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ALT Winter Conference 2015 - About the York TEL Handbook

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ALT Winter Conference 2015 - About the York TEL Handbook

  1. 1. The York TEL Handbook Development Team Matt Cornock and Rosie Hare #YorkTELchat @UoY_Yorkshare
  2. 2. Resource for academics to use independently, complementing existing support offering. A searchable practical and pedagogic guide with case studies and visual walkthroughs
  3. 3. Alignment with York Pedagogy Programme-level thinking Summative and formative assessment Student work Staff-student contact
  4. 4. Existing support resources ‘pre-handbook’ Mix of how-to guides, pedagogical advice and case studies in a searchable index on the VLE. Difficult to follow and difficult to find a ‘way in’ to embedding tech into existing teaching practice. Were staff actually using them?
  5. 5. Existing support resources ‘pre-handbook’ Mapping exercise of current resources
  6. 6. Problem of staff not using existing resources Team’s website, VLE help tab and guides search redesigned alongside handbook development
  7. 7. Structure of Handbook and intended use Inspired by the 3E approach to go ‘Beyond the Baseline’ Accessibility, navigation and evaluation
  8. 8. Design principles Consistent styling with images for page headers and subsequent promotion campaigns.
  9. 9. Design principles Icons to aid ease of use and navigation.
  10. 10. Design principles Printable PDF checklist for each section.
  11. 11. Design principles Index of each page for easy navigation.
  12. 12. Individual pages for individual tools Section 4.5: Tools for learning activities. Individual pages for recommended tools that draws together ‘how-to’ guides and case study examples.
  13. 13. The seven sections of the Handbook 1. Baseline use of Yorkshare 2. Module site design, structure and layout 3. Creating resources 4. Embedding online activities within a module 5. Facilitating online activities 6. Assessment and feedback 7. Evaluation and development
  14. 14. What we learnt Gave us chance to evaluate the tools we were recommending. Mapping and adapting existing support resources alerted us to gaps that needed filling. Able to try out different tools and create accessible learning materials in different formats – Visme, PowToon, Google docs for guides. A resource we can draw on in articles, newsletters, workshops etc.
  15. 15. Feedback so far Handbook link PDF version of Handbook
  16. 16. Feedback so far
  17. 17. More feedback wanted! From you! The ALT community What approaches do you recommend for getting feedback from staff?
  18. 18. The York TEL Handbook @UoY_Yorkshare Development Team