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Published in: Art & Photos
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  1. 1. I’ll tell a tale about the tails that live beneath the sea The mermaids and the mermen there are happy and care free But I suspect, in fact I’ll bet, you’ve never heard of Jake He’s like a fish and like a clam and even like a snake He lives down near the ocean floor but cannot swim a lick He simply bounces to and fro and gets himself sea sick He’s always quiet as a mouse; you never know he’s there But if by chance you catch a glance he’s sure to make you stare. His body is all long and slim and feels just like a shell He’s got a back that’s full of fins, but crawls just like a snail. You’ll find that he lives by himself, though doesn’t seem to mind A stranger creature in the sea I doubt you’ll ever find. He eats the dirt and gravel too but lives 100 years All the while, it seems his style, to gently scratch his ears. So when you swim remember him, (cause no one ever does) He’s bouncing there beneath your feet within the slime and sludge. Jake