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YCN Presentation (Save the Children)


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YCN save the children 2014 / 2015 student awards

Published in: Design
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YCN Presentation (Save the Children)

  1. 1. Student Awards 2014/15 By Matthew Davey
  2. 2. Brands
  3. 3. The ones I was mainly interested in…
  4. 4. Save the children is looking for… Something that will inspire and motivate dads to read to their children for just 10 minutes every day
  5. 5. I want to… Be able to tell a narrative Simple illustrations Gets message across Has a positive perspective
  6. 6. If I go with Save the Children I think I want to… I've think I want to... Create a or set of Posters Simple illustration style Potentially being a comic / newspaper type of poster Create a little short ad / animation too
  7. 7. What do you guys think?