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Entertainment Marketing Plan Template


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Don't start from scratch, base your marketing efforts on a proven template.

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Entertainment Marketing Plan Template

  1. Marketing Plan Template Proudly offered by La Fabbrica della Realt� - Entertainment Marketing Consulting
  2. Please find my post with all the details and a downloadable version of this template at
  3. Executive Summary Main goals: Target: Positioning: Timing: Budget: Recommendations: Do this slide at the end. Here you just summarize the findings of the whole plan.
  4. Positioning
  5. Goals Describe the goals of your marketing effort. Are you chasing awareness? Sales? Subscriber growth? How will you measure success?
  6. Key internal concept Often a campaign boils down to an internal concept that can't be communicated directly to the users, but that helps guide the marketing efforts. An example could be "Focus on x and y as strengths and limit exposure to the weak z". This would guide your efforts, but it's rarely something that you will say in public.
  7. Brand truth What is the core value that is always represented by the product/brand? What is the emotional aspect that will most resonate with the audience? What does the brand stand for?
  8. Challenges What are the difficulties that you already know you are going to face? What are the weaknesses of your product/brand and of your message?
  9. Main copy guidelines Don't write the copy here. Rather enumerate the guidelines that the copywriters will need to follow. How does the product/brand speak? What does the copy need to accomplish?
  10. Target Who is this for? What age groups? What tribes? Who are the personas you wish to target?
  11. Targeting considerations Based on what data and on what considerations have you chosen this or that target?
  12. Research
  13. Sales/Box Office/Conversion results What are the past performance of the product? What is the performance of similar, comparable products? Show with a chart the comparison. Use $ as a metric for the first research slides.
  14. Internet metrics Lots of data is freely available on the Internet: facebook likes, instagram followers, YouTube views. Which of these would be relevant for the product/brand? Show them with one or more graphs.
  15. Google Trends Google Trends is a great free research tool that you can use to track your product over time and compare it to competitors. Show the most relevant graphs. One graph per slide.
  16. Competition
  17. Key competitors Explain who the competitors are and what their positioning is.
  18. Positioning relative to competitors Further elaborate your positioning relative to the competitors. How will your positioning help you distinguish from them? Why should the consumer choose your product instead of the competition?
  19. Campaign Strategy
  20. Timeline Visually show the timeline of the campaign. Are there multiple beats? Are you teasing and revealing in different moments? Do all media deliver the message at the same time?
  21. Media Partnerships Is it important to partner with a specific media to deliver your message to the target? What does this media partner look like? What could you activate together?
  22. Media recommendations What media and channels should you use? Will this be an all digital campaign? Or does it make sense to invest in Outdoor or TV advertising? Are you using programmatic buying options or dealing with media vendors? Is this a brief for the media agency? Or do you already have in mind the vendors and channels that you wish to use?
  23. Social paid media Social media will play an important role in this template. In the meantime do you plan on investing in paid social? With what objectives? When in the timeline of the campaign will this happen?
  24. Creative
  25. Key art Show the key creative for the campaign or describe what it will look like and why.
  26. Digital campaign art What kind of artwork will you use to support your digital media efforts. Create multiple slides if you're investing in different media.
  27. Partner art Will you partner with third party companies (food, games, retailers)? What kind of artwork will they be able to use?
  28. Messaging Think beyond the main copy: will you have a call to action? Do you need to acknowledge partners? What would be the best way for your messaging to align with the overall goals of the campaign?
  29. Social strategy
  30. Social goals If you're running a social media campaign, what are the goals you wish to achieve?
  31. Social strategy What is the specific strategy that will help you achieve your social media goals?
  32. Social tone of voice How do you intend to communicate on social? What will your personality sound like? What is the tone of voice of the communication? Will it vary channel by channel?
  33. Social community Community management is a big part of social media marketing. What is the attitude of your fans towards your brand? What do you need to address? How will you delight them?
  34. Social creative What specific artwork and creative assets will you develop for social?
  35. Social advertising How will you use the paid media budget to enhance your social plan?
  36. Social timeline Visually show the timeline of the social campaign.
  37. Online PR
  38. Online PR goals Will you use PR as part of your campaign? If so what will the goals be?
  39. Online PR strategy What is the online PR strategy that will make you reach your goals in the most efficient way?
  40. Online PR angles What are the angles that you can use to approach your brand in order to develop stories that you can pitch to different media?
  41. Online PR contents What will your Press Kit look like? What assets will you develop specifically for the PR campaign? How do you plan to use those assets? Will you run exclusives or distribute as widely as possible?
  42. Online PR timeline Visually show the timeline of the Online PR campaign.
  43. Special activations
  44. Name the special activation Describe the special activation.
  45. PR
  46. Name the PR event Describe the PR event. Is it a premiere? A press conference? A roundtable? A fan event?
  47. Channel marketing
  48. Channel name Describe how you can work with one or more distribution partners to further reach the campaign goals. Think in this case of all the retailers that will market your product (Exhibitors, Digital Stores, Big Box Retailers).
  49. Partner marketing
  50. Partner name Will you work with partners outside of your specific industry? For instance: a beverage, a line of toys, a retailer that does not carry your product? Describe the partner and the mechanic.
  51. THE END
  52. You're done! Go back to slide 3 and fill in the executive summary. Then delete slide 2 and these last two slides and you're good to go. Many thanks for using this template. The template is in the public domain. No credit is necessary. This template was developed by: La Fabbrica della Realt� - Entertainment Marketing Consulting