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Creating PPC Ad Copy


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Creating PPC Ad Copy

  1. 1. 10-Spaces Consulting, Inc design & strategy for the web PPC Training Session 5 Writing Adwords Ad Copy
  2. 2. PPC Training Recap • Session 1 - Keyword Meaning • Session 2 - Keyword Research • Session 3 - Adwords Campaign Setup • Session 4 - Advanced Adwords Tools
  3. 3. Adwords Ad Present Unique Challenges
  4. 4. Special Considerations • Limited space • Editorial Guidelines • Its the first step in the conversion funnel (Persuasion = KPI = CTR ) with your Customers • Not mean to make the sale • Think cascading waterfall - ad leads to page, page leads to headlines, headlines lead
  5. 5. Insider Tips • Your keywords must match your ads • core principle to the entire process • When you find keyword which don’t match (based on results)
  6. 6. Insider Tips • Pause current word, move to new ad group • Start over with a new message that matches the keyword-intent exactly. • Note: this is fundamental to the “Go-Wide, Then-Deep” campaign deployment tactic • Doesn’t apply as much when keyword and ad groups are 1-to-1 matching
  7. 7. Advanced Strategies for Keyword Inclusion
  8. 8. Adwords Editor - Tricks and Tips Review
  9. 9. Google Ad Copy Mechanics
  10. 10. Google Ad Copy Mechanics • Headline - Keyword or Benefits • Description 1 - Benefit • Description 2 - Feature Display URL - Proper Domain + Keyword
  11. 11. Ad Copy - Benefit vs. Description Lines • Feature • What it does • What is made out of
  12. 12. Ad Copy - Benefit vs. Description Lines • Benefit • Outcome - What You’ll get from using it • Resolution - The problem it solves • Potential - The ambition it will fulfill
  13. 13. Ad Copy - Benefit vs. Description Lines • Examples • Huge inventory - one stop shopping • Widest selection - find stuff you can’t get elsewhere • Discounted price - save money • Free shipping - save money
  14. 14. Unique (Solution) Selling Proposition
  15. 15. Unique Solution Selling in Google Ad Copy • Unique Selling Proposition • What is exclusive and unique to you? • Meet the customer where they are • Don’t assume how much your customer knows about their problem
  16. 16. Unique Ad#1 Solution Selling in Google Ad Example Ads Ad#2
  17. 17. USP - Ad #1 vs. #2. • How much do they really know - probably searching on the effects of his problem but doesn’t really know how to get to the root of it. • Expertise and information is currency - offer to educate them, they’ll buy out of gratitude.
  18. 18. Unique Ad#1 Solution Selling in Google Ad Offer to Solve the Customer’s Problem Ad#2
  19. 19. Ad Copy Tactics
  20. 20. Search Intent Harmony • Are you in harmony with the problem your customers are really trying to solve. • Don’t interrupt their thought process • Help them build momentum toward a solution • Don’t bring up negative sales points
  21. 21. Personnas Help You Write to 1 Person • Know who you’re writing to • Personnas - Develop fake customer profiles • You can also use customers you talk to on a regular basis
  22. 22. Personnas Help You Write to 1 Person • Best customers • Common phone sales questions • Worst customers
  23. 23. Personnas Help You Write to 1 Person • What’s in a typical day? • What frustrates them most during the day • Respond to “if only I could stop dealing with ‘x’, I’d have so much more time on my hands.”
  24. 24. Pre-Qualify w/ Google Ad Copy • Pre-qualifying in ad copy • Use ad copy to limit the clicks you get (so you don’t get tire kickers) • What you say in your ad can lead to attracting sales or just clicks (clicks w/o sales = cost)
  25. 25. How to Start Writing Ad Copy; A Step-by- step blueprint
  26. 26. Blue Print to Start Writing Ads • Outline the type of offer you’re making in a spreadsheet. • What are the points of resistance (deal breakers)? • Make a list of the features in a spreadsheet
  27. 27. Blue Print to Start Writing Ads • Answer the question “so what?” after each feature • Use the results of the above to merge all of your benefits and write them in a
  28. 28. Blue Print to Start Writing Ads • Use the results of the above to merge all of your benefits and write them in a paragraph format • Don’t stress about grammar or correctness. • Write like you’d explain what you do for a living to a friend via email.
  29. 29. Blue Print to Start Writing Ads • Whittle them down to just 1-3 short sentences (10-15 word sentences) • Remove all unnecessary • Limit adjectives and superlatives
  30. 30. Blue Print to Start Writing Ads • Slim down even further to the character limits for each Google Adwords ad copy line • Tip: MS Excel has functions to count the number of characters. This is easiest since you can set up dynamics counting. Rather than having to mouse to a menu
  31. 31. Blue Print to Start Writing Ads • Modify the base copy for each Adgroup/ Keyword • Doing so will probably inspire other copy ideas
  32. 32. Tips for Better Ad Copy Writing
  33. 33. Tips for Ad Copy Writing • Descriptive Modifiers - use cheap, discount, premium with keyphrases • Incentive - why should I buy? Why should I believe discount percentages? • Credibility - why should I trust you?
  34. 34. Tips for Ad Copy Writing • Guarantee - what if I have buyers remorse? • Imagery - Using words which mental imagery; appeal to the senses • aim, inspect, look, see, reveal, view, watch, show • announce, call, command, describe • amaze, balance, extend, grab, let go, pitch, point, pressure, ragged, solid
  35. 35. Ad Copy Testing Techniques
  36. 36. Ad Copy Compounding • Ad Copy Compounding - small ad copy changes to lower costs/increase CTR • test simple changes to ad copy • don’t delete or change the original ad • set a new ad to compete against the old with a slight change. • keep the winner, build next one with new change
  37. 37. Ad Copy Compounding example ads courtesy of Perry Marshall
  38. 38. Ad Copy Compounding example ads courtesy of Perry Marshall
  39. 39. Ad Copy Compounding example ads courtesy of Perry Marshall
  40. 40. Ad Copy Testing Ideas • Word order • Capitalization • Display URL format • Invert description lines • Change the tone of the copy to match your customer
  41. 41. Ad Copy Testing Ideas • Full line of ad copy variant • Punctuation - try variants: questions, exclamations, periods (not all pass editorial) • Domain • Capitalization • Alternate Domain Name
  42. 42. Benefits of Ad Copy Compounding Technique • What happens if you do better? • Google automatically lowers the CPC • Google may bump you up a notch
  43. 43. Tips for Google Adwords Ad Copywriting
  44. 44. Ad Copy Best Practices • Ad copy must match keyword in an ad group • Headline/Title - most important part of the ad. More relevant = more click • Users scan in an “F” pattern
  45. 45. Ad Copy Best Practices • Match title to keyword phase • Ads should feature key phrases • If you can compete on price, feature it in your ad
  46. 46. Ad Copy Best Practices • Secondary offers work well (primary offer=product) - free shipping, free bonus, trial offer • Short display URLs work the best • ‘www’ works best in front of display URL, but test
  47. 47. Ad Copy Best Practices • Capitalization can work well in display URL, but test • Quantify your offer in your ads - how much, how long to take effect, etc • Avoid over-the-top writing
  48. 48. Ad Copy Best Practices • Create at least a sense of urgency in your ad, if not actual urgency (offer ends soon) • Use clear sentences--don’t keyword stuff • Credibility indicators should be features if there’s space
  49. 49. Upcoming Sessions • Session 5 - PPC Ad Copy • Session 6 - PPC Landing Pages • Session 7 - Landing Page Copy Writing • Sessions 8 - Adwords Q/A