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The Zc Mug Shot Gang Print


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The Zc Mug Shot Gang Print

  1. 2. The ZC Mug Shot Gang Diary of a Photo Shoot
  2. 3. Who is the ZC Mug Shot Gang ? Let’s take a look at the members of the gang
  3. 4. Baddog Burt Baddog is the leader of the gang and the computer genius. He can break through a bank firewall quicker than you can withdraw your money in the teller line. He is meaner than a pitbull (some resemblance) so don’t make fun of his short stature.
  4. 5. Rowdy Robin <ul><li>Rowdy is the gang organizer. She analyses the job and makes sure each one knows what their duties are for the next heist. She likes to party and drinks so much that she has 3 kidneys to process the alcohol. </li></ul>
  5. 6. Sleepy Sasser Don’t let that sleepy look fool you. Sleepy is the mail fraud expert of the gang. He has mailed out more fake invoices than a postal worker on December 24th. He once mailed an invoice to President Clinton and received prompt payment (or maybe that was hush money).
  6. 7. Cash Candice <ul><li>CC is the youngster in the gang and the gang treasurer. She accounts for the money that comes in and makes sure that Sasser’s “invoice” money gets posted to the gang’s Swiss bank account. She is like the black widow spider, quiet but deadly. </li></ul>
  7. 8. Maddog Matt <ul><li>Maddog is the enforcer. You mess with the gang, you answer to Maddog . The gang calls him the programmer as he can rearrange your face quicker that a quad core processor. He is so quick that he once broke a man’s nose while the man was holding his Starbucks double chocolate latte and not a drop was spilled. </li></ul>
  8. 9. Krazy Kerry <ul><li>Krazy is the old man of the gang and is certifiably crazy (hence the name). If you get him started on something he will never shut up. One time, someone stole his box of cookies and the gang had to hear about it for weeks. Given that he is the old man of the gang, he accesses the risk before each heist and then defers to Baddog and Rowdy . </li></ul>
  9. 10. And of course ZC Mug <ul><li>Nobody really knows what ZC does in the gang. He just sort of hangs around and shows up everywhere the gang goes. </li></ul>
  10. 11. Now let’s follow the gang and see what kind of trouble they get into .
  11. 12. The gang makes a visit to their favorite watering hole. Sleepy decides to go skinny dipping and Krazy can’t bear to watch.
  12. 13. The gang stops to smells the roses while Sleepy finishes his swim. Wait a minute. Those ain’t roses.
  13. 14. They have really got to get over their fear of frogs.
  14. 15. The gang gets a little hungry so they decide to drop in at Mickey Dees and meet up with Sleepy for some grub. Wait a minute That ain’t Sleepy Who is that guy?
  15. 16. The gang decides to print some “funny” money.
  16. 17. They finally get up with Sleepy and he is working another mail fraud scheme. Notice how he is disguised as an employee of the company.
  17. 18. Now they decide to disguise themselves
  18. 19. to rob a bank. Where is Krazy ? He is either guarding the door or looking for those cookies.
  19. 20. Looks like the gang has taken a hostage
  20. 21. and now they are trying to steal a get-away car. Whose car is that?
  21. 22. The guys take time out from robbing banks , kidnapping and stealing cars to get their hair done
  22. 23. and get a pedicure .
  23. 24. Play a little poker . (Looks like ZC has the better hand)
  24. 25. See if they have made the news and pump up the muscles
  25. 26. Visit some friends Or…former friends in this case .
  26. 27. Looks like there has been a slight disagreement between the guys and gals.
  27. 28. After a hard day, its time for a little personal reflection .
  28. 29. Now that they are thoroughly exhausted
  29. 30. the gang heads into town to visit the local saloon And what would a saloon be without some live music ?
  30. 31. They were bold and proud They were brash and loud They were running wild and free They were on the run Shootin just for fun As far as the eye could see The Mug Shot Gang They were mean Mean as could be.
  31. 32. They loved playing cards And riding hard They were not like you and I They were young and old So the story’s told They were not afraid to die The Mug Shot Gang They were mean Mean as could be.
  32. 33. They went out on the town one night Seeing what they could see There was a really big gunfight Now they’re as dead as could be.
  33. 34. They were bold and proud They were brash and loud They were running wild and free They were on the run Shootin just for fun As far as the eye could see The Mug Shot Gang They were mean Mean as could be. The Mug Shot Gang They are dead Dead as could be .
  34. 35. But wait ! One member of the gang is still alive !
  35. 36. THE END All characters and events in the presentation are fictional. Any similarity to real persons, either living or dead, is purely coincidental .