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Photographic Portfolio

  2. 2. - PERSONAL DATA - Name : Matteo - Surname : Bertolino - Nationality : Italiana - Date of Birth: 26-11-1977 - Permanent Address : Via Cavour No. 41, 10123, Torino, Italy - Temporary Address : Josè Marti’ 211, Cochabamba, Bolivia - Tel : +591-72798086 - E-mail : [email_address] - Web : ­ - BIOGRAPHY Born in Turin, Italy, Matteo graduated in Political Sciences in the same city and  then pursued an MA in Development Studies in The Netherlands. His vocation for travelling and exploring, mixted with his curiosity, contributed to shape his future, which led him to work in the development-cooperation sector, having served at governmental, non-governmental and multilateral level in four continents. Passion for photography developed gradually, together with Matteo’s professional experiences abroad, leading Matteo to specialise particularly in social reportage and travel photography; his job experiences, complementarely, offered him the most interesting background in order to address the "communication and development" dymensions, telling stories with light and words, professionally documenting development projects and realising information and sensibilisation material through the use of photography. Among the different experiences, Matteo organised and cured a photographic exposition an international museum of El Salvador, which has seen the collaboration of italians and salvadoreans artists, event funded by the Italian Embassy in San Salvador. As a free-lance photographer, Matteo collaborates with magazins, photographic agencies and NGOs.     He is currently based Bolivia, working on several photographic projects. 
  3. 3. <ul><li>PRESENTATION OF THE IMAGES: The selection of the 70 images (JPG, 72 dpi) responds to the following criterias: on the one hand photographs have been selectedfrom reportages realised, specifically in Mali, El Salvador and Bolivia, while on the other I present a selection of single images. From Mali photographs from a reportage documenting the Dogon’s sacred fishing ritual, known as “ Antogo ”: The ritual takes place once a year. From El Salvador fragments of a work concerning the construction of a sky-scraper in the capital city, “ Torre-Futura ”; the harshness of the job, work safety in a poor country and related working conditions characterise these images. From Bolivia fragments of fiveworks: The first, “ Salt Workers ”, documents the job related to salt’s extraction and transformation by the village of Colchani, located on the seashore of the Tunupa Salt Lake; salt represents the key ingredient around which life and economy is organized in Colchani. “ Mines and Miners ” tells the story of the Cerro Rico in Potosì, precious mountain, rich in minerals and silver above all, which for centuries nourrished colonial Spain. The images document the toughness of miners’ job today, as well as it looks at the transformation phase of the mineral from crude stone. The third, “ Toro Toro ”, looks at indigenous’ life reality in the national park of Toro-Toro, characterised by communities’ extreme isolation and tough life conditions. “ Aymara’s New Yer’s Day ” documents the traditional celebrations of the Aymara (important piece of Bolivian’s ethnic puzzle) by the Tunupa Salt Lake, in occasion of the beginning of the new year, the 21° of June, which coincides, non by hazard, with winter solstice. Finally, “ Chiquitania ”, looks at this fascinating bolivian region were in the 18° century developed the Gesuitical missions, in order to chiristianize the indigenous Chiquitanos. Another face of plurinational Bolivia. All reportages include related texts, and are composed from 20 to 50 images. All photographs are Matteo Bertolino’s property. </li></ul>
  4. 4. “ Aymara’s New Year’s Day ”. Bolivia.
  5. 10. “ Antogo ” Mali.
  6. 17. “ Salt Workers ”. Bolivia.
  7. 23. “ Toro-Toro ”. Bolivia.
  8. 27. “ Torre Futura ”. El Salvador.
  9. 34. “ Mines and Miners ”. Bolivia.
  10. 38. “ Chiquitania ”. Bolivia.
  11. 48. Guatemala
  12. 49. Mali
  13. 50. Mali
  14. 51. Mali
  15. 52. Fiume Niger,Mali
  16. 53. Sevare, Mali
  17. 54. Potosì, Bolivia
  18. 55. Betanzos, Bolivia
  19. 56. La Libertad, El Salvador
  20. 57. San Salvador, El Salvador
  21. 58. La Libertad, El Salvador
  22. 59. Sud Lipez, Bolivia
  23. 60. Sud Lipez, Bolivia
  24. 61. Sud Lipez, Bolivia
  25. 62. Sud Lipez, Bolivia
  26. 63. Salar de Tunupa, Bolivia
  27. 64. Maragua, Bolivia
  28. 65. Potolo, Bolivia
  29. 66. Potolo, Bolivia
  30. 67. Rome, Italy
  31. 68. Rome, Italy
  32. 69. San Lucas, Bolivia
  33. 70. Sucre, Bolivia
  34. 71. Sucre, Bolivia
  35. 72. Santa Clara, Cuba
  36. 73. Sucre, Bolivia