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Sidestep your marker like iniesta (1)


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Sidestep your marker like iniesta (1)

  1. 1. In association withPERFORMANCE Coerver Coaching is the world’s number one soccer skills teaching method Follow @CoerverUKPLAY LIKE SPAIN TASIDESTEP YOUR MARKER LIKE INIESFind yourself getting caught in possession? Not after this dribbling drill. Speed up yourthought process and glide away from opponents a la Iniesta by practising this bit of skill INIESTA’S DRIBBLIN G Drill No.1 A1 A2 A3 12 ydsSET UP ACTION HOW IT HELPSSet out a 12 x 12 yard area. Position On the coach’s command, A1 dribbles This drill embodies the old adage:a defender in the middle of the at the defender in the middle. A1 practice makes perfect. By practisingsquare. Place three attackers, feints to go left, but carries the ball a feint over and over again it willwith a ball each, around the to the right, dribbling to the side of become instinctive when you need toperimeter of the square, leaving the square that’s unoccupied. The use it in a game. When you see Andresone side free. defender applies passive pressure, Iniesta sidestep a defender it looks but they do not make a tackle. effortless, and that’s because it is – EVEN MORE ONLINE As soon as A1 has finished, he’s in cruise control. A2 goes, followed by A3. Want to learn more from the pros? Change the defender Get online for exclusive interviews as in the middle every the game’s stars give their guidance, 45 seconds. plus more drills from the experts.