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Visual Bookmarking with Symbaloo


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Presentation slides for Illinois Conf for K Teachers (SDE)

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Visual Bookmarking with Symbaloo

  2. 2. Click “Get started with your webmix”
  3. 3. HOW DO THEY ACCESS SITE?Save to favoritesClass only has one favorite (Symbaloo)Teacher logs into Symbaloo Account“remember password & login automatically*Can be embedded into class/school website
  4. 4. SYMBALOO
  5. 5. MOVEMENT
  6. 6. Creating Your Own Tiles - Click empty tile - Create own tile - Enter Website - Add Name (optional) - Tile color (optional) - Tile Icon (optional - Upload own image
  7. 7. Customizing Mixes You Find- Locked mixes can not be edited- You continue to get updates from locked mixes- “Stop Updates” will unlock a mix- Once unlocked you can move tiles and edit mix
  8. 8. MY WOW MOMENT Figured out I can use two accounts One is the student account One is the “master account” Allows me to organize mixes by unit I can share easily from master to studentHow I Manage Symbaloo
  9. 9. CONTACT