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Ford’s internet marketing

  1. 1. Ford’s Internet Marketing By Matthew Garcia
  2. 2. Goals• To attract new consumers.• To maintain consumers that have already been attained. Percentage of Marketing Budget Spent by Projected Percentage of Marketing Budget Ford in 2010 to be Spent by Ford in 2012 25% Traditional Traditional Marketing 37% Marketing Internet 63% Internet 75% Marketing Marketing
  3. 3. Techniques• Buzz Campaigns• Social Marketing• Contests• Mobile Advertising• Partnerships• Ford Social
  4. 4. Ford Fiesta Movement• Ford Fiesta Movement campaign involved social media.• 100 media-aware Individuals drove the Fiesta pre- release.• Blogged about experience on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.• Word of mouth proved effective, people are growing less trusting of corporations.• 11 million Social Networking impressions, 5 million interactions on social networks, 11,000 videos posted, 15,000 tweets, 13,000 photos, 50,000 hand raisers.
  5. 5. Focus Doug Campaign• Focus Doug campaign also involved social media.• Online-only videos on Facebook that promoted Ford Focus.• Videos featured orange, witty, hand puppet, Doug.• Videos created buzz, 61 percent increase of Focus consideration.
  6. 6. Partnering with Pointroll and Tremor• Ford partnered with PointRoll and Tremor, two video ad companies.• Pointroll powers majority of media rich ads, Tremor can reach 90% of Internet users.• Delivered locally-targeted ads for Ford vehicles.• Partnership was effective, as shown by a 15% increase in overall metrics.
  7. 7. Working with Pandora• Ford also partnered with Pandora, a radio leader.• Aim was to integrate Ford into Pandora’s medium.• Instead of interrupting a user’s experience, campaign aimed to complement it.• Users able to listen to John Legend or Jewel, Ford donated to artists charity when shared song• 21% of listeners said they were more likely to purchase a Ford vehicle after the broadcast.
  8. 8. Getting together with Amazing Race• Ford used social media as well as a partnership with producer of the Amazing Race to create a TV show.• Show featured Ford Focus vehicles being driven across the country.• Show was advertised on Facebook.• Casting call was put on Facebook to separate the teams for the race.• Served as a way for consumers to interact with Ford.• Internet Marketing served as key component in show’s success.
  9. 9. Ford and Mobile Posse• Campaign involved mobile marketing and a partnership with Mobile Posse.• Featured Mobile idle-screen advertising.• Aimed to increase awareness of the new Ford Taurus.• Used eye catching ads and included “click-to- mobile-web” option.• This drove users to the Taurus website.• Reached 1 million mobile users, and generated a 20 percent click through rate.
  10. 10. Mobile Goes International• Ford created mobile sites targeting those who only have internet access through smart phones.• Targeted Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea.• Attempted to increase Ford awareness, build sales, and create traffic at dealerships.• Nigeria has 95 million subscribers, and Saudi Arabia and Korea have 50 million each.• This is the most effective way to reach those without Internet access via computer.
  11. 11. Contests• Contest was named the Focus ST challenge.• Allowed potential consumers to simulate their driving skills at auto shows.• Competed for the best lap times, chance of winning a trip to the ESPN Summer X Games.• Displayed results on Facebook.• Involved social media, as well as created consumer interaction.
  12. 12. Ford Social• Digital forum, which aims to Number of Consumer Ideas on create interaction and gain Ford Social consumer insight. 1,800• Users can read articles 1,600 about Ford vehicles, and 1,400 leave comments. 1,200• Users can submit stories 1,000 about their experiences 800 with Ford vehicles. 600• Users can also contribute 400 ideas about improving Ford 200 vehicles. 0• Ford can use this criticism, and this allows consumers to voice their opinions.
  13. 13. Badges• Ford Social’s key feature.• 54 different badges, for Ford Social visitors to attain.• One example is 100k badge, which users who have driven a Ford 100,000 miles are able to attain and show off.• Allows Ford to utilize consumer base, energize them, and encourage them to spread the word about Ford.
  14. 14. Conclusion• Marketing has become a two-way conversation.• Voice of consumer has become more powerful.• Ford is engaging consumers through Internet marketing.• Ford is deepening their relationship with consumers, maintaining consumers they’ve attained and attracting new ones.
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