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Today’s mobile ecosystem is highly competitive and offers many challenges for organizations. To remain competitive and to ensure the best mobile user experience at the enterprise-level, organizations need to think of mobility not as a separate channel but rather an integrated one that has the unique ability to drive new growth and deepen customer relationships with brands.

As such, organizations face enormous hurdles in deploying mobile content – including scalability, security, authentication, efficiency and cost. Further, they need to be able to deliver a clean, cohesive, and comprehensive experience to their consumers across all device types and distribution points albeit the complexity at the enterprise-level.

Drupal provides the functionality and modules that can help your organization create a comprehensive platform that powers consumer interaction across the digital and mobile landscape.

At NorthPoint, we have built one of the top 10 food applications available on the iPhone store; we created the mobile application for the #1 headache/pain reliever medicine; we developed the mobile strategy for the #1 children’s hospital in the U.S; we are in the process of building the Olympics site for a major network television; and we provided the 3G mobile launch site for one of the top wireless carriers.

Matt Dorman, NorthPoint Senior Manager, will share insights from these and other real-world scenarios that will help set the example for mobile within the enterprise.

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Delivering Mobile Drupal to the Enterprise

  1. 1. June 11, 2012Delivering Mobile Drupalto the Enterprise Twitter: @matthewdorman mdorman Email:
  2. 2. ABOUT NORTHPOINT Founded in 2003 Headquartered in New York with a second office in Boston 130+ employees split between offices Enterprise digital platform strategy & technology consulting firm Content Solutions Focus  Building Digital Platforms  Selection and Recommendation of Technology Stacks  Re-platforming CMSs and Content Migrations  Mobile Websites and Applications  Information Architecture and Content Strategy  Website and Microsite Development  Community Development / User-Generated Content Platforms  Website Scalability / Performance Management  Content Syndication and Video Serving
  3. 3. MATT DORMANNorthPoint Senior ManagerExpertise  Mobile Applications (iOS / Android apps)  Editorial / Publishing Workflows  Enterprise Web Content Management  Content / Site Architecture  Migrations
  4. 4. OUTLINE Mobile Stats Drupal Platform Mobile Stages Use Cases  University  Paid Dynamic Content  Large Hospital  Prof Svc Company Drupal Tools
  5. 5. MOBILE PENETRATION 425M Facebook mobile users, 2x more active than Desktop Twitter: Mobile revenue higher than Desktop 4Opportunities  Only 21% of Google’s Millions of Terabytes per month largest advertisers have 3 a website that is optimized for mobile 2  Communicate directly with consumers 1  Additional Advertising Medium 0 2009 2011 2014 2012 2013 2014 Mobile traffic prediction 5
  6. 6. DRUPAL AS A MULTI-PLATFORM CMS Drupal is a multi-channel distribution platform  Targets desktops, mobile phones and tablets One content store for multiple platforms Flexible content model and template engine allows for:  Frequent content updates  Responsive design  User generated content / user feedback Available Tools  Mobile Themes  Services  Mobile Tools  WURFL  Context Module
  8. 8. USE CASE: UNIVERSITY Platform-agnostic Information Architecture Consistency of design across platforms is important No specific contextual mobile functionality The University of the Arts mobile traffic has tripled Winner: Webby People’s Voice Award
  9. 9. USE CASE: PAID DYNAMIC CONTENTFeed Your Apps  Web Service Powered by Drupal  Authentication  Sync Content for Offline Usage  Read and write to Drupal  Case Study: Eat This, Not That! FROM A BOOK TO A WEBSITE TO A $4.99 iPHONE APP
  10. 10. USE CASE: LARGE HOSPITALHighly-contextual mobile site  Navigation through campus  Make simple appointments through mobile  Shared content store  Strip down some desktop functionalityComplex Information Architecture Mobile specificReuse of content needed  Doctors’ contacts  Divisions  General information Content Volume
  11. 11. USE CASE:PROFESSIONAL SERVICES COMPANY Focus on crucial information  Company information  Contact details Use cases  No specific contextual functionality  User tasks are similar as on desktop  Need for very high usability and nice design  Good responsive design must attract customers
  12. 12. HELPFUL TOOLSModulesMobile ToolsWURFLViews JSONServicesContextThemesOmegaAdaptiveThemeOtherDrupal 8 Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.
  13. 13. New York Office130 W 42nd Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10036 212.819.1700 @northps