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Introducing Integral Desk: the Perfect Standing Desk Made by a Geek and an Artist


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I created the perfect standing desk for myself, today I want to share it with you. It's practical and beautiful, technological and natural, fully featured yet essential. It features bespoke accessories and it's made by hand in Berlin by a productivity nerd and an artist. The tabletop is beautiful solid wood and can be customized to your style and your needs. It's my first hardware product and I am immensely proud to present it to the world. Today I'm excited to introduce Integral Desk. Find out more at or message me here for more details.

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Introducing Integral Desk: the Perfect Standing Desk Made by a Geek and an Artist

  1. A standing desk designed by an artist and a productivity nerd. Made by hand in Berlin. INTEGRAL DESK
  2. With Integral Desk our goal is to combine technology and nature in an harmonious, beautiful and functional object. The motorized legs, a clever cable management system and great accessories surround the user. Nature shines thanks to a wonderful material: wood.
  3. This top is made of solid wood, personalized following the needs of each customer. The wood is treated with natural oils only, thereby safekeeping its ability to breathe. 
 It also looks, feels and smells amazing.
  4. We designed Integral Desk with simplicity, practicality and beauty in mind. 
 Six horizontal slabs meet two vertical bookends that add to the visual composition and contribute to the technical stability.
 The natural design of wood shines through unobstructed.
  5. Our flagship product is a sit-stand desk that relies on motorized legs. You can chose your favorite height throughout the day and always find your ideal working position.
  6. To best complement our all natural tabletop we chose Jarvis, a reliable motorized frame produced by the industry leader in standing desks. 
 You can set the desk to any height and memorize your 4 favorite positions for immediate access.
  7. We develop bespoke accessories based on individual customer needs with the same wood and grain of the tabletop. 
 Check out our signature coasters, our smooth pencil holders and our practical charging dock.
  8. Meet the team: Adrian is an artist and a woodworker, Matteo a marketing consultant and a productivity nerd. Our journey together became exciting when we found that wood could make both our visions come to life.
 We are glad to produce our objects by hand in Berlin using all of our resources in the most sustainable way.
  9. What type of wood matches best with you? What does your desk look like? What size will you require? What custom accessories can we create for you?
 We can’t wait to discuss your bespoke Integral Desk.