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E commonsppt

  1. 1. Commons Can’t We All Just Get Along? Matthew Mayo & Cindy Berry Wilson County Schools
  2. 2. n246tx Commons Can’t We All Just Get Along? Matthew Mayo & Cindy Berry Wilson County Schools
  3. 3. four c’s • Collaboration • Creativity • Critical Thinking • Communication
  4. 4. disclaimer • Content First, Have a Plan • Classroom Management & Digital Citizenship • Freedom to Fail • Check your Schools’ Filter before using ANY tool • Check Age Requirements Means No Registration Needed for this Tool
  5. 5. Collaboration Tools Today’s Meet – Students can post answers to questions from classmates, teachers, and others. Great way to gather data before and after the class.
  6. 6. Collaboration Tools Meeting Words–
  7. 7. Collaboration Tools Self Destructable Notes–
  8. 8. Collaboration Tools Debate Graph–
  9. 9. Collaboration Tools • Debate Graph–
  10. 10. Collaboration Tools • – Free online screen sharing tool to use to collaborate with. Can use with just screens and/or voice. Chat feature is also available to use as well.
  11. 11. Collaboration Tools • –
  12. 12. Collaboration Tools Wiggio - Wiggio is a free space to work for your collaborative groups? Need a one stop shop for your digital needs? Wiggio has what you need and has made it easy.
  13. 13. Collaboration Tools • Gooru Learning–
  14. 14. Creativity Tools • Dinky Page– ● A disposable webpage for everyone ● Can be saved and edited later ● Page never expires ● Allows sharing of the link ● Allows comments
  15. 15. Creativity Tools • Awwapp– ● Great way to get artwork, labeling, students can draw science concepts as well. ● Trick – Click Menu, Post, Full Size gives you an address with .png file at the end. ● Can use Google Forms to collect this digital work.
  16. 16. Creativity Tools Animoto – Quick, 30 Seconds, Tell me a story with pictures Visual Literacy
  17. 17. Creativity Tools Toon Doo – ● ● create characters and practice language skills ● turn stories into comic strips and printed books ● gain experience telling stories using both words and pictures ● integrate plot structure, identifying characters, and writing dialogue. create books, comics, & so much more
  18. 18. Creativity Tools Make Belief Comics–
  19. 19. Creativity Tools
  20. 20. Creativity Tools Smashwords– Free digital content for you your and students. Students and teachers can publish books to meet the needs of ANY device. Free books - $$$
  21. 21. Creativity Tools BoomWriter– ● Allows your students to write online collaboratively. ● Students can vote for others writings and work together. ● Let's students publish their book online for others to purchase or read. ● Students can easily peer edit and evaluate others work. ● Great differentiation tool!
  22. 22. Creativity Tools Flipsnacks– Great resource for flip teaching and e-learning. ● Easy way to create a free, online flip book from PDF documents. ● Create a Flip book when you want to embed a book, magazine, catalog, newspaper, portfolio, or other kind of document into a website, wiki, or blog and have viewers flip through the pages interactively. ● A private network for your class, where you can safely share assignments, curriculums, reading materials and various projects as flipping books.
  23. 23. Critical Thinking New York Times WGOITP?– Visual Literacy • What’s going on in this picture? • What do you see that makes you say that? • What more can you find?
  24. 24. Communication Tableizer– ● Turn an Excel Spreadsh eet into a webpage to share your data!
  25. 25. Communication Infuse Learning–
  26. 26. Classic Tools • • • • • Evernote - Notetaking… and so much more. Socrative - create quizzes, collect data Edmodo - learning management system Prezi - presentations Educreations - flipped classroom, & remediation tool • Show Me- flipped classroom, & remediation tool
  27. 27. Technology Doesn’t Solve it All! Relationships First!
  28. 28. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● research based apps common core resources web-based tools tricks & tips digital citizenship motivational videos best practices More Great Stuff @ & Follow on Twitter @thehappyitguy Technology Doesn't solve it all... Relationships First!
  29. 29. Commons Can’t We All Just Get Along? Matthew Mayo & Cindy Berry Wilson County Schools