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ISC2012 - CS715 - Matt Groves and Gary Tucker - Web site for new Government careers service


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Presented at International SharePoint Conference 2012 - a case study session on the National Careers Service Web SIte

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ISC2012 - CS715 - Matt Groves and Gary Tucker - Web site for new Government careers service

  1. 1. Trinity Case Study: Web site for new National Careers Service CS715 Matt Groves & Gary Tucker
  2. 2. Matt Groves Managing Consultant (IWSP)
  3. 3. Gary Tucker Head of E-Comms – IM Services
  4. 4. Setting the scene …
  5. 5. Trinity  Founded in 1993  Private limited company  480+ FTE  £45m annual services revenue  Offices in Coventry, London, Trinity HQ Telford & Hitchin  Microsoft Partner   9 Gold Competencies (inc Portals and Collab, Digital marketing) 6 Silver Competencies  VMware & Citrix Partner  Strategy of growth & acquisition Hitchin London
  6. 6. Skills Funding Agency Government Agency reporting into Department for Business Innovation and Skills Formed in 2010 from the Learning and Skills Council along with the YPLA Remit to deliver funding to Providers Approx £10Billion (SFA and YPLA) Delivers programmes and funding through systems developed and supported by IM Services
  7. 7. IM Services Reporting into the Skills Funding Agency, servicing Skills Funding Agency, Education Funding Agency and National Apprenticeship Service Delivery for Business Innovation and Skills with a budget of around £100m IM Services include, the data service, Learning Record Service, Information Authority. Delivery of significant programmes such as the Next Steps, the National Careers Service, Personal Learning Record, FE Choices, SAMs (Single Account Management System), Academy Systemisation, Learner Passport
  8. 8. Strategic Change in Government  ICT challenges  QA standards  Government Digital Service  Realising Efficiencies  Realising Agility through new technologies
  9. 9. Web Strategy   Key Building Blocks Shared platform (Sharepoint)  Citizens e.g. National Careers Service  Providers e.g. IM Portal for Academies and Colleges (5,000+)  Staff e.g. Corporate sites and Intranets  SPPS 2001 (staff intranet), 2003 (teamsites), MOSS 2007 (Next Step), 2010 (NCS)
  10. 10. Delivery for BIS  BIS Policy  Skills Funding Agency Policy  BOM  SIM  Requirements  IM Services deliverers of the site with Trinity, Yard Partners and CapGemini
  11. 11. Why SharePoint?
  12. 12. Why SharePoint?
  13. 13. The National Careers Service (NCS)
  14. 14. The National Careers Service will transform careers advice by combining highly-trained advisers with an interactive website, equipping people with information on courses, apprenticeships, funding, loans and the job market.
  15. 15. Business Challenges  3 integrated channels  Web  Face to face  Telephone   1 million LLAs Potentially 20 million users  Online applications e.g. CV builder, Skills Health Check, Job Profiles, Course search
  16. 16. On April 5th 2012 Skills Minister John Hayes launched a new careers service to provide higher quality advice, helping thousands of people to reach their potential. Video Source: BIS (
  17. 17. “The National Careers Service, universally available to people at all stages of their careers, has the very best interactive tools on its website and the highest-quality advisers, committed to the noble cause of helping others fulfil their aspirations.” John Hayes MP Minister of State for Further Education, Skills & Lifelong Learning
  18. 18. “We need to inspire people, especially young people, about career options and all the job opportunities open to them. It's a good idea to bring together high-quality, practical information on a national careers website, to help them make informed decisions about their future.” Dr Neil Bentley Deputy Director General, CBI
  19. 19. The Approach
  20. 20. Solution Design - conceptual National Careers Service Website Citizens Administrators Advisors
  21. 21. Design and Usability  Market segmentation  Personas – to drive out needs  Wireframes  Prototypes  End user testing  Iterative approach Fixated Direction: Clear goal and strong intention to enter progressive employment Transitional On-track: Undergoing career change Skills and goals aligned and appropriate Inflexible idea of goal which is inappropriate, not acknowledging lack of relevant skills Distance: Far from goal / potential Direction would be determined by the clarity of the goal that an individual has, their commitment to pursuing it ‘Would if I could’ Distance: Have aspiration, lack clear path, motivation blocked by perceived practical obstacles Close to goal / potential Distance would be affected by skills, practical barriers, selfconfidence Dispirited Do not see personal relevance of skills development Trapped Low confidence, low aspiration Dropped-out Low motivation to work Direction: Unclear goal and weak intention to enter progressive employment
  22. 22. NCS – usability in practice
  23. 23. Solution Design - technical           Trusted Subsystem model (mostly 2FA) Service Locator Patterns Separation of Data and Logic Asset delivery via CDN 50+ Interface Contracts Custom console apps for one-off data import W3C WCAG 2 AA Browser detection, custom CCS and lots of graceful degradation TES re-usable assets Telerik Spell check
  24. 24. Development Teams Project Manag er  Team assembled from different disciplines Project and TA roles are key  PM Technical Architect Manager Discipline lead - X Discipline lead - X Discipline lead - Y Technical Architect Discipline lead - X Technical Technical Technical Architects Architects Architects Disciplines: Discipline lead - X Discipline Leads Project Management Discipline Leads Discipline lead - Y Discipline Specialists Development Discipline Specialists IWSP Project Management Development IWSP DUET BAST Infrastructure Discipline Leads Discipline Specialists DUET
  25. 25. Development Teams Project Manager Technical Architect Assistant PM Dev team 1 Dev team 2 Dev team 3 Content Team BA & Test Environments UX Stream Third Parties Yard Partners Cap Gemini Microsoft
  26. 26. Environments - TES CA (1) Dev (17) Integration (1) SysTest (1) UAT (1) Customer Env’s (7!)
  27. 27. Challenges  PM!!!  Environmental differences  Interface change  Requirements….  Design constraints
  28. 28. Lessons Learned (some the hard way!)  Environments  Network kit in pre-prod/test rigs  Mocking back-ends in Dev  Analytics for AJAX  SSL offload and AJAX  TCP Chimney Offload  Cookie sizes with CBA/SAML  Do things once only!!!
  30. 30. Thank you for attending! CS715 - Trinity Case Study: Web site for new National Careers Service – Matt Groves & Gary Tucker