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Make Drupal Better


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Drupal is a CMS in constant flux. This presentation covers how to contribute to making it better.

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Make Drupal Better

  1. 1. How We Can Make Drupal Better
  2. 2. Matt Farina Developing for web since 1996 Coded In Over 10 Languages Developer at Tree House Agency Drupal and jQuery Developer I Used To Build Military Tanks
  3. 3. How To Make Drupal Better Contribute Back The Better
  4. 4. Let’s Start With Drupal Core
  5. 5. Who feels like it’s hard to give back or change drupal?
  6. 6. The Drupal Community Wants Your Input!
  7. 7. The Contributor Links
  8. 8. The Contributor Links Block
  9. 9. Community Initiatives
  10. 10. Design and Theming Initiative
  11. 11. Issue Queues
  12. 12. Drupal project page
  13. 13. The Issue Queue
  14. 14. Adding an issue
  15. 15. Files and tags
  16. 16. You’re Viewing Your Issue
  17. 17. Tracking Your Issues
  18. 18. Your Issues
  19. 19. Follow-ups Like Forums
  20. 20. Comments with files and tags
  21. 21. Use Tags
  22. 22. Tell Your Friends
  23. 23. Search By Tag
  24. 24. Different States of an Issue
  25. 25. How To Make Drupal Better Lay Down Some Bling/Money/Euros
  26. 26. If You Can’t Do It Hire Some To Do It
  27. 27. Put Together A Chipin
  28. 28. Sponsor Events
  29. 29. How To Make Drupal Better Contributed Themes and Modules
  30. 30. Does CVS Suck For You? episode28
  31. 31. How To Make Drupal Better New Drupal Core Themes
  32. 32. Only 2 Drupal Core Themes Right Now
  33. 33. How Does A Theme Get In Core?
  34. 34. Just Say No To Spec Work!
  35. 35. What’s Needed Patience Input On A Process Rocking Core Themes
  36. 36. Creating a Core Theme Have A Hot Design Remove The Color Blue From It Turn It Into A Theme or Partner With Someone Who Can (doesn’t need to be core worthy) Create An Issue To Add It To Drupal Sell The Design (not the theme) Devs will hack on PHP/CSS/HTML Magic Happens and it gets in Notice: This is my list. It bears no authority.
  37. 37. Finding D4D Online #d4d on Twitter Needs Design Review Tag NeedsDesignReview #drupal-Design in Freenode IRC.
  38. 38. Q&A