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Pass with xavi's precision (1)


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Pass with xavi's precision (1)

  1. 1. In association withPERFORMANCE Coerver Coaching is the world’s number one soccer skills teaching method Follow @CoerverUKPLAY LIKE PRECISIONPASS WITH XAVI’S SPAINWant to boss the game like Barcelona’s diminutive midfield maestro? We can help. Thisdrill will show you how to dictate the play with airtight control and accurate distribution XAVI’S PASSING Drill No.1 5 ydsSET UP ACTION HOW IT HELPSGet four players to form a square Playing out of the square, players Xavi has the ability to weave in andby standing 25 yards apart. exchange a one-two pass with a player out of midfield traffic and pick, spotInstruct the remaining players from the outer circle. They then sprint and execute pinpoint passes. This drillto fill in the gaps between through the cones marking out the replicates that action by challengingthe original four to form square, bending their run towards you to pass and receive the balla circle. Mark out a different perimeter player, where on the move.a five-yard square they play another one-two. The four EVEN MORE ONLINEinside the circle. players that started in the middle mustThe players forming count the passes they complete in Want to learn more from the pros?the outer circle have 45 seconds. To advance this drill, you Get online for exclusive interviews asa ball each. Position can introduce two additional players the game’s stars give their guidance,four players in the inside the circle. Their job is to put plus more drills from the experts.middle square. pressure on the passers in the middle.