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Basic features - Song Rhythm Tracks


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Here are the basic features of Alive Drumming's Song Rhythm Tracks apps.

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Basic features - Song Rhythm Tracks

  1. 1. Tutorial - “Song Rhythm Tracks” iOS Apps 01 - Basic Features.
  2. 2. Song Rhythm Tracks - Basic Features Each App is tailored to the Apple iOS device's screen. Here we show it being used on an iPhone 6 in English, but the operation is the same for all devices and languages. It is the same for all Apps -
  3. 3. Song Rhythm Tracks - Table Overview Always Ready - The App is a table of tracks to play. Song Rhythm Tracks is a table of tracks to play. The arrangement is always visible.
  4. 4. Song Rhythm Tracks - Buttons Overview The app uses symbols for most of its buttons These are described on the next page. ● Setlists are groupings of tracks within the apps table and their buttons are blue. ● Player tempo adjustment has purple buttons. ● Most other buttons are pink. Cheat-sheet at
  5. 5. Song Rhythm Tracks - Resources Many resources are available to assist with learning Song Rhythm Tracks ● Video Version - Check out the video version of this basic features slideshow at ● The website has lots of resources, particularly at the page above.
  6. 6. Song Rhythm Tracks - Player Dedicated audio player, with arrangement display and progress tracking. The player replaces the mobile’s standard audio player with musician’s features such as tempo adjustment, dimmed screen, chorus progress tracking and configurable delays between tracks.
  7. 7. Song Rhythm Tracks - Searching Speed of operation is important for the practicing and performing musician. ● The main table has a search facility. ● Press ‘Cancel’ to remove the search box and reveal the top row of buttons ● Press the magnifying glass button to bring up the search box.
  8. 8. Song Rhythm Tracks - Creating New Tracks Love to play with great rhythm tracks but they take too long to arrange? Everything changed with the introduction of Song Rhythm Tracks! Simply, ● Name your track and press search, or select a ● Rhythm and an ● Arrangement. You are done!
  9. 9. Song Rhythm Tracks - Duplicating & Editing Tracks You probably will want to make alternate arrangements. No problem, make a duplicate and edit it. ● Duplicating - A single button. It is fast. ● Deleting - Swipe left. Done. ● Sharing - It is a single button again.
  10. 10. Song Rhythm Tracks - Creating New Arrangements You can arrange tracks however you like. Just choose, ● Its name ● A rhythm - Over 3,700 to choose from. ● An arrangement - Incredible flexibility.
  11. 11. Song Rhythm Tracks - Inbuilt Guides We provide support many ways. This includes guides built right into the App, cheat-sheets, single-page user-guides, video tutorials, forums and this slideshow. Consider using all the resources, ● Cheat-sheet - Print it off and keep it handy ● These slides - Study them to get familiar ● Video Tutorials - Check them out
  12. 12. Song Rhythm Tracks - Managing Your Tracks Song Rhythm Tracks changes everything - (i) great quality and (ii) great speed. Tracks can be quickly searched and organised into setlists for playing. The table-fist design with integrated setlists and always-visible arrangements increases the speed of finding and playing tracks. We musicians find this so important.
  13. 13. Song Rhythm Tracks - Track Allocation Song Rhythm Tracks are licenced on an allocation of downloads. No price distinction is made on rhythms or arrangements. ● Price-per-track reduces significantly with bulk purchasing. ● 100 tracks might take years to use. ● Tracks are re-used were possible. No charge.
  14. 14. Song Rhythm Tracks - Basic Features - Wrap Up This concludes the ‘Basic Features’ tutorial. Check out the other tutorial as well, “Arranging and Setlists”, either as video or slides, at