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The Connected Brand White Paper


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The Critical Mass White Paper that accompanies our panel presentation at the Yahoo! Provoke Session at Advertising Week.

The Connected Brand White Paper

  1. 1. THE CONNECTED BRAND New opportunities for content brands to deliver value in our multi-modal world By Critical Mass January 29th, 2013© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Today, the screen a brand chooses to engage its audience with is less important than the value and content that screen delivers. The screen is just And changing customer behaviour adds to (or the conduit for an experience created through even multiplies) the complexity of what brands interaction. need to solve. Having more screens to engage with is only More and more, customers are expecting one variable of the new equation – smarter plurality and amplified value from their screen screens is another. experiences, and they demand content that rises up to meet their elevated expectations. WELCOME TO THE MULTI- MODAL WORLD In this new reality, content brands are facing a At CM, we believe that brands must embrace fundamental choice. They can fight the inevitable this multiplicity. We believe that ‘better together’ – or embrace the opportunities in this hyper- experiences are a space for really building a connected, ‘turned-on’ world. brand. We believe that 2+2 does in fact equal 5.© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1
  3. 3. NISSAN GT ACADEMY Second screen experience that transports fans from living room to silverstone racetrack Last year, Nissan, Sony Playstation® and the synced content that drives deeper engagement television channel SPEED debuted an epic reality and tells the full GT Academy story. Viewers can TV show promoting the Gran Turismo racing turn on the TV, then use their smartphone or tablet video game. As part of the campaign, Critical to access companion content while continuing Mass created an immersive, 360-degree digital to watch the show on SPIKE TV. Every episode experience that transported people from their easy has its own unique content to complement the chairs to the driver’s seat of a GT racecar, leveraging show, from videos and interactive maps to polls, the iPad 2 and iPhone gyroscope technology. tutorials and fun facts. This adds an extra layer of entertainment and participation for viewers and This year, to support the launch of the second inspires social media sharing. season of GT Academy, Critical Mass amped up the interactivity to make the GT Academy Experiences like this are redefining connected experience more personal and social by putting brands: disrupting the conventional model of the user right in the middle of the action. Nissan content creation by delivering amplified customer wanted to offer gamers and fans an enhanced value via a connected experience. viewing experience by putting them into the heart of the action and creating branded companion But this is only a first step. We believe that the content to complement the TV episodes. potential for Connected Brands will continue to evolve. is a mobile-first, second screen experience that transforms people from passive viewers to active participants via exclusive time-© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2
  4. 4. THE EVOLUTION 1 Everywhere is a screen 2 Everything is connected 3 Everyone is a content creator© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved 3
  5. 5. 1 Everywhere is a screen THE EVOLUTION It’s no longer about the big 4 (television, movie The opportunity here is not in what screen to screen, smartphone, and tablet). Screens are use – it’s in how these screens will interact everywhere and everything is a screen. With with each other and how, where, and why augmented reality, NFC, QR codes and more, consumers will engage with them. Brands we are living in a world of digitized everything. need to think optimization, context, and how Our streets, buildings, walls, billboards, even to create the ‘magic’ that comes when these our washing machines, can be interfaces. screens work together. Lviv’s Puzzle Tower Any surface is now a blank slate In Lviv, Ukraine, there’s a building that doesn’t just look like an empty crossword puzzle – it is one. Visitors to the city can go on an interactive scavenger hunt to find clues and submit those findings via mobile phone. When night comes, answers are revealed on the building using special lights. The residents of Lviv have transformed what would have been an ordinary façade into something interactive – a screen.© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved 4
  6. 6. PEBBLE WATCH Consumers’ digital life is now always on hand The Pebble Watch has transformed a device – the watch, a traditionally static and uni-functional device – into a fluid multifunctional screen that’s always available and visible to consumers. Aside from showing the time, the Pebble device can alert users with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages, track how fast and far users run, bike or walk, and control music remotely. Because it is open source, its capabilities tomorrow are unlimited. Evolving from providing functional or entertainment value to generating real-life value, the new capabilities of these screens present the opportunity for brands to pump up productivity, save time and even help their customers be a better ‘me’.© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved 5
  7. 7. 2 EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED THE EVOLUTION Screens have gotten a whole lot smarter. Our emerging technology lets content be pushed, screens can now talk to each other in ways pulled, and shaped based on customer we hadn’t imagined. Content is no longer tied interaction. to any device or programming mode, and Google Glass Transforms line of sight into ‘your’ screen Google Glass is essentially a computer inside a pair of glasses that acts like a conduit for multiple devices. The glass enables content to move back and forth between devices, delivering maximized utility through the input and output of information that’s totally user-controlled. It can display content from smartphones by showing calls, maps and other features right in front of the user’s eyes. The glass can also take pictures and then share them via Google+. Image taken from:© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved 6
