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On location shots presentation


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On location shots presentation

  2. 2. Make-UpIn terms of make-up, under mise-en-scene, we went for alook that is influenced slightly by ‘A Clockwork Orange’, afilm that is considered very sinister, but with some aspectsof humour also included. A mix of both the sinister andhumorous is something we wish to achieve in our musicvideo.By using the make up in this vein in our music video, wefelt we could achieve the sinister and twisted look that wehoped for in the music video, to go along with the humour,creating a juxtaposing effect between how we look andwhat we are doing at certain points.
  3. 3. PropsThese props that appear in our music video seemquite random, however, there was some thoughtthat went into including them. By using these,people conceive those featured in the video aspossibly being child-minded, due to a rubber duck,piñata and play balls mainly being associated withchildren. This again gives off a slightly sinister feelfor the video, something we felt was very important.The duck and play balls were particularly importantin terms of our album art work for, Colour of theTrap.
  4. 4. Other uses of PropsAs mentioned in the previous slide, both therubber duck and the plastic play-balls wereused in order to create an image for thefront cover of our digipak for Miles Kanes’‘Colour of the Trap’. The plastic play-balls were also used in our video to spell out the word ‘YEAH’, to correspond with the lyrics after the chorus of the song, “YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!”
  5. 5. Use of Cardboard BoxesIn our music video, there are two uses ofcardboard boxes, firstly we sprayed oneside of each of the boxes completely blackand piled them up to form a wall thatNando rides through at one point in thevideo.We then used the cardboard again byspraying the words “yeah”, “yeah” and“yeah!” on one side of the boxes andripping them off them.These were used for the final chorus ofthe song where all 3 characters in thevideo spin the cardboard along to thelyrics.