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9th grade syllabus


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9th grade syllabus

  1. 1. Civics Syllabus Mr. Frost’s Procedures1. Tardy Policy- as outlined in the handbook.2. Extra Credit - Anyone who brings a box of Kleenex will receive 3 extra credit points.3. Materials - Bring your book. - Bring something to write with. - Bring something to write on.4. Homework - There will be homework periodically throughout the semester.5. Passes - I will not institute a pass policy unless it becomes necessary. I feel you are old enough to decide when you need to leave the room. However, you must ASK me at an appropriate time and you must take the green pass with you.6. Late Work - If you miss class for any reason you are responsible for getting what you missed. Come talk to me at an appropriate time.7. Grades - Grades will be weighted with 70% of your total grade being based on tests, quizzes, and projects and 30% based on participation, assignments, and daily work.8. Writing Assignments - We will have writing assignments that do not come from the book sometimes. These will vary from reading short quotes to excerpts from authors about a variety of issues and writing about them. I will ask for well thought out and meaningful responses. As my idea of well thought out and meaningful may differ from yours, I will make my expectations more clear when the time comes.9. Project Guidelines - Although the specific requirements will vary from project to project there are a few things that I will be paying attention to in all assigned projects. 1. group participation. 2. use of class time. 3. attention to detail.10. Be good to people and you and I will get along very well.11. Fair is not the same - Trust me when I make decisions, there may be circumstances in one’s life that supersedes treating everyone the “same”.
  2. 2. Outline of the SemesterUnit 1- Foundations of American Government- (2-3 weeks)• British Heritage• Revolution/Declaration of Independence• Articles of ConfederationUnit 2- Constitution- (4 weeks)• Federalists/Anti-Federalists• 6 principles• 3 Parts- Preamble, Articles, AmendmentsUnit 3- The Executive Branch- (3-4 weeks)• The Presidency• The Electoral College• Movie- TrumanUnit 4- The Legislative Branch- (3 -4 weeks)• Congress• How A Bill Becomes A Law• Movie- Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonUnit 5- The Judicial Branch- (3-4 weeks)• The Supreme Court• Judicial Review o Supreme Court Case Studies• Movie- 12 Angry Men