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Firefox brand book

  3. 3. Whether you’re new to Firefox oryou’ve been around for a while,you know there is something veryspecial about this brand.What this book attempts to do is todefine what makes Firefox specialand give us some tools to help usarticulate, express and evaluate thebrand in our daily work.This foundation (brand promise,position and voice) is a greatbeginning, a tool that allows usto speak with one voice.
  5. 5. BRAND PROMISEOur brand promise is a single FIREFOX ANSWERSstatement that captures the essenceof our experience.This is the internal compass we use toguide the development of our brand. TO NO ONE BUT YOU.This is not an ad.This is not a tagline.This is our promise to our customers.It’s that simple.
  7. 7. Firefox prioritizesBRAND POSITIONING principles over profitsPositioning provides detail aroundthe benefits we offer our customers. to put individuals inThis level of detail is important when control and shapedeveloping ideas, communicationsor making decisions that reflect on the future of the webthe brand. for the public good.
  8. 8. 1. NON-PROFIT Firefox is fundamentally driven by the Mozilla mission rather than business concerns. PILLARS 2. TRACK RECORDOF SUPPORT Firefox has a long history of doing the right thing for both individuals and the web as a whole. FOR THE 3. EMPOWERING INNOVATION Firefox enables individuals to create FIREFOX and build without permission or restriction. 4. COMMUNITY DRIVEN BRAND At its core, Firefox is about people and is powered by a global community of individuals working together for POSITION. the public good. 5. CHALLENGER SPIRIT Firefox starts races, and isn’t afraid to compete with the world’s biggest companies.
  9. 9. When we create communications,how do we ensure we are making thispromise and positioning real?We hold up these expressions ofthe brand to help evaluate the work.This is the language that is fluid and BRANDgenerative.This is the language that is influenced VOICEby the world in which we live.This is the language that embodies thepromise of “Firefox answers to no onebut you.”
  11. 11. Firefox answers to no one but you. Unconventional Firefox is the only browser that prioritizes Engagingprinciples over profits to Honestput individuals in control and shape the web for Human the public good. Smart Confident
  13. 13. We’re quite content to be the odd browser out. We believe that secrecy is trumped by honesty.We don’t have a fancy stock abbreviation to go And corporate interest by community.alongside our name in the press. We don’t have aprofit margin. We don’t have sacred rock stars that We believe that the web is more cared forwe put above others. We don’t make the same deals, than owned.sign the same contracts or shake the same handsas everyone else. More of a resource to be tended to than a mere commodity to be sold.And all of this is fine by us. And we strongly believe in innovation that putsWe’re a pack of independently spirited, fiercely users front, center, and squarely in the driver’s seat.unconventional people who do things a littledifferently. Where others may value the bottom But most importantly, we believe in you.line, we value—well—values. When a competitorconsiders making something proprietary, We believe that the world’s best browser is madewe strive to set it free. possible by engineers, programmers, designers and people just like you who give their time, talents,And while most products and technologies are energy and support to the cause. And we believedeveloped behind closed doors, ours are cultivated that together, with this cause in mind, we canout in the open for everyone to see. We’re not continue to innovate for the benefit of the individualbeholden to stake, share or power holders—we and the betterment of the web, so that it alwaysanswer to no one but you. And we don’t operate and forever serves the greater good.this way for the fun of it, even though it is incrediblyfun. We operate this way because we believe it’s We are all Mozilla Firefox. And we’re not justthe right thing to do. a different kind of browser.We believe in principle over profit. We’re a browser that is making a difference.
  14. 14. THIS IS THE FOUNDATIONOF THE FIREFOX BRAND.This is how we will become an enduringbrand in today’s ever-changing world.And this is how we will ensure thatall those who encounter the brandunderstand ‘advocacy’ is Firefox’sreason for being.This is how we will continue to showthat “Firefox answers to no onebut you.”
  15. 15. BRAND GLOSSARY BRAND PLATFORMBrand Promise MOZILLADefinition: Your brand promise is a single statement that crystallizes whatyou’re all about, what makes you special, what makes you unique—in short-hand form. It is your promise to those who choose your products and services, FIREFOXand support your brand.Usage: Those inside your organization should be familiar with your promise. It BRAND PROMISE: “FIREFOX ANSWERS TO NO ONE BUT YOU.”should be the core message that is brought to life and conveyed to all yourtarget audiences (e.g., employees, media, current users, casual users, etc.) POSITIONINGBrand VoiceDefinition: Your brand voice is the personality of your brand. It’s the tone that itspeaks in and the attitude it embodies. PILLARSUsage: In order to establish a consistent brand personality, all Firefox-produced Non-Profit Firefox is fundamentally driven by the Mozillacommunications (e.g., website copy, advertising) should be written in this mission rather than business concerns.voice/tone. Track Record Firefox has a long history of doing the right thing for both individuals and the web as a whole.Brand Position Empowering Firefox enables individuals to createDefinition: A brand position is a one-sentence statement that provides detail Innovation and build without permission or restriction.around the brand promise. It should center around what makes Firefox Community At its core, Firefox is about people and isespecially unique. Driven powered by a global community of individuals working together for the public good.Usage: Your brand position is a long-term compass for your brand—holding Challenger Firefox starts races, and isn’t afraid to competetrue today and 10 years down the road. Everything Firefox creates (e.g., Spirit with the world’s biggest companies.products and communications) should reinforce this position.Support Pillars VOICEDefinition: Brand pillars outline the “reasons to believe” your brand promise andposition. They are what set Firefox apart from the category and competition. Unconventional HumanUsage: Those inside your organization (and other close constituents) should Engaging Smartbe familiar with them as they are great talking points for conversations, media Honest Confidentinterviews and press releases.
  16. 16. BRAND ARCHITECTURE &DEFINITIONS Parent BrandBRAND ARCHITECTURE: MozillaThe structure of brands within an organizational entity.A system—like a family tree—that helps make senseof a company’s various brands, products and services. Sub-BrandsParent Brand:May be a corporate brand, an umbrella brand, or a family brand.Sub-Brand: Firefox Drumbeat Thunderbird LABSThe brands the parent company promotes. Each has its own brand promise,brand position and brand personality. These brands establish an emotionalconnection with consumers and garner tremendous loyalty.Current Offering:The current products/services available to consumers today. These Current Offeringsproducts/services should evolve over time to keep up with businessopportunities, new innovations, consumer needs, etc. They are all marketed Firefox 4by a “theme line” that bridges the gap between the sub-brand’s positionand the new features/offering.