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A Crush on Design Thinking

my speech @Google I/O Extended, may 2016, GDG Florence

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A Crush on Design Thinking

  1. 1. A·Crush·on·Design Thinking⌐ from·a·developer·point·of·view.#
  2. 2. Matteo Burgassi @matteoburgassi Kidzinmind Google Play: https:// Numbered Google Play: https:// Kidzaward android version to be published soon
  3. 3. “89% of companies believes that customers experience will be their primary basis for competition by 2016, versus 36% 2012” - Gartner “6x more likely to buy with a positive emotional experience, 12x more likely to recommend the company and 5% to forgive a mistake” - Temkin Group
  4. 4. Wait, I’m not a designer
  5. 5. “Design·is·not·just what·it·looks·like and·feels·like.⌐ Design·is·how·it works.”# -Steve Jobs
  6. 6. You⌐ are·designing#
  7. 7. Design skills are learnable
  8. 8. A·Prototype·is·worth· a·thousand·meetings.# You should try to do a prototype at Design time: Design Thinking. -Mike Davidson
  9. 9. The Design Sprint a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers build idea launch learn a shortcut to learning without building and launching.
  10. 10. The Design Sprint build idea launch learn Set the stage monday: unpack tuesday: sketch wednesday: decide thursday: prototype friday: test
  11. 11. Designers·must·consider ·how·functionality affects·form … principles·of·good·desi gn·are·often·similar in·good·development# -Cassie McDaniel
  12. 12. Working Together Brainstorm together Work closely every step of the project Be open to learn from each other Follow the standards (Material Design) don’t be afraid of try new tools
  13. 13. Lost in Translation understanding differences: DP vs PX developer visual designer
  14. 14. Design @1x Create 1x Canvas Sizes: Desktop: 1440 x 900 Web: 1440 x 900 iOS iPhone 6: 375 x 667 (1/2 density) Android Nexus 5: 360 x 640 (mdpi)
  15. 15. Android Samples (from Kidzaward)
  16. 16. Choose⌐ the·right·tools#
  17. 17. Choose the right tools Prototyping: Marvel, Flinto, InVision, Pairing (directly on code) Design: Sketch, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Adobe XD(?)… IDE Collaboration Plugins: Simply, Zeplin
  18. 18. Useful Links Design Sprint: Marvel: InVision: Design @1x: Sketch: Simply: Zeplin:
  19. 19. Thanks to: +Nick Butcher @crafty (DroidconIT 2016: Think like a designer) Lydia Selimalhigazi @Lys_Lydia and Caroline Smith @ihatepeas (DroidconIT 2016: We are all UX) Gabriele Marangon @Synestesia (DroidconIT 2016: Essential tools and tips for an effective design workflow)
  20. 20. Grazie·Mille # Questions? Matteo Burgassi @matteoburgassi