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Inbound  Marke-ng	    A	  presenta*on	  for	  Brisbane	  Web	  Design	  on	              Thursday	  16th	  October	  2012	  
PART  ONE  What  is  Inbound  Marke-ng?  How	  is	  it	  relevant	  for	  web	  designers	  and	      developers,	  busine...
Inbound  Marke-ng  •  AEract	  Traffic	  •  Convert	  Visitors	  to	  LEADS	  •  Convert	  LEADS	  into	  SALES	  •  Increas...
Inbound  Marke-ng  •  AEract	  Traffic	  •  Convert	  Visitors	  to	  LEADS	  •  Convert	  LEADS	  into	  SALES	            ...
Inbound  Marke-ng  •  AEract	  Traffic	                                      SEO,	  Social,	                                ...
Inbound  Marke-ng  •  AEract	  Traffic	  •  Convert	  Visitors	  to	  LEADS	  •  Convert	  LEADS	  into	  SALES	  •  Turn	  ...
Inbound  Marke-ng  •  AEract	  Traffic	                                      SEO,	  Social,	                                ...
Inbound  Marke-ng  …	  is	  Mul*-­‐disciplinary	        – Too	  many	  special*es	  for	  one	  person	        – Many	  th...
PART  TWO  Planning  &  Doing      What	  are	  you	  doing?	  	  hEp://	  
What  does  L-­‐E-­‐E-­‐ROY  teach  us?           hEp://	  
Work  toward  goals  Goals	  help	  you	  define	  a	  strategy.	  
Work  toward  goals  Goals	  help	  you	  define	  a	  strategy.	  Goal	  =	  Des*na*on	  Strategy	  =	  Route/Map	  Tac*cs...
Strategy  Vs  Tac-cs  Q.	  Do	  you	  think	  Strategically?	  A.	   	  Huh?           Don’t  want  to           Yes,  but...
Strategy  Vs  Tac-cs  Excuses?	  
Strategy  Vs  Tac-cs  If	  you	  planned	  properly,	  do	  you	  think	  it’d	  save	  *me?	  
Strategy  Vs  Tac-cs  -­‐  Example  Knowing	  your	  audience	  is	  strategic.	                    Hello  #bneweb  Choose...
PART  THREE  Using  Web  Design  to  get  ahead           Lots	  of	  take	  away	  *ps	  
Inbound  Marke-ng  •  AEract	  Traffic	                                      SEO,	  Social,	                                ...
What  can  web  designers  do?                                                Available	  on	  	                          ...
SEO:  What  can  web  designers  do?  1.  Websites.  Include	  a	  blog	  &	  social	  integra*on.	      Easy  to  update,...
SEO:  What  can  web  designers  do?  2.  Speed,	  use	  Google	  Page	  Speed	     – Use	  sprites,	  minify	  CSS	  and	...
SEO:  What  can  web  designers  do?        3.  Website  Structure,	  don’t	  change	  URLs	                              ...
SEO:  What  can  web  designers  do?  3.  Website  Structure,	  don’t	  change	  URLs	                       /	           ...
SEO:  What  can  web  designers  do?  3.  Website  Structure,	  don’t	  change	  URLs	                       /	           ...
Social  Media  –  Do  this…  Add	  the	  markup	  to	  make	  social	  shares	  great!	  •  Facebook	  og:image	     hEp:/...
Social  Media  –  Do  this…  HTML	  code	  for	  <head>	  </head>	             <meta	  name="twiEer:card"	  content="summa...
Social  Media  –  Do  this…  
PART  FOUR  You’re  set-­‐up  like  a  pro,  now  what?  Get	  busy.	  Publish,	  promote,	  share  and  enjoy  
Publishing?  Should  you  be…                                       LinkedIn-­‐ing…?!?	            Twee*ng?	   Blogging?	 ...
Another	  way	  to	  think	  about	  it…	  	  You  are  a  publisher.  •  	  A	  publisher	  of	  your	  ideas	  •  Your	 ...
Video                           Events Tweets                   Blogs                                                     ...
Answer  these  ques-ons…         Rand	  Fishkin	         “Great  answers  to  these  ques9ons         yield  a  great  con...
What	  Experiences	  will	  earn	  an	  impact?	  
Content  Marke-ng  (for	  a	  Brisbane	  Accoun*ng	  Firm)	  Goal:       Build awareness of core                        In...
Inbound  Marke-ng                 Website	  Design/Development	                              +	  conversion	  op*misa*on	 ...
