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Meet terry bradshaw of watch cod


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Meet Terry Bradshaw of Watch COD

Published in: Business
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Meet terry bradshaw of watch cod

  1. 1. Meet Terry BradshawHost of Communities of Distinction
  2. 2. In addition to being a host on Fox Sports, Terry Bradshaw is an accomplishedauthor, actor, and motivational speaker.
  3. 3. Bradshaw became famous by rising to the top as one of the greatestquarterbacks in NFL history.
  4. 4. Widely known as one of today’s most recognizable studio personalities,Bradshaw continues to be acknowledged for his sense of humor, his charm,and his business savvy.
  5. 5. As host of Communities of Distinction, Bradshaw continues to motivate,inspire and entertain fans to the fullest. In the show, Bradshaw engages anarray of people, including city and town leaders, business professionals,residents, visitors, and others in informative discussions. Bradshaw’sstorytelling captivates viewers and provides them with timely and relevantinformation.
  6. 6. Bradshaw’s Communities of Distinction segments have appeared onCNN Headline News, Fox Business and Regional News Networksthroughout the United States and Canada.
  7. 7. His hosting of Communities of Distinction has generated greater awarenessabout North American communities, and the companies, products, and peoplethat make such places thrive. For Bradshaw, uncovering the stories andimparting the knowledge is part of the fun.
  8. 8. Bradshaw enjoys interacting with Communities of Distinction viewers. To askhim a question, please email