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What can Artificial Intelligence Do


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What can Artificial Intelligence (AI) do? Examples in the fields of natural language processing, smart homes, AI in medicine, self driving cars, very smart robots, fully automatic shopping, world champion AI in several fields, AI for weather prediction and AI in the finance/technology industry.

Published in: Technology
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What can Artificial Intelligence Do

  1. 1. What can Artificial Intelligence (AI) do? How does AI affect you By Matthew Bulat, M.Eng.Tech, NQ ACS Chairman
  2. 2. Natural Language Processing - Google Home, Alexa Amazon Alexa Dot , Google Home Mini OK Google, Alexa, What is the weather? Translate Hello into French Turn on living room lights Listen to news Tell me about my day Tell me a joke Tell me a bedtime story
  3. 3. Artificial Intelligence with Robotics Roomba AI Vacuum Cleaner ● Self charging ● Maps out room to vacuum ● Avoids steps intelligently ● Knows when to go back to charger ● Will vacuum while you are away ● Knows when dust hopper is full
  4. 4. AI Data Gathering iPhone iWatch 4 ECG data
  5. 5. AI Cars ● Self drive cars ● Self drive buses ● Self drive taxis ● Self drive mine trucks ● Self drive trains Self Drive Taxi in Singapore
  6. 6. AI Robots ● Designed by Hanson Robotics ● Can hold conversations ● 50 facial expression ● Facial recognition of other ● Uses AI to become smarter ● Maintains eye contact ● Still slightly awkward Sophia the robot has honorary citizenship in Saudi Arabia
  7. 7. Amazon Go store ● Smartphone app ID on entry ● CCTV AI monitoring ● Automatic Checkout ● Cashless Payment ● Receipt on app
  8. 8. Artificial Intelligence World Champions Activity AI World Champion Chess 1996, IBM Deep Blue 2002-2013, Deep Junior Jeopardy 2011, IBM Dr Watson Go 2017, Google Deepmind AlphaGo Debating 2018, IBM Dr Watson, 100 topics available Starcraft 2019, Google Deepmind Alphastar
  9. 9. IBM Deep Thunder - Weather Prediction Better Weather Forecast ● Farming ● Disasters ● Flooding ● Wind Farm predictions ● Electricity Network storm damage predictions
  10. 10. AI in the Finance Industry ● Personal Finance Assistant ● Banking Website Chatbot answering questions ● Insurance client risk assessment calculation ● Risk assessment for loans and investments ● Contract analysis using a machine learning model ● Bank customer churn minimisation by showing value ● Share trading using algorithms and analysis speed ● Text research tools showing global company sentiment ● Satellite image review for agriculture production ● Banking valuation of assets and growth predictions
  11. 11. More Information on Artificial Intelligence ● helping over 1 million users per year ● ● ●