Thank  you,  ques-ons?                     Ben	  Maden	  	                     Mobile	  0400	  789	  949	                 ...
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Inbound Marketing - Presentation to Brisbane Web Design


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This is a presentation Ben gave at the Brisbane Web Design networking group at The Edge on the 18th of October 2012

It has a focus on what Web Designers can do as part of an Inbound Marketing campaign.


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Inbound Marketing - Presentation to Brisbane Web Design

  1. 1. Inbound  Marke-ng   A  presenta*on  for  Brisbane  Web  Design  on   Thursday  16th  October  2012  
  2. 2. PART  ONE  What  is  Inbound  Marke-ng?  How  is  it  relevant  for  web  designers  and   developers,  businesses  &  you?  
  3. 3. Inbound  Marke-ng  •  AEract  Traffic  •  Convert  Visitors  to  LEADS  •  Convert  LEADS  into  SALES  •  Increase  Customer  Margins  •  Analyse  for  Con*nuous  improvement.  Source:  hEp://*ng    
  4. 4. Inbound  Marke-ng  •  AEract  Traffic  •  Convert  Visitors  to  LEADS  •  Convert  LEADS  into  SALES   Web  •  Increase  Customer  Margins   Design  •  Analyse  for  Con*nuous  improvement.  Source:  hEp://*ng    
  5. 5. Inbound  Marke-ng  •  AEract  Traffic   SEO,  Social,   Real  World  •  Convert  Visitors  to  LEADS  •  Convert  LEADS  into  SALES  •  Turn  Customers  into  higher  margin  Customers  •  Analyse  for  Con*nuous  improvement.  Source:  hEp://*ng    
  6. 6. Inbound  Marke-ng  •  AEract  Traffic  •  Convert  Visitors  to  LEADS  •  Convert  LEADS  into  SALES  •  Turn  Customers  into  higher  margin  Customers  •  Analyse  for  Con*nuous  improvement.   CRO  Source:  hEp://*ng    
  7. 7. Inbound  Marke-ng  •  AEract  Traffic   SEO,  Social,   Real  World  •  Convert  Visitors  to  LEADS  •  Convert  LEADS  into  SALES   Web  •  Increase  Customer  Margins   Design   CRO  •  Analyse  for  Con*nuous  improvement.  Source:  hEp://*ng    
  8. 8. Inbound  Marke-ng  …  is  Mul*-­‐disciplinary   – Too  many  special*es  for  one  person   – Many  things  move  at  once,  need  coordina*on   – Social  interac*on  means  care  and  aEen*on  =  *me  …  Agile     – the  whole  process  must  be  flexible  
  9. 9. PART  TWO  Planning  &  Doing     What  are  you  doing?    hEp://  
  10. 10. What  does  L-­‐E-­‐E-­‐ROY  teach  us?   hEp://  
  11. 11. Work  toward  goals  Goals  help  you  define  a  strategy.  
  12. 12. Work  toward  goals  Goals  help  you  define  a  strategy.  Goal  =  Des*na*on  Strategy  =  Route/Map  Tac*cs  =  Car,  Bike,  Walk  
  13. 13. Strategy  Vs  Tac-cs  Q.  Do  you  think  Strategically?  A.    Huh?    Don’t  want  to    Yes,  but  not  enough    Yes,  when  I’m  planning    All  the  9me  
  14. 14. Strategy  Vs  Tac-cs  Excuses?  
  15. 15. Strategy  Vs  Tac-cs  If  you  planned  properly,  do  you  think  it’d  save  *me?  
  16. 16. Strategy  Vs  Tac-cs  -­‐  Example  Knowing  your  audience  is  strategic.   Hello  #bneweb  Choose  your  audience  –  more  strategic  Do  you  know  who  you  are  talking  to?  
  17. 17. PART  THREE  Using  Web  Design  to  get  ahead   Lots  of  take  away  *ps  
  18. 18. Inbound  Marke-ng  •  AEract  Traffic   SEO,  Social,   Real  World  •  Convert  Visitors  to  LEADS  •  Convert  LEADS  into  SALES   Web  •  Increase  Customer  Margins   Design   CRO  •  Analyse  for  Con*nuous  improvement.  Source:  hEp://*ng    
  19. 19. What  can  web  designers  do?   Available  on     Slideshare     hEp://    Carolyn  King’s  presenta*on  –  #bneweb  Oct  2011  
  20. 20. SEO:  What  can  web  designers  do?  1.  Websites.  Include  a  blog  &  social  integra*on.   Easy  to  update,  share  and  enjoy!  
