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Get Caerphilly Online Presentation to Caerphilly Homeslessness Forum (Sept 2012)


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Get Caerphilly Online presentation given to the Caerphilly Homelessness Forum in September 2012. Outlining GCO and how it could possibility support clients through digital inclusion.

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Get Caerphilly Online Presentation to Caerphilly Homeslessness Forum (Sept 2012)

  1. 1. Caerphilly Homelessness Forum 07|09|2012
  2. 2. Matthew Lloyd
  3. 3. Who are we?
  4. 4. Funders
  5. 5. Current Partners
  6. 6. Current TeamMatthew Kerry Matthew Angharad James Digital Deb Whitty Craig Clark Lloyd Goodenough Bevan Dalton Reichelt Champions 2.0 GIT CCBC 2.0 2.0 GCO GCO Co-ordination Delivery Get Caerphilly Online – Digital Inclusion Network
  7. 7. Our Aims
  8. 8. Our Aims1. Reduce digital exclusion and enable more people to get online2. Increase impact through volunteering3. Create a sustainable campaign, involving various organisations, that people want to join4. Increase access to equipment/improve attainment at school5. Increase web presence for community organisations & enterprises
  9. 9. Why it’s important?
  10. 10. 49,285* in Caerphilly Digitally Excluded 15th Worse in Wales Based on % Population* Experian 2011
  11. 11. Priority Groups Disabled 50+ People Economically Social Inactive Housing
  12. 12. Top Reasons to Get Online Support Access to Networks Support Services Health Access to Information Opportunities Communication Benefits
  13. 13. Where do we deliver?
  14. 14. Where do we deliver?• Flexible delivery; have our own kit/broadband• Sheltered housing• Libraries• Community Centres• ICT Venues• Encourage organisations to look at their own ICT• Wherever people need us
  15. 15. What do we deliver?
  16. 16. What do we deliver?• Taster Sessions – Internet Taster• Structured Sessions – First Click, Second Click• Creative Sessions – Photography, history, animation, digital stories• BT Internet Rangers• Flexible, appropriate, informal• Specifically for people who have little or no ICT/Online skills
  17. 17. The Fine Print
  18. 18. Fine Print• Over 16 to Access Support (but not for volunteering)• Minimum of 5 per session• We all take responsibility for the session success• Track progression of beneficiaries and promote success through social media
  19. 19. Contact Details
  20. 20. Fine PrintMatthew Lloydmatthew.lloyd@walescooperative.org07766