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Australia Autonomy & Bloom's Taxonomy


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Australia Autonomy & Bloom's Taxonomy

  1. 1. Multiple Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels Intelligences Knowing Understanding Applying Analysing Creating EvaluatingVerbal List 10 big towns or cities Write a report about animals in Design a tourist brochure on one How does Australian Create a TV Create a presentationI enjoy reading, in Australia. Australia . part of Australia, use pictures life differ from ours? advertisement for highlighting interestingwriting and speaking. and be persuasive in your writing Write a report to show tourism in Australia, aspects of Australia. to encourage people to visit. the differences. record it and show to the Present to the class or class. assembly.Mathematical Find the highest and Convert £’s into Australian Construct a map of Australia Write a report on Create a 24 hour timeline Use a Venn Diagram toI enjoy working with lowest daily temperatures Dollars. showing major places of industry famous Australian for a person living in an compare Australian andnumbers and science. for a city in Australia on Do 5 amounts. and /or major landmarks. inventors or inventions. Australian country. How British cultures. one day. is it the same or different to a British person?Visual Make a time line of Make a model of a famous Draw/make a traditional Collect photos of Create a model of a Imagine you will beI enjoy painting important events that Australian landmark. costume from Australia. beaches in Australia. cricket game between visiting an Australiandrawing and have happened in an Show on a map of Australia and England. country in 2050.visualising. Australia country over Australia where these Draw/write what you 500 years. beaches are. would expect to find.Kinaesthetic Mime some Australian Teach the class a game they play Research, and then make a Create an Australian Interview someone whoI enjoy doing hands on traditions to the class. in Australia. model of a famous building in family history. You could has been to Australia. Askactivities. Australia. set it out as a family at least 8 questions. tree.Musical Write down the top ten Write a report on an Australian Describe and draw some Play some Aboriginal Compose your own song Create and perform anI enjoy making and hits from Australia for songwriter. Aboriginal instruments. music to the class about Australia. Play it to Australian song inlistening to music. this week or last week. describing the cultural the class. assembly. Evaluate how background of the the performance went music. afterwards. At least 5 sentences.Interpersonal In a group of no more In a pair teach the class words Conduct a mock Make a triarama of a With a partner writeI enjoyed working than three create a from an Aboriginal language. interview with an famous Australian scene about the life of a child inwith others. poster of a state in Aboriginal Elder. with a partner. Australia. How is it Australia. different to yours?Interpersonal Create a poster on your Write about some famous places Write a report on the history of Mind Map all the things Write a biography of theI enjoy working by own about a state in in Australia. Use pictures and religion in Australia. you have learnt about person you admire frommyself. Australia. photos to embellish. Australia. Australia. During Australia week you will need to complete a range of activities from this sheet. You can choose only one from each column and only one from each line. You may need to bring things from home to help you with this task.