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Mert CV English


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Mert CV English

  1. 1. Mert DEMİRAY Address : Ankara St. Mediterranean Star Student Complex V-6 Gemikonağı – Lefke/KKTC Phone : +90 (533) 863 17 45 My Blog : E-mail : Personel Information Date of Birth: 05/09/1991 Nation: Turkish Relationship: Single Sex: Male Driving Licience: B (in North Cyprus it is D – 23.08.2010) Short Vita – Mert DEMİRAY, born September 5th 1991 in Istanbul (Turkey), has been chairing IEEE (the institute of Electric and Electronic Engineering) and IEEE ComSoc in European University of Lefke for 2 years. He finished his high school from Denizli High School in Denizli, (Turkey). His research interests include Semantic Robotic Systems, Semantic Reasoning, Model Planes, Robotics, Electronics… He is a member of IEEE for 5 years. He is the captain of Basketball Team in EUL for 2 years. Education Information University: European University of Lefke Electronic and Communication Engineering Year, Lefke, N.Cyprus High School: Denizli High School Math Dept., Denizli, TURKEY Work Experiments 1- MAYGAZ Doğalgaz (Denizli,Türkiye) 2- Ottoman House Restaurant (Girne, KKTC) 3- Mey Fish Restaurant & Bar (Girne, KKTC) 4- Continental Pools INC. Lifeguard (Virginia-WD-Balthimore, USA) Courses and Certifications 1- 2009 Pozitif Danışmanlık Training Center Speed-reading courses ( 6 Weeks ) Denizli 2- 2010 Corporate Marketing (TURKCELL regional head of corporate communications Filiz Karagül TÜZÜN by ENMAC Counseling), 3- 2010 New Trends in Marketing (LG Marketing Director Aysun ŞABANLI ENMAC Counseling), Mert DEMİRAY Sayfa 1
  2. 2. 4- 2010 Human Resources Management (MERCEDES BENZ – Manager of TURK İK. Çağrı UNGAN by ENMAC Counseling), 5- 2010 Entrepreneurship and Leadership (Aytaç ERENLER by ENMAC Counseling), 6- 2011 Writing Mobile Apps and Progress (by Smartface Designer), 7- 2011 Microsoft Career & Software Technology (by Director of ASP.NET.TR INETA Community Lead Mehmet TEMUR), 8- 2012 Career Planning (by Director of Vision Academy Eğitim-Danışmanlık-Koçluk Cengiz S. SOYKÖK), 9- 2012 Time Management (by Director of Vision Academy Eğitim-Danışmanlık-Koçluk Cengiz S. SOYKÖK), 10- 2012 Stress Management (by Director of Vision Academy Eğitim-Danışmanlık-Koçluk Cengiz S. SOYKÖK), 11- 2012 Effective Communication and Body Language (by Director of Vision Academy EğitimDanışmanlık-Koçluk Cengiz S. SOYKÖK), 12- 2013 Creating an Effective & Interview (by Senior Training Specialist Ferhat Deliktaş), 13- 2013 Occupational Health and Safety (Girne American Üniversity and Foundation of Stone Quarries) Knowledge of Foreign Language Turkish: Mother Tongue English: Reading: Expert Writing: Expert Speaking: Expert Computer Knowledge Known Programs: * Microsoft Office Programları (Word,Excel,Powerpoint vs), * Microsoft Visual C * Matlab * Eagle * Proteus * Code Vision AVR * BASCOM 8051 Hobies and Activities Hobies : Basketball , Swimming , Playing Group Games , Camping, Travelling Activities: 1234567- European University of Lefke School Basketball team 2009-2013, Ercan Airport Technical Trip 2010 (IEEE), North Cyprus Turkcell Technical Trip 2011 (IEEE), Gazi University IEEE Meeting of the General Assembly 2012, Work and Travel USA 2012 (4.5 ay), Ege University IEEE Meeting of the General Assembly 2013, Eastern Mediterranean University IEEE Congress Meeting 2013, Mert DEMİRAY Sayfa 2
  3. 3. Projects I was an assistant to Assoc.Prof.Dr.Behnam RAHNAMA on the following projects. 1- Blue Mouse : Project that named Blue Mouse is about a robot that rolling in a labyrinth and memorized all the way it rolled by using the sensor technology. It can also compute the shortest way between two points by using its own memory and can go directly that point. If we want, we can check all the moves it had done in history because it saves everything in its memory by the processors. 2- Synchronous Dancing Robots: Project that named “Dancing Robots” is about a couple mini robots that moves in same time and in same way. We provide that by using Wireless technology. They connect each other on wireless and they taking same commands and apply same moves. And the finally; both are them move by roll and turn around; and they seem as they are dancing synchronously. 3- Wireless Billboard: Project that named Billboard is about showing pieces of a computer that hanging on a board by using Semantic and Robotics systems. The pieces of a computer that hanged on the board are connected to cables and the cables are connected to the circuit which we have made own before. The circuit had loaded a software which we programmed before and includes two bottoms to control to all systems. We also think to add a wireless system to control the system from any computer. Operation of the device is quite pratic, we can select what we want to do from the Menu so easily. All the pieces of the computer had already numbered and defined for the system. We can select the which of the lights that had already mounted under the pieces burn, as ascending, descending , fixed or randomly(ShowRoom). This system also has additional options like “timer”, “sound”, “blinking” and language. We can choose, activate or deactivate. Mert DEMİRAY Sayfa 3
  4. 4. 4- BARPA Line Following Robot: Project that named Barpa is about a robotic car that follows a black line. We modified a car that can sell ant toy store, by adding a circuit that we own designed and wrote. Then we add 3 digital sensors to right, left and middle of the front of the car. We located exactly in this way because of to direct the car easily. Working principle is quite simple, the sensors can define the black color and move directly to it. The power that it needs for being just a couple 7V battery. We add that batteries with special compartment. REFERANCES 1- Kıbrısonline Hasan ÇERKEZ – 0(392) 444 04 33 2- Owner of Mediterranean Star Student Complex Erdoğan TEKGÖZ – 0(222) 228 12 12 3- Assoc.Prof.Dr.Behnam RAHNAMA Mert DEMİRAY Sayfa 4