Meerkat Safety Presentation


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Everybody loves meerkats. But not many of us know just how remarkable these \'kats really are - and how much they can teach us about safety.

A modern, dynamic approach to safety that draws in your trainess and captures their imagination, delivering clear messages on: Teamwork, Interdependence, The Safety Instinct, Importance of Communication, Prioritising Safety.

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Meerkat Safety Presentation

  1. 2. We find that safety can sometimes be a dry and difficult subject to grab people’s attention. Meerkats have proved to be the perfect antidote. Lattitude’s inspiration for All For One – The Meerkat Way came from a trip to the world’s safest workplace, where we witnessed a true interdependent safety culture at work. Upon it’s launch, the programme took the safety training world by storm and was welcomed by everyone from food manufacturers to energy suppliers .
  2. 3. Everybody loves meerkats. But not many of us know just how remarkable these creatures really are. When we came across the outstanding cooperation displayed by meerkats in the wild, we couldn’t help but make comparisons to the best safety culture models in the workplace. It’s not surprising that with 20 different predators trying to eat them, these furry little animals display perhaps the best natural, interdependent teamwork culture. Meerkats: The perfect ambassadors for a world class safety culture
  3. 4. Now, All For One – The Meerkat Way is being used by over 1000 industry-leading companies who have benefited from noticeable reductions in accidents and increased productivity. The All For One – The Meerkat Way training package is available in 9 languages and is sold in over 20 countries.
  4. 5. The Culture Challenge
  5. 6. Safety Culture Change Dependent Independent Inter-dependent Injury Rate Safety is the Responsibility of Management Little employee involvement I can prevent my own injury Increased employee involvement I can prevent my colleague from being injured 100% employee involvement
  6. 7. Accident Rates Engineering Systems Behaviour Concentration
  7. 8. Our clients include:
  8. 9. What people think of All For One: “ Absolutely fantastic. It blew me away. Unlike most safety programmes this can be used with all staff from all environments.” George Sandercock, Pfizer “ What can I say?! This would have to be by far the best training aid I have ever seen!” Bruce Robinson, Esso
  9. 10. What people think of All For One: “ I found the programme to be valuable and refreshing. The message is strong and easy to watch” Keith Rayner, Global SHE Manager, ICI Paints “ I think it is a brilliant idea. This confirms your ability to come up with something fresh to health and safety. Mike Garstang, Director Of HSE, Centrica
  10. 11. Case Studies
  11. 12. Case Study - Alphapharm Profile One of Australia’s leading pharmaceutical exporters, manufacturing over 2.5 billion tablets per annum. The principal suppliers of prescription medicines to the Australian National Health Service. Goal To motivate their people to create an injury-free, behaviour-based safety culture, building on existing progress
  12. 13. Case Study - Alphapharm DVD Based, Blended Delivery Style Recognising the need for full employee commitment, the company chose a blended delivery style to communicate the training message through a number of channels, including: • ‘ Kalahari’ themed learning environment • DVD presentation • Online learning • Team based activities • ‘ Teaser’ meerkat images and messages placed around the site, during the build up to the campaign.
  13. 14. Case Study - Alphapharm Outcomes • Just the mention of the word ‘Meerkat’ gets an instant safety response. It’s the new word for safety. • The safety culture has developed into one of a consultative and supportative nature. People at all levels are now comfortable in challenging unsafe behaviours and accepting similar critique where necessary. • Safety performance has improved considerably. • Feedback from participants was unprecedented in the company’s history – with 100% positive feedback.
  14. 15. Thanks to the adaptability of All For One, many of our clients like to add to the materials we produce and expand on the content included in the programme. Here are some examples of how people have done things ‘The Meerkat Way’….
  15. 16. A page from Cargill’s Behavioural Safety Calendar 2009
  16. 17. Rossing Uranium, Namibia Canberra Safety Expo, Australia Life-size Kat’s, greeting workers at a mine in Africa and ‘making a show of it’ in Canberra, Australia…
  17. 18. <ul><li>Lafarge came up with some creative ways of getting their message over. </li></ul><ul><li>As part of their award- winning Meerkat Safety campaign in the UK, Lafarge delivered workshops at Bristol Zoo, where employees even got to see the real thing. </li></ul><ul><li>Amongst other activities were a family day including a kids meerkat drawing competition. </li></ul>
  18. 19. Kool for Kats Campaign Shell ’s Stanlow Refinery has teamed up with some furry friends at Chester Zoo to base its safety scheme on the behaviour of the ever-watchful meerkat. The site also agreed a £4000 sponsorship of meerkats at Chester Zoo. Chester Chronicle, Sep 2007
  19. 20. All For One – The Meerkat Way Safety training as you’ve never seen it before