basicallymy fairy godmother in disguise of my amazing boyfriend.” She had felt as if a shooting star
  9. 9. Vital 9fell straight towards her and hit her in the gut. She was about to actually leave the town thatshe lived in with so much despair and unhappiness to rebuild her life. “Now, I hate to cut it close, but we should probably eat. The dessert is not going totaste so good after it sits out. Plus, I have to get you on that train. “Wait? What!?” Dixie shrieked. “The train leaves at midnight. You have a couple hours to get ready.” He knew thattime was of the essence. In this instance, it was not good wasted on waiting. As spontaneousas he was in his actions, he knew that he loved her so much that he needed for her to behappy and start a life outside of this town. She decided to pack light. The mindset to start fresh had immediately set in. Shedidn‟t need any more baggage—emotional or physical—once she arrived at the place of herdreams. Placing the last article of clothing into the carry-on suitcase, she walked her waydown the stairs. Thinking about writing a note, she decided to at least inform her drunken mother ofher possible whereabouts. Grabbing a pencil and paper, she began to write: Mother: The school’s community service has offered select students an opportunity to help the victims of this past year’s hurricane disaster. I’ve been chosen to help in this hurricane relief project. See you when it’s over. There’s backup dinners in the freezer. Dixie. Hardly the best goodbye-letter she had ever attempted, but it was something on paper.She knew that no matter what she had written down, that woman would only be waitingaround for a plate of food to pass out face-first into. Thank goodness for future planning, shehad frozen up to a week‟s worth of meals in that freezer.
  10. 10. Vital 10 Walking out of her little the house of horrors, she kept moving forward not lookingback. Strolling beside Evan, they walked off towards the train station. The Fairchild TrainStation was a more of a subdued scene at this time of night. Generally, the hustle and bustleof people made the background noises the train station‟s natural musical theme song.Gretchen and Trey stood there with smiles. “Just to let you know, I‟m visiting once you both are settled down,” Gretchen insistedhelping Dixie with her bag. “You guys are the best. Obviously this isn‟t the type of everyday thing that happensaround here, but hey, we have to live it up right?” Dixie reassured the group as she handedher ticket to the conductor. The attendant grabbed her suitcase and motioned her towards herseat. She said her goodbyes to Gretchen and Trey, then made her way to Evan. He had asparkle in his eyes that she could see emanating into a light stream running down his face.“I‟ve waited and counted the days that passed me by for the day I would actually get to leave.You made it happen. Thank you.” She locked her gaze to his, kissed him and whispered,“I‟ve searched for that missing piece of my soul and all along it was you.” Taking a step onthe train, her eyes locked onto Evan‟s. Startled by the rumbling of the train cart, she quicklyclosed her eyes to wipe away the tears of happiness, “I‟ll see you soon,” she uttered. Before turning around Evan dropped something into Dixie‟s coat pocket. “I‟ll see yousoon,” he answered” Taking a deep breath she realized that she was about to do the impossible. No longerwill this little big town contain her in a bubble of an emotional rollercoaster. She looked atEvan as the train slowly traveled down the tracks. Then reaching into her pocket she pulledout a princess cut diamond ring with an engraving in the inner band that she tried todistinguish in the moonlight. And in unison, like they read each others mind, they Evanlooked at Dixie and Dixie began to decipher, “The best is yet to come.”