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710,000 Facebook Fans is Not Enough: NESCHO May 2012


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710,000 Facebook Fans is Not Enough: NESCHO May 2012

  1. 1. 710,000 Facebook fans is not enoughOr, why getting people to your content is only the first step toward social media success
  2. 2. What you’ll learn today• Why not being social in health care isn’t an option anymore• Social, from SEA to shining SEA• The unexpected connection between blogs and pink pants• The magical properties of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube• Some nuts and bolts
  3. 3. Why social and mobile?• Women >55 fastest growing Facebook demo• YouTube #2 search engine (after Google)• Twitter fastest growing search engine (after Google)• Pinterest drove more traffic to blogs than Twitter in March• The rise of tablets• Smartphones fast replacing PCs
  4. 4. Why social and mobile in health care?• 1/3 of consumers use social media for health- related activities• 40% have sought reviews of treatments, physicians, etc• 45% say info from social sources would affect decisions• 73% would use social tools like make an appointment, or ask a question From PricewaterhouseCoopers report “Social media ‘likes’ healthcare: From marketing to social business” April 2012 via
  5. 5. Social Media:From SEA to shining SEA
  6. 6. SEA: Strategic• Strategize: Let your goals be your guide – Volume building? Reputation building? Thought leadership? Patient support?• Execute: Use the right tool for the specific goal• Assess: Was it successful? – If yes, evaluate what went well and replicate – If not, learn and improve
  7. 7. SEA: Tactical• Share – Find great stories, personalities, voices, images, videos – Give yourself time to share the content you create• Engage – Identify and connect with those most likely to be interested in a topic or story – Be personal—and not just when you need something – Return the favor• Amplify – Use internal resources to spread the word – Then get help from others outside your organization
  8. 8. Social and mobile at Children’s• Brand new app• Website – 27,000+ pages• Blogs – Thriving: pediatric health – Vector: science and innovation• 25+ Facebook pages• 15+ Twitter feeds• Internal collaboration social network
  9. 9. Why is Children’s doing it?• Augment and enhance website activities• Volume, volume, volume• Open up two-way communication• Position us as a leader in pedi health info• Online reputation improves brick and mortar reputation• Respond in real-time to service issues, complaints and opportunities
  10. 10. Blogging• Platform to share timely, relevant news and info• More personal tone than website• Real-time feedback on content• Control messaging• Brand building• SEO and visibility benefits
  11. 11. Blogging• Decide what your blog is—and isn’t• Different medium, same rules• Let others do the talking• Multipurpose when possible• Get blogs on relevant website pages
  12. 12. Blog success: it’s all about the pants• GQ calls Boston worst- dressed city, suffering from “Style Down Syndrome”• Dr. Brian Skotko wrote “Mock my pants, not my sister”• “Style Down Syndrome is strong-willed, persevering and forgiving—because it has to be.”
  13. 13. It’s all about the pants, continued • Post viewed almost 100,000 times • Hundreds of comments, tens of thousands of shares • Covered on, The Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, Boston Magazine, Fox 25 News
  14. 14. Children’s on Facebook• 710,000 likes: largest hospital Facebook page in the world• More than: – Total visits per year to Boston Children’s – # of people living in Boston• Benefits: – Everyone’s there; it’s part of everyday life – Very easy to share and interact – Great, cost-effective way to push out content
  15. 15. Facebook how-to’s• How we use Facebook: – Share our stories – Give others a place to share their stories – Service recovery tool – Morale builder for staff and families – Political engager – Source of referrals• Create something to engage your audience
  16. 16. Children’s on Twitter• 16,000+ total followers• Benefits: – Real-time communication – Push out our content – Personal touch; easy to build relationships – Cheap and easy to maintain
  17. 17. Twitter how-to’s• Followers/Following – Connect with reputable, like-minded organizations – Quality and quantity• Keep it relevant – Be current, compelling – Less likely to get lost in the din• Share and share alike – Can share more content than with other tools – Promotes good will, brings good content to your followers and can lead to more re-Tweets
  18. 18. Children’s on YouTube• 750 subscribers, almost 700,000 views• #2 search engine in the world• Brings your organization to life
  19. 19. Social media and HIPAA• The safety of blogging• Know the statute• Moderate your comments• Make your policies clear, esp around medical advice• The fine line between openness and protection
  20. 20. The care and feeding of social media• Feed the beast• Stay connected• Practice makes (almost) perfect• Embrace your inner data geek
  21. 21. Last thoughts• Share the good stuff; make a plan for dealing with the bad stuff• You can’t buy buy-in; building trust throughout the organization will pay off• Don’t be afraid to fail, but be planful• Health care’s compelling, important, always relevant—communicate that