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Sample loan application letter


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Application format

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Sample loan application letter

  1. 1. (Date) The Business Manager (Name of bank) (Branch address and Location) Dear sir/Madam Request for loan In line with our company projected expansions, we plan to start mass production of ready-made dresses to supply bigger markets. Given our track record and experience in the fashion industry and the marketability of our designs, we know we will make more profits and achieve of desired projected expansion plans. For this purpose we are make a request of a loan of (state amount in naira) to facilitate the acquisition of – More Industrial Weaving and Embroidery machines, industrial sewing machines, the reconstruction and design of our present location , rebrand and promote the business on print and electronic media and on the internet. We hope that our request will be given due attention. Dr. Ezinne Kazi Managing Director, Ocean Ice Limited 16 Alcon Road Woji, Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria. 08069323095 N/B Reproduce this and fill in all the necessary gaps in red. Copy right-Matzilla Global Company Ltd.