Cape Town Design Capital Silicon Cape


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Cape Town-- designing a better city. how technology and the silicon cape adds to one of the most beautiful cities in the world

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Cape Town Design Capital Silicon Cape

  1. capetowndesigning a better city Matthew Buckland Managing Director Creative Spark Interactive IMG SRC: Flickr
  2. making cape town a continentaltechnology hub like silicon valley
  3. attract talent. encourage, support & inspire entrepreneurial ventures
  4. why cape town? infrastructure, compact, existing internet companies
  5. beautiful.
  6. how the internet ischanging the world
  7. age of entrepreneurentrepreneurial activity like we havenever seen before as a result of lowbarriers to entry on the internet
  8. we are mobileincreased mobility: always connected,can work anywhere. that’s why geekschoose Silicon Valley, that’s why theychoose the “Silicon Cape”
  9. a design revolutiontechnology & design are critical partners. we are seeing adesign revolution in technology. an entire industry createdcalled “usability”. and it’s no co-incidence that the world’sbiggest company has the most functional, beautifulproducts.
  10. evolving webBrowser: Web in your browserVirtual: Web in virtual worldsAugmented: Web “in the city”
  11. the web aspart of Cape Town’s streets
  12. Cape Town’s designis as much virtual as it is real.
  13. thank you!