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Drupal Calendaring, A Technological Solution

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Drupal Calendaring, A Technological Solution

  1. 1. The Technology Suite Solving the calendar problem.
  2. 2. The Problems
  3. 3. I have this event that... Happens on every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 and 4 pm, Except for Thanksgiving, And on the first Friday of December at 3 pm.
  4. 4. Event Instance Custom Details For example, you have a special guest speaker.
  5. 5. Search With saved searches and short names (
  6. 6. Moving Events Between Sites
  7. 7. A Challenge Built it to be reusable by others.
  8. 8. The Solution
  9. 9. iCalendar (iCal) Specification
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Saved Searches • Search with facets. • Saved searches with short urls ( • Saved searches with names ( • Lots of management options and permission settings. • Works with core search, Lucene, and Solr.
  12. 12. Many to One on Change
  13. 13. Atom
  14. 14. PubSubHubbub
  15. 15. Pushing Receiving

Editor's Notes

  • Thank Balboa Park Online Collaborative.
  • BPOC came to us with 4 engineering problems and a challenge.
    These were things many had asked for but have not seen on the market
  • Already a way to do some recurrances in Drupal. But, nothing this detailed.
  • The cruise use case.
  • Explain nodes and fields in Drupal.
  • A single node with possibly hundreds of instances and specific details does not scale.
    Date repeat can only do on recurrence rule.
  • Instance nodes work with
    - calendaring solutions for drupal
    - provide way to store all the meta data around it
    - instance specific differences
    - Search
    Other systems don't grow well. Nodes designed to grow.
    Drupal millions of nodes capable.
  • Explain fields
    iCal Field is multivalue cck field with custom UI.
  • Updating Rule
  • Excluding Rule
  • Edit instance with pencil
  • Instances Each own node
  • Inherited Field Formatter.
    Children cck fields, when empty, inherit from parent.
  • ical package (with feature)
  • problem with regular feeds and number of items
    - new items
    - deletes
    deploying on change not an admin special action.
  • Are we there yet?