  21. 21. SEO:  What  can  web  designers  do?  2.  Speed,  use  Google  Page  Speed   – Use  sprites,  minify  CSS  and  JavaScript   – Server:  use  keep-­‐alive,  caching  +  more  
  22. 22. SEO:  What  can  web  designers  do?   3.  Website  Structure,  don’t  change  URLs   /   /widgets.html   /contact.html  Link  in  from    another  website  
  23. 23. SEO:  What  can  web  designers  do?  3.  Website  Structure,  don’t  change  URLs   /   /   ?   /widgets.html   ?   /widgets.html   ?   ?   /contact.html   /contact.html   /widgets-­‐brisbane   /contact.html  
  24. 24. SEO:  What  can  web  designers  do?  3.  Website  Structure,  don’t  change  URLs   /   301  redirect   /    –  S*ll  not  ideal   /widgets.html   /widgets.html   /contact.html   /contact.html   /widgets-­‐brisbane   /contact.html  
  25. 25. Social  Media  –  Do  this…  Add  the  markup  to  make  social  shares  great!  •  Facebook  og:image   hEp://    •  TwiEer  Cards   hEps://    •  Google+   hEps://    
  26. 26. Social  Media  –  Do  this…  HTML  code  for  <head>  </head>   <meta  name="twiEer:card"  content="summary">   <meta  name="twiEer:site"  content="@maVersolu-ons">   <meta  name=twiEer:image  content=<?php  echo  $image;?>>   <meta  property=og:locale  content=en_au/>   <meta  property=og:*tle  content=<?php  wp_-tle();  ?>/>   <meta  property=og:url  content=’<?php  echo  $url;  ?>/>   <meta  property=og:site_name  content=MaVer  Solu-ons/>   Can  have  more   <meta  property=og:type  content=ar-cle/>   than  one   <meta  property=og:image  content=<?php  echo  $image;  ?>/>   <meta  property=og:image  content=<?php  echo  $image2;  ?>/>   <link  href="hVps://"  rel="publisher"  />  NB.  This  example  is  based  on  WordPress  and  some  custom  code  to  define  $image  
  27. 27. Social  Media  –  Do  this…  
  28. 28. PART  FOUR  You’re  set-­‐up  like  a  pro,  now  what?  Get  busy.  Publish,  promote,  share  and  enjoy  
  29. 29. Publishing?  Should  you  be…   LinkedIn-­‐ing…?!?   Twee*ng?   Blogging?   Link  building   Facebooking?   Remarke*ng?   AdWords   Vlogging?   Analysing  data?  
  30. 30. Another  way  to  think  about  it…    You  are  a  publisher.  •   A  publisher  of  your  ideas  •  Your  business  is  (or  should  be)  genera*ng   content  
  31. 31. Video Events Tweets Blogs UGC Comments Comics Slide Decks Products Photos Infographics Animations CONTENT MARKETING! Services (aka anything you produce to earn awareness, likability & trust) UI Elements Physical Space APIs Print Material Ads Press Tools Food PDFs Data Platforms PluginsSource:  Rand  Fishkin,  
  32. 32. Answer  these  ques-ons…   Rand  Fishkin   “Great  answers  to  these  ques9ons   yield  a  great  content  marke9ng   strategy”  
  33. 33. What  Experiences  will  earn  an  impact?  
  34. 34. Trust?  
  35. 35. Likeability?  
  36. 36. Engagement?  
  37. 37. Metrics?  
  38. 38. Content  Marke-ng  (for  a  Brisbane  Accoun*ng  Firm)  Goal: Build awareness of core Influencers: Brisbane journalists, services. Acquire new networking contacts, business clients, $1-5M their friends & familyWho: Brisbane & Gold Coast Experience: Positive, Work-Life, small and medium Family-friendly, businesses (SMEs). Uncontroversial Owner/operator/Family business ROI Comparison:Where: Search Engines, Yellow Pages or Print advertising Social Media ROI $XX per lead, converting at 30% hEp://­‐mozconcontentstrategy2    
  39. 39. Inbound  Marke-ng   Website  Design/Development   +  conversion  op*misa*on   Content  Marke-ng   Social  Media   Search  Engine  Op-misa-on   Online  Adver-sing   Analy*cs  
  40. 40. Thank  you,  ques-ons?   Ben  Maden     Mobile  0400  789  949   Office  07  3117  2300   ben@maEersolu*  The  slides  +  more…  hVp://