Improving plant performance through          Operational ExcellenceGlassManufacturing industries
If you’re in the glass industries    you need the right strategy                                         Glass Manufacturi...
Mattcons approach towards                                          Operational Excellence.                                ...
Pick our brains before Making your next move.                                  E-mail : If you are int...
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Glass manufacturing plant operational excellence catalog


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Glass manufacturing plant operational excellence catalog

  1. 1. Improving plant performance through Operational ExcellenceGlassManufacturing industries
  2. 2. If you’re in the glass industries you need the right strategy Glass Manufacturing plant Glass manufacturing is one of the most demanding processes around, combining very high temperatures and top quality requirement in every stage. The glass industry has four major segments. The container glass segment produces glass packaging products, such as bottles and jars. The flat glass (or float glass) segment produces windows for residential and commercial construction, automobile windshields, mirrors, instrumentation gauges, and furniture, such as tabletops and cabinet doors. The fiberglass segment is composed of two distinct sub industries: building insulation (glass wool); and textile fibers used to reinforce plastics and other materials for the transportation, marine, and construction industries. The specialty glass segment produces handmade glass, tableware and oven-ware, flat panel display glass, light bulbs, television tubes, fiber optics, and scientific and medical equipment. Much of this segment relies on high technology research to create new and profitable materials. Flat Glass: new Challenges From a Changing Market. The flat glass industry, comprising traditional market segments (industrial glass, glass for buildings and furniture, etc.) and new emerging, fast-growingMajor Challenges & Opportunities segments, such as glass for solar energy, will find a profoundly changed economic scenario in 2011 now that the market is poised to rebound. The Decline in growth and demand rate inglobal Market once "emerging" markets are today fiercely competitive, quality has risen and technology is a must-have for all companies. Competitive pricing High pressure from inventories Higher fuel and delivery cost Consistency in product and competitive Pricing Lower yield Higher Labor Cost Utilizing Maximum plant efficiency. Performance Improvement through OE Higher Energy Consumption. Operational excellence model helps achieve business goals while lowering Consistency in final product. costs and improving cycle times. It standardizes processes and integratesLower delivery Lead time operations across multiple channels of supply and distribution, supporting high-volume, low-margin business strategies The Mattcons consulting team assists its clients to increase the value of their corporation, division, or individual facilities. Our consultants are focused glass industries specialists and have developed cutting edge methodologies for the analysis and integration of business solutions that withstand market cycles, and aims to maximize the enterprise value to the shareholder.
  3. 3. Mattcons approach towards Operational Excellence. Value Proposition Increasing Profitability and Cash Flow Mattcons strategies, tools and techniques and our methodologies designed for improving business performance, improve equipment uptime (OEE), reduce scrap,Our Expertise improve yield, improve quality & productivity, accelerate set-up/change-over times, reduce lead times, optimize inventory.At Mattcons We look beyond costmanagement and focus on maximizing Driving Culture Changethe income-generating potential ofemployed capital. Our Consultants have Companies who successfully leverage operational excellence as part of a strategicdeep experience helping clients achieve platform for growth often achieve market performance well beyond their nearestand accelerate growth in their core competitors. We can help you how to expand continuous improvement into non-business and beyond. Combining manufacturing areas, how to enhance sales force productivity, how to optimize thecreativity and analytical insight with maintenance activities and enforcing the employees in all level.client engagement, our approach helps Supporting Growth Initiatives and New product developmentclients overcome both external andinternal barriers to growth. We will share best practices for applying process excellence to new product development and commercialization, Efficient product development processes closely integrated with the operational processes . You will gain important advantages, such as reduced lead time to market, improved quality and increased development capacity.Key Results Beyond the Basics Reduce Manufacturing Cost by 20 % Many manufacturing organizations need to expand continuous improvement Number of Breakdown reduced by 50% throughout the enterprise and seek training to expand capabilities into marketing, OEE improved by 30 % customer service, engineering ,new product development and quality control. Consistency in quality by 60% Supply Chain Management : The Real Improvement Inventory down by 30% Major Accidents reduced by 80% The complex and often costly internal supply chain processes is one area that many Improvement of Suggestion 10 times businesses seek to improve. By “killing complexity” in the overall supply chain system, Improve 5S score by 80% companies will experience better, faster delivery with lower costs . Reduce Energy Consumption by 20% Improved delivery leadtime by 60% Focus on Maintenance : Key for enhancing Profitability . Proper maintenance of plant equipment can significantly reduce the overall operating cost, while boosting the productivity of the plant. Hence another perspective of looking at maintenance function is not only to maintain but also to enhance the process or the plant operation system as a result of turnaround planning.MethodologiesTPM, 5S and SMED It is a program Lean Manufacturing that is more than just worthwhile. Value Chain and Value added analysis Management SystemStrategic Alignment Return Over Investment (ROI) RCM and TQM 10 to 33+ Folds of investment in Consulting fees.
  4. 4. Pick our brains before Making your next move. E-mail : If you are interested in scheduling a no obligation 30 minute consultation to Phone : +91 - 902.900.5850 discuss any performance improvement. please contact:More About Mattcons MATTCONS Offering’s"We partner with clients in allsectors and regions to identify Management Consultingtheir highest-value opportunities, Lean Manufacturing Total Quality Managementaddress their most critical Reliabity centered Maintenance Supply Chain Managementchallenges, and transform their  Total Quality Management Operational Excellencebusinesses. Our winning  ISO Series Total Productive Maintenance.combination of local know-how,international orientation and Technical Consultingcustomized approach ensures that Vibration Analysis Motor Current Analysisour clients achieve sustainable IR - Thermography NDT techniquescompetitive advantage, build more Wear debris analysis Rotor balancingcapable organizations, and securelasting results. We seek to be Green Consultingagents of change—for our clients, Carbon Risk Management Carbon Pricingour people, and society broadly” Carbon Fund Management Carbon Neutrality Carbon Portfolio Valuation Carbon Rating (MATCARATS) Training and Certification Courses Public Seminar and Workshop Organization Development On -site Training (OST) Change Management On Job Training (OJT) Online Certification Courses Process improvement Certification Courses Projects Project Management Technical Support Pre project Engineering Services Decommissioning Contact Us Engineering Services Environmental services Construction and Field services +91-22-412-36302 Maintenance Products CMMS - Computerized Maintenance management software . Operation Outsourcing  Operation Outsourcing  Manufacturing Outsourcing Mattcons Services Private Limited. Waghbill Naka, GB Road, Thane (West), Mumbai - 400607 Regd. Office – Kalyan Nagar, Pallahat, Khurda, Orissa, India – 752055