  8. 8. Microsoft xbox SmartGlass Content is now elastic for certain shows and movies. It creates simultaneous content when gamers use it as a map or to look at user stats. And most Image taken from: importantly, it allows content to transfer back products/1321p211/xbox-smartglass-on-windows-8 and forth between devices. Music can be Xbox SmartGlass illustrates how technology is played off of the SmartGlass surface using shifting dual content screens from companion headphones, and then seamlessly transferred to experiences to simultaneous and elastic a TV using the Xbox. This fluid transfer redefines experiences. This application within Xbox provides the nature of content because it can be picked consumers with pop-up style supplements up and experienced anywhere, anytime. SAMSUNG T9000 The connected household manages itself This connected household refrigerator, from Samsung, can immediately update a digital shopping list whenever someone looks in the fridge. Using Evernote, the person at home can update a shopping list based on the inventoried contents of the fridge. The fridge then alerts whoever is out shopping that an item is missing. All of this communication is Image taken from: done screen-to-screen, no humans required. These technologies are making content and brand experiences fluid. Consuming content has changed from a conscious, time-based action to a constant part of our lives. One specific piece of content can be experienced anywhere, anytime, on any device.© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved 7
  9. 9. 3 Everyone is a content creator New content creators are entering the game Brands, in their desire to provide their with different business mandates, broadening customers with solutions instead of merely the arena well beyond the traditional content delivering marketing messages, are not creators like television studios and expanding only creating new forms of content but also the definition of content. extending the multiverse of screens. Nike+ FuelBand Augments existing brand value to create new customer value Not only is it one of the most important new ‘screens’ created in 2012, the Nike+ FuelBand proves how being a connected brand can both extend and reinforce a brand’s promise. Nike has always been in the business of motivation, and the FuelBand is another proof point of this, encouraging customers to ‘move more.’ But it FuelBand only creates value when it is connected with also shows the necessity of brand-customer the consumer. Without them, it’s just a ‘dumb’ piece of interaction, not one-way messaging, since the plastic. Increasingly, it is the consumer that is the content. Consumers are arguably the biggest collective authors of digital content today, whether that is through their online communications with each other, the data their lives are producing, or the experiences they are co-creating with companies and brands.© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved 8
  10. 10. This image is the property of Facebook Facebook Facebook Connect lets users log onto third- Connect party websites, applications, mobile devices and Makes the consumer gaming systems with their Facebook identities. the hero everywhere This represents a tremendous relationship shift, but more importantly, it blends device capabilities with brand content and consumers’ digital lives. This opens up the opportunity for a hyper- personal Connected Brand experience. Nintendo 3DS Turning brand content into consumers’ content With Nintendo’s AR Cards for the 3DS, users can use the AR Games™ application to view characters and game content through their 3DS camera in the environment around them. These digital assets, unlocked through AR, also make it possible for consumers to use their Mii™ characters to create stop motion video.Image taken from: Consumers want to be Connected Brands should recognize the potential of thinking ‘open source,’ giving more power to consumers the heroes. They are looking to co-create experiences. The consumer shift from to be immersed – to contribute passively consuming fixed brand messages to creating and not just consume. personal connections via brand properties has already started, so embrace it.© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved 9
  11. 11. The New Rules for Connected Brands No one likes to be told what to do. So think of these rules as guidelines. Together, they’re a go-forward mantra, challenging you to break the conventions of connected content and unlock the potential to become a Connected Brand. If content is king, then context is queen and magic is created in their union. Don’t do matching luggage content. Instead, create optimized ‘in-the-now-where-I-am’ experiences. Think simultaneous, not companion – it’s not about the old hierarchy of screens. Create experiences that are better when consumed together.© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved 10
  12. 12. The consumer should be the hero of everything you do. Integrate consumers and their data to deliver hyper-personal experiences that forge connections. Tuned in and turned on. Consumers will get more value out of experiences that they can take part in. This means evolving beyond the conventions of a click or a touch. A broader array of actions are now in play; gestures, voice, and body movement will make customers not just consumers of content but ultimately participants in a brand’s experience. Solve problems. Deliver solutions. Move beyond what you want to say. Create an indispensable experience.© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved 11
  13. 13. I n t e r e s t ed in transforming YOUR BRAND INTO A Connected Brand? Critical Mass would love to help. As a marketing agency in an increasingly digital world, our job is to create extraordinary experiences. Experiences that bring together creative thinking, smart ideas and emerging technologies to drive our clients’ businesses. For more information, please contact: Diane Heun Phone: 508-541-5336 Email:© 2013 Critical Mass, Inc. All Rights Reserved 12