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  1. 1. SOLO LEGO Building SOLO TAXONOMY Description of Lego Building Stage Self Review Prestructural: What stage of building (or understanding) did youUnconnected information, Student: What is LEGO? What does it look like? achieve with LEGO and explain why in the appropriate with no organisation spaces below: “I need help or direction” Unistructural Student: I know what LEGO looks like, but what does it do? “I have 1 idea about this topic” Multistructural Student: Ok…it’s for building…but it’s still just a pile of bricks…let’s put the pieces together to make something!“I have various ideas about a topic but cannot relate these ideas together” Relational Student: Look, I made a spaceship! I know how the pieces fit“I can find full relationships together and I have a relational understanding of LEGO. I and connections between probably still need the instructions though. various ideas in a topic” Extended Abstract Student: I have taken what I know about putting LEGO togetherI go beyond the subject and to make something new without instructions! link my understanding to other concepts
  2. 2. SOLO LEGO Building SOLO Taxonomy = TheStructure of Observed Learning Outcomes What is SOLO taxonomy?It is a common language of learning for both STUDENTS and TEACHERS which allows both to understand the DEPTH of student learning Prestructural to extended Abstract Surface to deep learning Simple to complex understanding