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Quarter back the play like pique (3)


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Quarter back the play like pique (3)

  1. 1. In association withPERFORMANCE Coerver Coaching is the world’s number one soccer skills teaching method Follow @CoerverUKPLAY LIKE SPAINQUARTER-BACK THE PLAY LIKE PIQUEIf you plan to play attacking football as Barcelona do, get ready for the counter – here, weteach you how to work as a unit and defy the odds when you’re outnumbered in defence PIQUE’S DEFENDIN G Drill No.3 20 yds 10 ydsSET UP ACTION HOW IT HELPSSet out an area measuring On the coach’s command, play begins The team of three have to work as30 x 10 yards, comprising a in the central zone with the team of a defensive unit, pressurising and10 x 10-yard end zone five trying to complete 10 consecutive harassing opposition players andand a 20 x 10 yard passes to score a point. If the team chasing the ball. If they manage tocentral zone. Split of three win the ball they have to gain possession, they must thenthe players into try to get it to one of their two display the piece of mind and technicaltwo teams of five. team-mates in the end zone. If ability to pick out one of the targetmen EVEN MORE ONLINEPlace two players they manage to do this they score in the end zone.from one team in a point, and the two targetmen switch Want to learn more from the pros?the end zone and roles with two of the defenders. If the Get online for exclusive interviews asthe remaining eight ball goes out of play the game is dead the game’s stars give their guidance,in the central zone, and is restarted by the coach plus more drills from the experts.creating a 5 v 3. introducing a new ball.