Lead Generation for B2B


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Challenges and Best Practices in Lead Generation

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Lead Generation for B2B

  1. 1. Lead Generation 3forward VIEWPoint on Challenges and Best Practices © 3forward, LLCwww.3forward.com
  2. 2. Defining Lead Generation Text Book Definition Process of collecting names and contact information about qualified prospects which will be contacted by the salespeople for generating orders. It usually involves direct response advertising and telemarketing. - Business Dictionary.com Create. Increase. Accelerate.TM 2 ©2009, 3forward, LLC Real World ‘Sales Leader’ Definition Yes, we all want more leads but what we all need are better leads, with true prospects, really needing what we offer, and able to take action within a defined timeframe. If all but this last criterion is met, then these need to go into a structured lead nurturing program. CSO Insights – Blog Post
  3. 3. Qualified Leads Impact Everything… Sales Leader Top Objectives for 2009 2009 Sales Performance Optimization study, CSO Insights #1 Increasing Revenues 62% #2 Increase Sales Effectiveness 50% #3 Increase Market Share 39% #4 Optimizing Lead Generation 31% #5 Improve Customer Loyalty 25% #6 Improve Margins 21% #7 Reduce Sales Cycle Time 18% #8 Increase Channel Sales 13% #9 Improve Team Selling 10% #10 Reduce Cost of Sales 9% Create. Increase. Accelerate.TM 3 ©2009, 3forward, LLC
  4. 4. Challenges to Success • Who ‘owns’ lead generation, sales or marketing? • What defines good leads and where are they? • Outbound vs. Inbound - Do you find leads or do they find you? • People, technology, both? • Just what is Sales 2.0 and what does it solve? • How many leads do I need? • How do I score leads? Create. Increase. Accelerate.TM 4 ©2009, 3forward, LLC
  5. 5. Too Few Are Succeeding! Create. Increase. Accelerate.TM 5 ©2009, 3forward, LLC Less than 25% of leads result in an initial discussion. CSO Insights As little as 5% of new leads are sales-ready. American Marketing Association Only 16% of total leads deemed "sales-ready opportunities" actually close. Aberdeen Group Research 80% of all leads produced by marketing are not followed up by sales. CSO Insights 3.9 Million pages. Google search on “b to b lead generation services”
  6. 6. Are You Broken? • Marketing focuses only on image and branding • Sales responsible for leads • Leads not recorded / tracked in automated CRM • On-going lead nurturing happens rep-by-rep • Few or random in-bound lead gen initiatives • Lack of coordinated social media strategy • New data comes only from off-the-shelf lists or on-line aggregators Create. Increase. Accelerate.TM 6 ©2009, 3forward, LLC
  7. 7. World Class Lead Generation Lead Gen Best Practices: Marketing • Lead Generation is a formally assigned and actively managed business process • Marketing is accountable for finding, creating, developing, nurturing and tracking leads • Multiple out- and in-bound lead channels • Web site 2.0 enabled / SEO optimized • Scoring, tracking and metrics-based reviews Create. Increase. Accelerate.TM 7 ©2009, 3forward, LLC
  8. 8. Nurturing - Critical Best Practice Lead nurturing is a relevant and consistent dialog with viable potential customers, regardless of their timing to buy. Brian Carroll, CEO, InTouch and author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale (McGraw Hill, 2006) Create. Increase. Accelerate.TM 8 ©2009, 3forward, LLC
  9. 9. World Class Lead Generation Lead Gen Best Practices: Sales • Accountable for leads that become qualified opportunities • Transitions early stage leads back to marketing for qualification, development • Provide market intelligence to marketing • Accurate maintains CRM tracking data • Engages in developing AND deploying marketing promotions and initiatives Create. Increase. Accelerate.TM 9 ©2009, 3forward, LLC
  10. 10. Building a Winning Program Sales Readiness Checklist: Lead Generation  Marketing and Sales alignment and mutual goals on lead definitions, development, qualification and conversion  Research-based assessments of markets and segments  Descriptive prospect profiles and analysis  Specific and tailored target lists  Differentiated value proposition, customized by segment  Out-bound and in-bound lead paths  On-going / real-time prospect and target intelligence  Defined and structured process to manage the creation, development, nurturing, scoring and tracking of leads  Clear delineation on when to transition leads to sales  Technology to enable and accelerate tracking, automate nurturing and measure effectiveness  People engaging prospects to qualify and support through the selling process  Reporting and analysis of all program elements / continuous improvement loop Create. Increase. Accelerate.TM 10 ©2009, 3forward, LLC
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