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three pager.

  1. 1. Matt Copeland: a snapshot Skill set: Gear: Personal Background: UX Designer, Information MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, Im an adventure seeker with a thirst for knowledge. My work-ethic Architect, UI Designer, Moleskine. and ambidextrous mind can be attributed to my parents, an Developer. Architect and a CPA; both musicians. Languages: Software: I enjoy traveling as my family is spread throughout the country: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, CS5.5, Xcode, Omnigraffle, Baltimore, Columbus, Detroit, Scottsdale and San Francisco. SQL, Objective C. Axure, iThoughtsHD. May 2011 Ive been busy. M FiPe St C M En Br Di Ki Pa St Bl Kr in tn DL oc ar m ag ac ar om lo af er ck te es co be tW LC to ks tF gi eo kB stri l- an s er zin n rly ire Fo oo bo an er ic M -J -D ia im a g ry ar C st ds d d -J -S im al i -E In la ke er Bl -P -F rP ob -M m rk no C oc on tR co -I bu ac y er re -i va ag ia m ic de m Jo es so at to eb Pa tio lF ro ag m gr s hn ea iv na oo si d er n un eg er -E e rc s te lT or Sa ce k -C y -U at dr h co + ra ta + le or + An on ai in l Jo X m Fa s Fa si er + fe m al + Ap b ce ng So yt ce re er Br C Ap p bo ic nc ce lie bo ci + an pl s ok nt al e Ec ok ic Ap di Si M at om ng My Startups pl te io an ic ns + + m ag at Packanimal D Fa er io er es Projects ce ce ns ig bo n ok St ud ioMatt Copeland: a snapshot. 1/3
  2. 2. Work Sample: Diageo distributor portal.Model Metrics assembled a team to create a new distributor portal for the worlds largest spirit supplier, Diageo.The following are examples of each step in the design process.I feel fortunate to have been part of this project. For more examples, please visit my LinkedIn profile.Step 1: White boards. Step 2: Mind Mapping. Step 3: Sketching.Everything starts with a content inventory. Translating the whiteboards into mind maps to The process of sketching opens the mind andContent inventory begins on whiteboards. communicate with the team and document the allows one to think about the elements. thought process.Step 4: Wireframes. Step 5: Visual design. Step 6: Prototype.UI elements began to take shape with the wires. Colors, gradients, drop shadows and textures. In agile development, clean reusable code is *Visual Designs and prototypes often have a important. I create prototypes with lean HTML5, reciprocal relationship. CSS3, and javascript.Matt Copeland: a snapshot. 2/3
  3. 3. Matt Copeland: one page.Packanimal Creative Present Why do you want me on your team?Founder 05/2011 Im a highly collaborative creative with the ability toCreative Consulting. UX, UI, IA independently design & develop digital experiences.http://packanimalcreative.comRazorfish 11/2011 Tool KitSenior Information Architect 09/2011(contract) Hardware MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, Moleskine. Software CS5.5, Xcode, Omnigraffle, Axure, iThoughtsHDModel Metrics 08/2011 Languages HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, SQL, Objective CUX/UI Designer 06/2011(contract)http://modelmetrics.comMintel International 05/2011 SocialPM - Product Development 02/2010 LinkedIn, IA, UI, QA, Competitive. Twitter Facebook 09/2009Director of Procurement 01/2009 Foursquare SlideShare Chase 10/2008Licensed banker 07/2007Series 6/life certificationsEngauge 06/2007 ContactAM & Media Intern 12/2006 mobile 312.882.3870Cameron Mitchell 03/2007 email matt@packanimalcreative.comRestaurants 07/2004Home Office Intern address 365 N Jefferson Street #2609 Chicago, IL 60661Education Class ofThe Ohio State University 2007Business / HospitalityStudy of experiential businessin entertainment and travel.Matt Copeland: a snapshot. 3/3