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Sidestep your marker like iniesta (5)


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Sidestep your marker like iniesta (5)

  1. 1. In association withPERFORMANCE Coerver Coaching is the world’s number one soccer skills teaching method Follow @CoerverUKPLAY LIKE SPAIN TASIDESTEP YOUR MARKER LIKE INIESFind yourself panicking under pressure in a game situation? FFT has a cure. Tighten upyour technique and carry the ball with composure, courtesy of this ball mastery exercise B1 A1 INIESTA’S DRIBBLIN G Drill No.5SET UP ACTION HOW IT HELPSPlace two cones five yards A1 passes the ball to B1 and moves In a game, especially in midfield, you’reapart. Divide the players forward to apply passive pressure, under constant pressure. There’s nointo the two groups, but not tackle. With their first touch time to take a touch and think. Yourpositioning them on B1 pushes the ball around A1 and first touch has to take you away fromopposite cones. Give passes to A2. The sequence danger. Andres Iniesta doesn’t justone group a ball. continues. control the ball with his first touch – he sets up his next move. This drill teaches EVEN MORE ONLINE a player to stay one step ahead. Want to learn more from the pros? Get online for exclusive interviews as the game’s stars give their guidance, plus more drills from the experts.