Creating a Digital Content Strategy: The Five Ms


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Presentation for the 2010 Masters of Business Online conference, Indianapolis, Indiana, October 19, 2010.

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  • Creating a Digital Content Strategy: The Five Ms

    1. 1. Developing a Digital Content Strategy: The Five Ms Matt Chandler Senior Content Architect and Director of Training Raidious
    2. 2. It’s Simple. Content drives every single interaction on the internet. Every single one.
    3. 3. Digital marketing doesn’t work without content.
    4. 4. What do we mean by content? Mobile Device Content Web Video Content Email Content Social Media Content Blog Content
    5. 5. What is content strategy? Content text, data, graphics, video and audio Strategy holistic, well-defined plan for obtaining a specific goal or result
    6. 6. Why is strategy important?
    7. 7. Three types of media owned media paid media earned media
    8. 8. Three types of content Published Content Content you have published to a platform for your audience to discover: a webpage, email, text message, social media post, web video. Reactive Content Content created in response to other content: a reaction to a blog post in the comments, a Facebook “Like,” a re-tweet, a tag. Proactive Content Content you are proactively sharing, or promoting, published on other people’s platforms: leaving a message on someone’s Facebook page, DMing or @replying, inviting to a Facebook event.
    9. 9. make The Five Ms Everything is made based on a content plan. manage Regularly update and maintain all measure platforms. Monitor and react to new information. Engage directly with consumers. Measure all platforms individually and cross-reference. moderate monitor
    10. 10. make Make the content. Content for blogs, email, web video, mobile devices, social media, and manage other online properties. measure Long form and short form text, images, links, video, widgets, presentations, and other online media. All content is developed based on the content plan, and designed to deliver on the goals of the initiative. moderate monitor
    11. 11. make Manage the content. Manage the governance of content across multiple teams: internal teams, manage agencies, PR firms, etc. measure Manage quality control for each platform, ensuring that all content is web optimized and published following best practices. Ensure that all work is created, approved, and published on time and on strategy. moderate monitor
    12. 12. make Monitor dialog. Monitor the dialog on your platform, as well as the internet at large to identify manage risk and opportunity. measure Monitor sentiment to stay informed about what people think about your brand in real time. Identify influence, and maintain a list of relevant influencers in your space over time. moderate monitor
    13. 13. make Moderate dialog. Respond to dialog as outlined in the content plan. manage Evaluate and curate user generated measure content on owned platforms. Identify and evaluate brand dialog on external platforms. Edit and approve incoming content from external sources. Proactively promote brand content on moderate external platforms. monitor
    14. 14. make Measure your efforts. Almost every measurement available for online platforms is actually a manage measurement of the content - not the measure platform. Raidious provides monthly, integrated multi-platform analytics reports and recommendations for each initiative. This is an ongoing science experiment, and our goal is to get incremental growth in key metrics as defined in the moderate initiative. monitor
    15. 15. Thank you. Matt Chandler @mattchandl3r Shine online.